Chiodos - Adrienne Lyrics

This happiness surpasses me.
Just running up and down my spine
Whenever I'm around you
My smile beings to shine.

The love I feel for you
is quite hard for anyone to find.
You're the one that I want to
wake up next to,
and just give us
Your beautiful blue eyes.

Please never, ever leave me.
Just stay right here,
Always by my side.

Your beauty radiates
just like the sun.
When I'm around you,
I tend to lose my breath.
There's no doubt
that you're the one.
Your great smile makes me feel alive.
Your flawless personality,
combined with your godly looks,
makes you more than perfect.

Please never, ever leave me.
Just stay right here,
Always by my side.

Please never, ever leave me.
Just stay right here,
Always by my side.

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Chiodos Adrienne Comments
  1. JoceyVDV

    Some parts are wrong

  2. Raven Pictures

    Aww I love you too, Craig. But my eyes are hazel.

  3. Jahomey505

    I fucking love this song

  4. Daniel Flores

    I don't know why I find that hilarious haha I'm an ass, but hey I'm in a similar situation... HIGH FIVE!

  5. Afroboy151

    Good call :D

  6. G Wolf

    I happen to be in love with my best friend... The sweetest person I will ever meet. His Eyes are like frozen pools of water- The brightest blue. I know it could never happen (I am sort of in the ultimate friendzone XD) But I can't help but listen to this amazing song over and over.... It makes me think of him... <3 Chiodos are the best!~ ^_^

  7. AbearONCEwrestledME

    @TheSameAsOpposite Dance Gavin Dance=]

  8. Josh Drew

    @bobafett807 I love chiodos but I think he sounds better in DRUGS

  9. TheAK47striker

    @LetsA11Rave i REALLY wish,but i still klicked the like button :)

  10. Sara Schneider

    my boyfriend is learning how to play this on guitar for me<3

  11. rocksickkle

    Haha, I sing this to my GF and change it to brown eyes and she loves it. ;D

  12. Queen

    @avengedofthefold I love craig's singing :O !

  13. ProtestTheFool

    I don't think it's his voice,I just think the guitars are to loud to really hear his voice

  14. ragnarok2315

    @XVermillionXGirlX Hey don't worry he should like it =). just make sure you sing it as well so he knows you mean it.

  15. Violet Morphine

    i would love to learn to play this on my guitar and then play it for my bf, it discribes exactly how i feel about him but im so afraid he wont like it

  16. Bryer Tucker

    looove this song bro!

  17. bobafett807

    @avengedofthefold Actually, Craig has improved in singing in my opinion, so maybe if he could just retry the song..? Lol

  18. LeahForTomorrow

    @avengedofthefold agreed. Maybe Maika Maile from There For Tomorrow, or Teddy Geiger?

  19. ALIVE845

    beautiful song :) but i thought is was called adrienne?

  20. Alecia Sumner

    I think its beaitiful /<3

  21. bill oh

    i learned how to play the song now i gotta find a girl to play it for (:

  22. nosey the great

    @msm1914 actully, IM gay. no hate

  23. nosey the great

    @bobafett807 not meh i like this song

  24. nosey the great

    kate has such beutiful blue eyes *sigh* if only she was lesbo like me...

  25. aafdedgvsd

    @xxheartxofxstonexx lol

  26. reffer man

    12 people cant get a girl/boy friend

  27. Josld

    JAJAJAJAJAJ. Love is only for pretty guys,

  28. CAM

    What album is this from? I can't find it

  29. yewsuf

    12 dislikes are from Kanye West and the other so-called music big times.

  30. Marissa Hernandez

    @ahollenden if your saying that you love her, that's not stupid. Real people who are sweet and caring, are the people who can admit they love someone. She's obviously lucky to have you. :)

  31. bobafett807

    @xxheartxofxstonexx I'm sorry :(

  32. Kat Barrett

    Why do i feel this is just some cheesy shit guys use on chicks to get them in bed? LMAO

  33. msm1914

    @mennaknight D:< wtf no their ot your gay!

  34. Rezpia

    i think mennaknight did it..i rated 5:D

  35. Gwas

    Chiodos is gay.

  36. bobafett807

    Seriously lol. Who's the douche who rated 1 star?