Chiodos - All Nereids Beware Lyrics

This spring of love, resembles the uncertain glory of an April day
The sun beating against our necks, horizons still stuck in my mind
To the girl that can't forgive me

Take these misunderstandings, and send them back where they came from
Take these misunderstandings, it's hard enough to live life as it is

Hooked on an anchor

All nereids beware, all nereids beware

This spring of love, resembles the uncertain glory of an April day
A shipwreck
Left stranded
A castaway

Coast to coast the high seas echo "it's not you it's me"
If the wind were down, I could drive the boat with my sighs
I could drive the boat... if the wind... were down

Take these misunderstandings, and send them back where they came from
Take these misunderstandings, it's hard enough to live life as it is

Now her corpse lies lifeless, where X marks the spot,
At the bottom of the ocean floor
Where X marks the spot

(The finest treasures)
Where X marks the spot
(The finest treasures are buried under waves)
All nereids beware, all nereids beware
And the finest treasures are buried under waves

A shipwreck
Left stranded
A castaway

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Chiodos All Nereids Beware Comments
  1. little ghost

    Just realized A Shipwreck A Castaway named their band after this song lol

  2. CrYsSiEvAlAnCe

    Ah the warped tour daysss

  3. Jennifer Blodgett

    One of my all time favorites ❤️

  4. John Atherton

    Timeless music

  5. Lil ScratchNSniff

    I want you insideme

    Lil ScratchNSniff

    I thought i was on my boyfriend's account. Disreguard.

  6. Michael Williams

    still listening!

  7. Z Z

    wow 11 years ago, amazing song still to this day

  8. Antonio Benavidez

    So who wants to start a band like this? Any takers

    nicholas amato

    Antonio Benavidez I'm so down. I scream

    young dyl

    I’m down

    Andy Himself

    Yes pls

  9. Brendan Horner

    Gonna miss these guys southeast michigan=best scene, too bad nobody else got big


    what are some other less known bands that are like chiodos?

  10. Euflora

    2017 anyone?

  11. Ashley Graham

    Fucking masterpiece. I can not believe I forgot this song existed. Fuck yes.

  12. msdizzy lizzy

    still listening in 2017!

  13. fezz

    I found this song in my cousins iPod touch a long time ago and it's very beautiful

  14. Liz S

    This album stands the test of time.

    Heath Socwell

    This album ends well and is all well

  15. Killertofu

    this album was great. Everything else Chiodos has done after.... not so much. Oh, and i want to stab myself in the face every time i see craig owens perform

    Steve Dietrich

    Why do u want to stab urself in the face?

    Jessies Hand

    +Steve Dietrich beaucse they stress over things they can't control and like self harm.


    Bone Palace Ballet was great

  16. Angie Shackleford


  17. AntiHero2411

    This shit was groundbreaking when it came out.

  18. JellyJamStudios

    yes and those are very rare! and chiodos delivered

  19. tjbhawaii

    one of the best albums front to back ive ever heard

  20. F o x x

    is it just me or does the piano part of this song sound similar to muse?

  21. MEOWalina

    his voice♥

  22. TestTheAcid

    all sound embarrasing i wouldnt be caught dead listening to this emo screeching whiny shite

  23. Lauren Champion

    finally someone said it!

  24. JellyJamStudios

    why did I ask that wtf?

  25. Paige Collingwood

    I love how your picture is a Between The Buried and Me Album cover.

  26. Austin Heyman

    It's funny because I listened to their newest album first, "Illuminaudio," and thought it was amazing...This is good too of course, equally as good to me...It just depends on what you hear first and what sound is "original" to you...Goes for all music and all songs...If you listen to a remake of a song before the original, you'll probably end up liking that more than the original one that everyone else likes...

  27. JellyJamStudios

    if the winds were down I could drive the boat with my sighs

  28. Adam Sanchez


  29. Joe Kennelly

    You guys realize Craig Owens is back with chiodos right?

