China Crisis - The Gates Of Door To Door Lyrics

She, sleep, dreams of childhood
Waiting in the fields
First love kept secret
Hide behind the tree

She dreams of childhood
And I dream of her

She, sleep, dreams of leaving
Drives past her friends
The rain fell so heavy
She could not see me there

She dreams of leaving
And I dream of her

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China Crisis The Gates Of Door To Door Comments
  1. Thomas DBX

    Odnalazłem po 30 latach... Płynę, unoszę się lekko... Wspomnienia z lat 80tych.. Jest mi wspaniale dobrze....

  2. Shaun Angell

    Classic tune from a better time


    Thank you very much for sharing, beautiful song!

  4. Wallaby Ted

    This is arguably the best track on the entire album.
    It has a haunting quality to it that none of the other tracks can seem to manage.