Chinx Drugz - Dope Game "Woulda Here Sooner" Lyrics

[Hook - Chinx Drugz and Tak:]
I would've been here sooner [x2]
But I was caught up in the hoes
Caught up in the cars
Caught up in the money
Caught up in the life
I would've been here sooner (But I got caught up in the dope game)
Talking bout this money made me feel... (I got caught up in the dope game)
A certain type of way, certain type of way (I got caught up in the dope game)
Sorry for the wait (I got caught up in the dope game) [x2]

Better late than never, perfect timing for the money
Watchin' niggas ball I swear to God it made me hungry
Blowin' California just a product of the corner
Talkin' out of turn I had them niggas run up on you
Whip to chill a nigga broke his wrist and bought a foreign
Niggas kill you for this lifestyle if they can't afford it
Bank 12 stories
Drop top shawty
Cock Glock 40'
Hit the court and drop 40
It's hot up in the kitchen turn the fan up
Quick to sit and when you piss, a nigga stand up
Nigga quit the bitchin', nigga stand up
Retaliations when them niggas hit your man up
Young niggas aiming at your head for them dollars
Nigga talk trash, find his head in the garbage
We ain't gotta kill him, he was head on arrival
Nigga paranoid, man I swear I'm getting followed


Been in corners ridin' on them niggas no insurance
Feds rest the kitchen, throw the chickens down the toilet
Fuck them niggas talkin', straight to business I was on it
Dope flow feeds, tell your Christmas every morning
Nigga back when I got pitched I played the bail out
Now I sit on red guts, push it to the red line
Straight to bucket on them niggas talkin' cleared out
Hatin' holidays because the pens and your mail out
It's hot up in the kitchen turn the fan off
Light flash when them niggas pull the van up
Told my niggas go and get it fuck the scan up
For you be a man down, keep your head up
All you niggas told me use a green light
'Member nigga used to move to workin' for the clean light
Nigga drop his top they be aimin at your bean light
Youngin was a church nigga, now he throwing B's like


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Chinx Drugz Dope Game "Woulda Here Sooner" Comments
  1. Omacha24ShnT24

    Forever chinx

  2. Giovanny Montosa

    I would've been here sooner!! 2020! Who listening? RIP Chinx
    It's hot up in the kitchen turn the fan up!!

  3. DKV Ballantyne

    I woulda been here soona... 2020

  4. j. wick

    2020 RIP Chinx..homie didn't get enough attention before or after his death. Lost a good one for sure!

  5. City King

    FTC guru 8÷%5

  6. Cervante Mccloud

    Who's here 2020 #ripchinx

  7. Hernan Muñoz

    Chinx had hella talent RIP 2020

  8. Jimere Terrell

    Still listening, Farrock RRS....SSSSSK RIOT IN PEACE G'S STACK AND CHINX

  9. Space Life Militia

    The intro guy sounds like tak, Meeks guy

  10. Brandon Francey

    We was really rippin n runnnnin'

    Beat drops and this go Hard

  11. Jason P.

    its the end of 2019 and i still fucks with this heavy

  12. Roy Caceres

    RIP my nigga chinx I fuckin miss you bro !!! #YAY still playing ur music cb4life for evaaaaa legend

  13. B. Williams

    This shit timeless!

  14. Jae y

    Happy birthday fool. #Yay

  15. elohimdagod

    Shit hard

  16. Michael Gordon

    this my shit got this shit still bangging 2019 and beyond keeping my nigga chinx still alive

  17. Danny Santos

    Definitely in the top 10 ever

  18. sevenforty

    This hard to listen to without crying

  19. Andy Josue

    Queens forever forever queens

  20. C J

    @ 1:55 that's where trippie redd got that voice from Chinx RIP..

  21. Gerard Donaldson

    October rip chinx 2019

  22. Jeremy Jones

    Dont mind me and dope game are 2 of my favorite songs from chinx man i wish he was still here

    Star Buks

    God is on my neck and on my wrist...... don’t mind me...