  30. Daniel McClure

    haha I can hear it too!!!!!

  31. Zach McConnell

    Craig Owens has genital warts, but his vocals still make their new vocalist look like my shit on a morning after eating 5 cans of beans.

  32. No Wolf

    At 2:55 He screams like a jaguar... it's unreal.

    Peter Ferry

    You think this sounds crazy listen to alex terrible.

  33. Tomás Furtado


  34. hilltop2929

    song is the shit

  35. Gabriel Arellano

    Favorite song by them

  36. Adrian Zamora

    easily one the the greatest post hardcore bands ever

  37. Roberto Urbina

    Jcraig got a better voice than This dude I just like the guitar

  38. ylellan12

    I love this song
    btw can't believe that Capture the crown's video has over 3 million views and this has only 94,430

  39. Kieran Arzon

    Seven years later, and it's still great to listen to.

  40. Tom Van Scoyoc

    NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Tim

    With Craig back i pray that they will be this good again!

  42. theoriginanimate

    So, basically, Chiodos is one of our favorite bands. We'd be honored to have any of their fans come and check out our tunes! We promise you won't regret it! Thank you so much if you're able to take a second!

  43. Noelle V.

    I am so stoked for Chiodos' new album. Brandon ruined Chiodos.
    CRAIG ALL THE WAY definitely.

  44. Benjamin Elsworthy

    CRAIG IS BACK IN CHIODOS BABY! Now then, more sex for my ears.

  45. Derian Ortega

    craig is back in chiodos

  46. han solo

    if you hate chiodos then fuck you!

  47. kores inheritance

    mother of god i love it *-* me gusta machin machin a la mierda :B

  48. borknagar54

    @xXxSilentHeroxXx Bone Palace Ballet was much more consistent imo, though this one still slays

  49. wowilikeanime

    @DOOMSQU4D good call XD

  50. Ian Galope

    this album still fucking rules

  51. Jevins Jackson

    sine youre all here, and its in the lyrics, go look up the band A Shipwreck A Castaway on facebook


    @jadellen17 In your opinion ;P

  53. battlecitysinner

    best album by chiodos

  54. Jennifer Dellen

    only chiodos song worth listening to

  55. Halcyon

    i fucking miss Craig man. Now Chiodos AND D.R.U.G.S both suck. he shouldnt have done it. This album was their best one hands down.

  56. Andrew Bouldin

    penis ;) thumbsup

  57. Derek Huerta

    Wtf? It's been a year since someone first commented about comparing BMTH and Chiodos, And poeple are still bitchin'? Dayyumm nigga.


    Chiodos and BMTH are both on the top of opposite sides of Epicness!!!!!!!!! come at me sideways again!

  59. guyverrob

    BMTH sucks. These guys are good.

  60. Gabriel Baltierra

    @forresttmcarthur isnt it an odd feeling of nostalgia whenever you see old comments you posted from forever ago?

  61. Kris Cunningham

    @forresttmcarthur They are both great bands. I CAN compare the two people that discrimanated xBudRaDx , but wait a problem.. they are both lifeless fools who feel that interweb stupidity is fun. And yes you did commit interweb stupidity.

  62. Cameron Ramsey

    How about people stop bitching about a band that is good full stop. Find something worth while to whine about.

  63. Tormented

    Comparing a shitty ass fucking band like BMTH to Chiodos is like comparing Design the Skyline to Waking Ashland.

  64. N0SLAV3

    FUCK D.R.U.G.S.

  65. Vinyl

    Such a sick ass song, I miss those days.

  66. yoyosnowman

    3 people are probly justin beibers gay sex partners

  67. Dildo Baggins

    chiodos in general just sucks now.... caves is embarrasing. "dududududu", what the fuck

  68. Molly McCaughey

    Jeeze i miss the old chiodos. ]:

  69. C.D Hawken

    Listen to their new album, Illuminaudio.
    Now instead of "their gonna suck" its "God why didnt he leave sooner"!
    All respect to Owens, But Brandon is sure doing a fine job.

