Chip Tha Ripper - 24hours Lyrics

If I had 24 hours to live.
Id wake up at 5 in the mornin and take me a piss.
Open the closet and snatch me a fit, smoke a stick.
An witch ever bitch I woke up with, tell her get out.
Den hop in the dodge and leave the house.
I got 7 bombs that's hooked up in the house.
Pulled out the remote, hit the button, blew up the house.
So tell the Orkin man it's cool, I killed the mouse.
Now it's only 5: 30 niggaz still sleepin.
In the whip I'm creapin an got 4 12's beatin.
An 15 speakers on both sides ridin with the doors wide.
Lettin out the 4 5 waken all the neighbors up.
Ridin on the side walk all on ya front lawn Captain in the skylark.
Ridin round with a half of that hydro weed.
Lookin for all them rappers who made songs bout me.
Creep slow got one bow bow die bitch.
Took his pinky ring and his chain dis my shit.
Pull around the corner saw two more put the peddle to the floor.
Blew them niggaz out the road damn now I got blood all on my windshield.
It's my last day so u no it's gone get real real ugly.
Streets gone love me if u ever hated u will not sleep comfortably.
Ridin round lookin for them niggaz who jumped me.
When I was in da 5th grade now I gotta switch blade.
Now I got a mack and a 9 caught dem on the corner blew them fuckers out day mind.
Shut the fuck up with that cryin.
Went back to where I went to school at chained up all the doors from the outside and lit a match.
Poof security guards, teaches and staff now see a new meanin of kiss my ass.
Den ride by that muthafucka and laugh.
As the police have a difficult time doing the math.
Shit fuck one pop 3 a them pills.
Ridin round lookin for a Lamborghini to steal.
I no it's a Lamborghini but still don't give a fuck.
Drove to the marathon filled it up ain't spend a buck.
Den zoom out that muthafucka laughin.
If dey want some trouble I'm a give 'em what they askin.
Poppin shit errywhere niggaz gone feel chip.
If not dis glock make em not feel shit.
Real quick.
Run up in that convenient store with a pump they never seen b4.
Lights out boom.
Steal a fly car click clack my car.
Told the bitch see ya tomorrow but I lied to her.
Cause I'm gone won't be long Wheres my herb wheres my bong.
Gettin high it's only rite that I jump off the VP buildin as if I can fly.
I'm in the middle of the air fuckin dis bitch that I just kidnapped one last nut splat.

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Chip Tha Ripper 24hours Comments
  1. Faith Walker

    this went from mellow to harsh

  2. Daniel Insertlastnamehere

    chrispyyyyyy af my dude!

  3. The Dude Man Bro Show

    @352sk8in oh lol whatever. its not gonna end so whatever

  4. cpnpmp94

    @352sk8in You might want to wait until December 20th seems how the supposed end of the world is actually December 21 2012...


    cpnpmp94 Well it didn't

  5. Rajan Gill

    This should have so many more views! It's sad that people don't appreciate real rap.

  6. DeputyD117

    Its cool I killed the mouse

  7. The Dude Man Bro Show

    I am going to make this song happen december 11 2012

  8. Cory Timbs

    fuck one pop three of dem pillz, ridin round lookin for a lamboghini ta steal.......shit goes hard

  9. Dargaia's Nectar

    Chip Tha Ripper's a beast. 'nuff said.

  10. Eightlock

    CHIP DA RIPP..... dis is good