    Jeremy Jones

    @Star Buks that song is my shit

  23. Marcelo Munoz


  24. InYoHoodUaintEvenKnow 1017

    Shivers everytime

  25. Manny Torres

    ALWAYS CHINX LIVE 4EVA AMEN 💯🙏🤘✌🤙🖤💚♦️🏒🦖💣🧿👺😈☻🦍😃🦴😖😫🎃🔥🔥💯♦️💯

  26. Redford Taylor

    R. I. P MR DRUGZ

  27. TheBroknPezDispenser

    R.I.P. brud. Don’t know why.. still mourning your death, God’s got you still

  28. mindovermatter 36

    Better late than ever perfect timing for the 💰

  29. Metro Pcs


  30. Espy Rodrigz

    Damnnn #YaY #longlivechinx 🔥 🔥🔥

  31. Tony Tone

    I got caught up in the dopegamee ....too many people lost too much 2 the dopegame.

  32. KillahxKev516

    R.i.p fammmmm

  33. Lavonna Givens

    Replaying it over ignorance. Leave her alone


    Godbody on smash radio

    megastar film lab in harlem

    Athug bday in studio

    420 punch -Athug takes over radio

  35. Jay Perez

    Told my niggas go and get it Fxck you scared of before you be a man down keep your head up 🙏

  36. Green Leaf Grow

    Complete 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Darren Houston

    Rip my nigga Chinx drugs

  38. Umar Don

    Woulda been here sooner

  39. Behanzin Keitazulu

    Anybody here in June 2019 listening? R.I.P Chinx real Chinx fan

    Josh Gordon

    Woke up this morning man and shit crazy bro!! All the good ones dying! Rip Chinx🗣️📢💯

    Joshua Kay

    Always bangin Chinx " Da Bro '

    Focus Natruelly

    Behanzin Keitazulu me2 👑

  40. Rrok Official

    Damn 😪

  41. Jovanka Ferruzola

    Rip Chinx 🙏🏽

  42. Shalonda Howard

    Allways the good ones! RIP CHINX. The streets will get them niggas! That's a fact.

  43. Ari-0 S.G

    That DJ fucked up the whole album smh. Sucka

  44. Don't GiveUp

    I close my eyes and vision Chinx and Nipsey walking through Heavens Pearly gates bumping this song together. Rest In Paradise young Kings.

  45. Metro Pcs


  46. Daniel Baker

    R.i.p. chinx drugz

  47. Chaika68 Records

    real life real story. 100 rip chinx

  48. Faisal Kayani

    Rest In Peace

  49. Jared Baker

    that intro was fucking retarded

  50. sylvain lepine

    Still listening 2019

  51. Melissa Maldonado

    i would of been here sooner

  52. Reckless Nation

    "Niggas kill ya for this lifestyle if they can't afford it" ILLEST LINE EVER CUZ ITS SO TRUE AN THEY TAKIN THIS MANS LIFE BECUZ OF IT#QuitHatin

  53. Oyeboy Kaysito

    2019!! 🙏🏽

  54. Juds Hill

    Tingles is all i have to say

  55. TRUREDLIFE 060787

    This is new chinx yall no his name

    TRUREDLIFE 060787

    Anyone kno

  56. Juds Hill


  57. A Yo Q Bands

    This the intro ... Pure fire, this mixtape put me on to Chinx

  58. Dinero Hitman

    If u not bumpin this in 2019 u wack chinx drugz 4eva nigga #Timeless music🔥🔥🔥✊💯

  59. Krysanthemum Reyes

    Always hype listening to this 🤘🏻 R.I.P

  60. Ferragamo Ghost


  61. Upper Thrower666

    I get goosebumps listening to this

  62. Tisha Steen

    Coke boy's and g unit owwww devil Ray's gaine Green bay packers Sox March 26 1985 Sox

  63. Tisha Steen

    baby alcapone Stanley tookie Williams b.k.a Max b silver surfer beamon murdaton watt's baby loc Berkeley terrace holy ghost town golden state warriors Sox North Atlanta GA West side story rebirth of freaky ty Lyon's and Bergen and Chancellor and West field Clark and dblocc inmates and 21 Hopkins new Jersey owwww we up next msflyboys Sox beamon boy's p town silky way city owwww we up next msflyboys Sox beamon boy's and steen boy's

  64. pvillanueva139

    Still here 2018

  65. the wrong Niggas

    Damn niggas love to talk shit

  66. Christopher K

    I miss chinx rip...