  70. George Adams

    yeah they were delicious

  71. Gravy

    @xXFreakofNature666Xx Did you have fun eating your words? hahahaha

  72. George Adams

    As a response to my comment a year ago, I prefer the old Chiodos BUT the new one is AMAZING. I love the new Chiodos and I also love Craig's new band Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows.

  73. XerDav

    @xXFreakofNature666Xx maybe, maybe not, Craig didn't always sing his songs right, hopefully the new guy will actually hit the high notes in A Letter From Janelle, for live performances

  74. XerDav

    @HeavenlyThought i don't even compare bmth to music period, i heard one of their first albums, and i was turned off after listening straight through, and i'm like, their newer stuff is decent but some of it sounds like Suicide Silence, and i already am a SS fan, so what's the point of listening to BMTH then? its like trying to listen to both Alesana and Craig Mabbitt in EtF, its clone sound xD

  75. Mikal Djunts 2

    Everyone go to this version of the song watch?v=kBLtnfQzJ9E its the demo version. Its raw and awesome with the original music video.

  76. Rachel Bansek

    @METALismyLIFE910 they're mythological daughters of Nereus, a sea nymph.

  77. Rachel Bansek

    @METALismyLIFE910 they're mythological daughters of Nereus, a sea nymph.

  78. Rachel Bansek

    @METALismyLIFE910 they're mythological daughters of Nereus, a sea nymph.

  79. Josh Heymer

    This was Chiodos' best album in my opinion. Way better than any other terrible band coming out of this genre, that's for sure.

  80. CRY206

    @stillflylatereviews That's your own personal opinion, and just so you know, I can understand nearly every screamo band, including bring me the horizon. You just need to train your ears to how they growl and scream.

  81. arcanis17

    @FuckShepherd you should give a listen to his new project called "D.R.U.G.S." (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows) featuring Craig of course, Matt Good (FFTL ),Nick Martin (ex-Underminded, Isles & Glaciers) and Aaron Stern (ex-Matchbook Romance) <3

  82. L0ppuy

    Excuse me, everyone talks about guy called Craig. Can someone tell who he is and tell a story how he got kicked?

  83. xxHardkorex

    i cant even listin to this new guy :[

  84. Slightlystoopid Justin

    @xXFreakofNature666Xx Same shit that happened to From First To Last.

  85. SportsFan1984

    This version is SOOOOO much better than the other version in my opinion

  86. CoopahTroopah

    @joshquatchfilms obviously your best friends sister didnt really understand who she was dating

  87. HolyReaper AngelofDeath

    @xXFreakofNature666Xx dude ur fucking retarded and know nothing about these bands craig was from bless the fall not chiodos and he is in escape the fate now and ronnie is in his new band named falling in reverse but i would fucking know about chiodos my bes friends sister is a model and has dated the lead singer of chidos


    @mxman349 wats it called?

  89. Ryan Stephens

    they actually arent bad, i seen them in concert. he sounds kinda like him. but craig is coming up with a new band, they are already writting and shit

  90. Havraní Hvozd

    Chiodos are Legends!

  91. Luis Aristizabal

    @xBudRaDx ur an idiot, u cant compare bmth and chiodos.

  92. Brandon Haskins

    ya'll are stupid, they never kicked craig out. He left on his own because he felt that he was limited to his career. even though he was best with chiodos

  93. Bud Isbad

    BMTH is garbage old and new. I like this CD.

  94. Rick Sanchez

    he sayin the did 2 diff versions of this album i kno what he means i've heard the other 1 and it sux

  95. Rick Sanchez

    great song lot of people dont have this version i think this is better but thx

  96. JHDthe8

    the piano part sounds better in this version

  97. JHDthe8

    i think it slowed down.. a lot around :24

  98. George Adams

    no they kicked him out