Chip Tha Ripper - I'm Fitted Lyrics

Uh, Yeah
Chip tha Ripper
(I'm Fresh)
I'm so fresh it's crazy right now
JP I think he did it on this one
This what I tell em

[Hook: x2]
I'm fitted, I'm fitted, I'm fitted, I'm fitted

I dun swong out my swang
Slab ain't no game
But Everybody Know my name
Diamonds on my piece and chain
Had the game locked up from Cleveland to Lagrange
Money got that bitch sewed up from L.A. to Maine
Ain't gon' jump off this train got money in my pocket
The bank called and asked when you gone make a deposit
You think I'm fresh to death now you should see my closet
You see my house you'll say I lost it got Moet coming out the faucet
Everything's real fake clothes that's a no-no
When I hit the mall hoes run up taking photos
Used to be bonk I was broke I was dolo
In a champagne swimming pool with Marco and Polo
And these dudes want promo, nigga this how we do
Red Monkey Bathing Apes somebody call the damn zoo
God bless me I didn't have to achoo
I'm gone blow I got dough nigga how about you
I step out (I'm fitted)
Ain't no doubt (I'm fitted)
Check my fit (I'm fitted)
Polo tee (I'm fitted)
Look at my jeans (I'm fitted)
Goddammit I'm clean (I'm fitted)
Where in the world did he get it (I'm fitted)
Just admit it (I'm fitted)


I'm a fly young nigga (ugh) don't you forget it
Put some money on a mountain top I'm a go get it

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