Chiodos - Lindsay Quit Lollygagging Lyrics

Bite my tongue, right now the perfect time
Do anything to make her happy
Even if it means my being miserable
As long as she's loving life

I will be able to sleep at night
With a smile upon her face
I will be able to sleep at night
With a smile upon her face

Thought of a smile not being there
My inner feelings would be shattered
A piece of glass puncturing my heart
I'm bleeding from the inside

I will be able to sleep at night
With a smile upon her face
I will be able to sleep at night
With a smile upon her face

As long as she's perfectly fine
I hope she's perfectly fine
And some day she will be mine

I will be able to sleep at night
With a smile upon her face

As long as she's perfectly fine
I hope she's perfectly fine
And some day she will be mine

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Chiodos Lindsay Quit Lollygagging Comments
  1. Bryan Mulero

    This takes me back, wow, why can't I find this version anywhere

  2. Ashlii Prigmore

    Was this the demo or the album version? I hear people saying this was on the album, but it seems a bit too fast paced and raw compared to the acoustic version.

  3. James Stewart

    Its Christmas eve 2018 why am I here?


    yess!!! this is the version i remember

  5. Aurora Wolfe

    Okay, first of all, what the fuck was that shit at the end of the video?

    Second, why the fuck did I listen to all of it? ._.

  6. Brandon Wells

    That voice oh lord Hahahaha

  7. anthony haines

    You had a like till the end of the video and that stupid ass noise!


    The end is amazing.

  8. Hello Motto3

    Feels brah...feels

  9. Cullen Gay

    play this song everytime in my car with my girlfriend its brings tears to both of us its just simply an amazing song

    Richard Ballstein

    " its brings tears to both of us"

    Your last name is strikingly accurate.

  10. Cori Grant

    Wtf??? o.O

  11. Svartrandig

    Ägd. :D

  12. Brenden Puppies

    -starts falling asleep to this song-
    -the end comes-

  13. Carri Rosaleigh

    I love the

  14. Wettaco13

    Sucks to be you i guess

  15. TilarP

    I think I like the acoustic version better. This one is just too fast.

  16. Ariel H

    ..time* I heard them n I hate it SO HARD!

  17. Ariel H

    Some chick on twitter suggested this song and this is the first to

  18. xDreWxBx

    There is no 3:17 O.O

  19. Macky McCollum

    My life ended with this song. Morgan, I wish you never left this world without me. Ditto darlin'.

  20. Stiff Stiffler

    I saw Craig Owens and Bradley Bell play this last night. I fucking love this song

  21. Embergram Blankenship

    I love chiodos, i mean i really love them.. but this is the worst shit i ever heard -.-

  22. Fury conquest

    i will be able to sleep at night with a smile on her faaaace ^.^

  23. Adam

    look at all the x's in the people's names on the side haha

  24. sahara norris

    if a boy sang this to me ^.^

  25. beth mccracken

    i think i actually like the acoustic version better....
    still a great song though....and the cool thing is that craig owens wrote this song when he was only 15!!!

  26. Chris Thomas

    i miss the the good olde chiodos n fftl dayz

  27. Megan Mick

    Oh my god I listened to the acoustic version of this first and loved it. Now I come to the album version and it feels so fast-paced.

  28. Alfredo Inurreta

    asi va la rola we xD

  29. Romones55

    accoustic cover better -_-...

  30. Lacr

    This is the best version.

  31. Kresna Sasongko

    good sound of piano

  32. BeeGeesLover84

    I've only heard to acoustic version I love this(:

  33. Afroboy151

    @rowdyguitarist Nope.

  34. emmettjarlath

    @ShoutRandy I totally agree

  35. LuckyJuggaloLucky

    @Svartrandig HAHA!! Thank you

  36. Svartrandig

    @LuckyJuggaloLucky The swedish children's program "Fem Myror Är Fler Än Fyra Elefanter".

  37. LuckyJuggaloLucky

    What was that tune he whistled at the end. I want to know it...NOW!!

  38. LaceyQuitLolygagging

    I lovee this song ! (:

  39. Randy Navarro

    I like this song very much, but the ending ruins it for me .-.
    I know every one likes the ending but I don't sooo. . Don't start bitching

  40. Vinndicationn

    Insert sad love story between myself and a girl here...

  41. Sarah Paige Coleman

    The ending. I died laughing. I'm now a zombie.

  42. Xopher Dicken

    LMAO WTF @ The ending? t I like this version better than the longer original version.

  43. William Whisnant

    wow. that was epic. i need to piss. shit, it played again. a bottle anyone???

  44. lexis britschgi

    is it just me or is this song a little faster than usuall?m! but i love this song!

  45. Kay

    I heard the ending (whistling) somewhere in a movie or song, where is that from anyway?

  46. redbankz1985

    @queen whatever its is..... and im sure people that know anything about singing can clearly hear that they do

  47. Claudia Wesley

    @pattycakez19 And you felt the need to comment why? I'm sure the people who like this band don't think so.