  67. Kea McKay

    I wudd’a been here sooner

  68. lamar odom

    Que en paz descansa senor Lionel

  69. Anwar Muhammad

    shout out to dj scream

  70. WicKked WiazZard

    1:40 seconds and he still talking stfu and let chinx spit shit annoying ass djs

  71. Nicholas Douglas

    The into to this song is so epic .. “Ima dboy so u know all the hoes gon luv me” crazzzzzyyy. Mob in Peace Chinx, we miss you 😫

  72. Carlos Rivera

    Told my niggas go get it fuck you scared of before you be a man down keep ya head up Rip chinx one Of myfavorite artist I can relate to a lot he talking about

  73. UK Transport Wildlife & Weather Channel

    This tune is just sick lyrics are top class🤙🤙

  74. Ricky Vroman


  75. Cuzzo Cook

    Sample ??

  76. Richard Simmons

    I listen to this song 3 times a night at wrk. Shit is hard body

  77. Smokephilly76jr Hip hop Gaming

    RIP Chinx

  78. Omar Mejia

    "Whipped it till a nigga broke his wrist and bought a foreign, niggas will kill you for this life style if they cant afford it" RIP CHINX YAY!!!

  79. Mizraim Steen

    Free dela and baby flags and g loco north ATL Steen boy's and beamon boy's stick together like peanut butter and jelly s.o.x

  80. Mizraim Steen

    Baby face max beamon msflyboys pjay watts baby loc msflyboys and thugtertaiment label March 26 1985 rebirth of eazy e

  81. Jay Limage

    That dj intro is damn near 1:20 seconds wtf 😂😂 RIP chinx doe

    Don't GiveUp

    Theres a version without the DJ🔥🔥🔥 still

  82. Rico Diamondz

    2018 what a big tune Rip chinx drugs real King



  84. keith amodeo

    Sometimes when you try to change it's too late remember God forgives and them triggers don't..

  85. Aries Beaugard

    still fire 2018

    Don't GiveUp

    In Cali we love Chinx. Still bumping his music 2019

  86. Diverse Blackman

    He would have killed so many beats why they took the Guyzer

    O Patterson

    TAKE AiM that's wassup

  87. Luis Mayoliz

    Mfs just mad and wanna see u demaj

  88. Luis Mayoliz

    Hatin ass suckers bro

  89. Kuanyin agoth

    i love this song my nigga make it big for the rap game

  90. Jeremy Cahill

    “Talking bout this money make me feel some type of way”

    K Gonzalez

    Fuck Yea 💯💯💯

    Mike Purp

    Type of way

  91. flaco 313

    Quit the pissing when u sitting nigga Stand Up!!! Real nigga shit R.I.P #1 coke boy

  92. BeastMode FIAZCO

    Miss chinx so much man...bangers for days bro.."america","cash rules", "what u call that", "fly shit", "match that", "crown royal", "never know","dope game", "personal"..#ripthelegendchinx

    Tyerell Mack

    BeastMode FIAZCO & that’s a fact a lot of people talk about ohh he sell drugs he talk about money but Chinx was the truth rest easy & I’m sorry for the way niggas couldn’t understand it nonetheless afford it Yay Yay Yay

  93. Ari-0 S.G

    Bum azz DJ....attention seeking ass nigga....fucked up CR4

  94. ACTINUM55

    Nigga paranoid I swear I'm being followed.

  95. ACTINUM55