  48. Efondo956

    Go to a web site called u can download free songs and they have this one but u have to make an account. Also when I download it it will go to ur iTunes. It is very helpful I think.

    (P.S) use google chrome it is a hell of alot easier I promise! Hope this helped
    Also it doesn't give viruis either and for feee

  49. StrangeL00p_

    Loved every second of it. -3


    Whats up with the pictures..

  51. G-sco804

    @ilovetocmmt I know! mee too!!! it gives the song a bad look to it! It's like taking a picture of crap then putting it on a cereal box and expecting someone to buy it!

  52. Karol 92

    i dont wana be an asshole but...not the best vocals..

  53. AstroSock

    @XwreckinghavocX limewire?

  54. Vanni Ash

    Does anyone know where i can buy this song? Its not on itunes.:(

  55. envyjoy


  56. MrSantanarose

    this shit go hard!

  57. Kristofer Selosa

    A love song

  58. Kathryn Aubrey

    @LindsMandy Seriously, you have nothing better to do then talk shit on YouTube to someone because of the music they like, first of all if you don't like it then why are you listening to it, secondly I bet you listen to Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, and all that other mainstream shit. Which automatically means that you are shunned from the awesomeness that is Chiodos. So kindly excuse yourself to get a life. Because you severely need one.

  59. rocksickkle

    @LindsMandy Thank you for your unwanted information and opinion, you may take your leave, and feel free to let the door hit your ass on the way out.

  60. Darbuscus

    @LindsMandy Uh, no honey, you suck :D

  61. BeeGeesLover84

    i like the acoustic version better but it still amazing

  62. Annaliese Gordon

    @Violatedd LOL. That made my night also, though mines more recent c:

  63. Rukiaissocool

    is this craig owens? it doesn't sound like him too much.

  64. jan terrazas

    hahahahhaa omg lmfao at the ending

  65. Cody Shopshire

    i cant find this song to buy on itunes! or download it from playlist or rhapsody someone wanna help?

  66. Redhot7411

    My name is lindsey and dis is my life lol

  67. destiny borges

    The End Is The Best :D Love It.. BlepBlep *Whistle* Endd <33

  68. keeley strip

    wtf is up with the ending

  69. Siccboi _27

    My friend listens to emo music and recommended this to me, its pretty good. The singers voice gets a lil annoying and some of the lyrics are kinda lame but its really a good song all around.

  70. Megan Jeffrey

    The ending freaked me out.

  71. wassup599

    @Svartrandig i laughed my ass when i heard this XD

  72. shaba laba Dubudubu

    Lol wow what a mood change.

  73. Lance Lamperouge

    I take that back, its fucking hilarious.

  74. Lance Lamperouge

    You really fucked this song with the ending.

  75. daniela roque

    @JesusKityProductions yes, it's him. listen to the acoustic version if you haven't yet.

  76. Bailey Redmond


  77. Tayler Gibson


  78. Jay Lopez

    eh, ending killed it. random as hell

  79. reaperman4evr


  80. Bryce Clifton

    @talitoXsparks well the songs got great melodies so thats probably why people go crazy for him

  81. Blake Hudgins


  82. ChrisIsSoPro

    the acoustic version is way better, but this is still awesome :)

  83. Joe Bah Tafoya

    @ItAintAGameNoMo isn't it "you're"? heehee

  84. Joe Bah Tafoya

    @ItAintAGameNoMo isn't it 'you're'? heehee

  85. Blake Henry

    @mincome how am I dumb? You don't even have the intelect to spell 'your' right.

  86. oliver minc

    @ItAintAGameNoMo ure dumb

  87. Blake Henry

    worst vocals from craig i've heard.

  88. Zane Graham

    Craig Owens wrote this wen he was 15

  89. Abby Gayle

    @alexsunshine1121169 Haha i figured :3 last video i commented someone thought i was talking about Escape the fate with craig and ronnie? Why the eff would i mntion them when taking about this amazing song and band xD

  90. Alex Livermore

    @rainbowninja6 the lead singers name is Craig Owens. haha just saying

  91. Hannah Pettitt

    <3 love this song! lol

  92. Abby Gayle

    i cant belive they kicked th lead singer out -_- badddd choice, anwyays his new band Cinematic Sunrise is great

  93. Air1graffartist


  94. Snow_Ultra

    @cupcakemonster14 IM WITH YOU! ALL THE WAY.

  95. Adrianna Meyer

    Im sorry but the ending ruined a really good song

  96. talkingmooseantlers

    @cheer4sunshine123 OMG who gives a fuck

  97. talkingmooseantlers

    the singer for this band is one of the worst I've ever heard. Other than the ending this song, as well as every other song I've heard from them sucks total dick. Is there at least one better song?

  98. Tobin Davis

    This definitely not the best version.

  99. Anthony Brown

    The name is usually spelled Lindsay.