China Crisis - My Sweet Delight Lyrics

Wonderful, wonderful burning desire
Naked flames, dancing fire
And I loose my head, body and soul
When you take possession and you take control

Are you coming tonight
My sweet delight

Beautiful, sensual, radiant smile
That's all you need, all you need to get by
Wake in the morning with you by my side
And that's all I need, all I need to get by

Are you coming tonight
My sweet delight

Wonderful, wonderful burning desire
Naked flames, dancing fire
And I loose my head, body and soul
When you take possession and you take control

Are you coming tonight
My sweet delight

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China Crisis My Sweet Delight Comments
  1. Peter Franks

    I know the time was bad for unemployment and hardship in everyday people....BUT if you where a carefree teenager, JESUS!!!!!

  2. ella cruz

    Alam na.. ang nag-iisang wishful thinking ng China Crisis... astounding and top of the line.... Chriz lang poh ng pateros metro manila...

  3. Ian Foster

    I was in the pub when it was written,,

  4. kazuki tuaban

    ilove listening to new wave while on our attic and smoking some blunt, felt like letting me ride on a time machine and going back to 80s while the sunsets. whoa im so dope though

  5. James Lehr

    VVould have loved the RAMONES to cover this. Anyvvay, the fact that the late great NEIL PEART liked the drumming style of KEVIN VVILKINSON meant that I vvas on the right track, for sure.

  6. allison hunter


  7. Peter Deyo Houghtaling

    Saw these guys last night in New York City and just as good as they were 38 years ago when I saw them. Great music.

  8. salvador salomon

    pasan los años y décadas y este grupo sigue tan bueno como en los 80. incluso. su música paso la barrera del tiempo

  9. James Sempio

    The time I dance to the "PREPPY"

  10. Nicolás DS

    You see kids, music can be beautiful too.

  11. Cafe_80’s Barako

    January 25 I’m gonna be 54...Ah...80’s....miss Those Days....

  12. Mark Thurley

    Chilled and mellow

  13. David Lazenby

    This is my first time hearing this song. It wasn't promoted in the states.

  14. Tere Lavarez

    go back to my teen im only 19 ..when i heard this song now im 47..never change so relaxing

  15. 1980's Rocks Iron Maiden Def Leppard

    Not Original Song

  16. precy kong

    I Love you Guys

  17. Ritz Perdido

    One of my 80s music favorites! nice to listen to and relax!

    matthew franklin

    Ritz Perdido way to go Ritz 🥂☘️🌹👍🙏🏻✝️

    Ritz Perdido

    @matthew franklin thanks for d thumbs up Matthew!

    matthew franklin

    Ritz Perdido no problem Ritz 🥂

  18. IQ 178

    2020 still a great song

  19. Daniel Anstett

    Awesome version. Anybody knows if this version is available in lossless quality? Thanx

  20. Vanilla Cadello

    pure classic

  21. Bong Jenilyn

    Nora i still remember u... Everytime i listened to this song

  22. Anne Howard

    A beautiful song, arranged perfectly. I am so pleased to have heard wonderful music

  23. Jeffrey Chew

    Those were the days...I like this version very much especially the drum beat. I can't stop listening to it.

  24. #mejores - rap omg

    Hermoso tema musical

  25. Marlon Mangonon

    2020 anyone still listening

    Daniel Anstett

    I still love this song since its release in 1983. But I never heard this great version. I bought the 2017 Deluxe edition of "Working with fire and steel" (with 3 CDs) but it's not included. Anybody knows about this version?

  26. Baibonn Dilangalen Sangid

    Happy new year, 2020🌠🎊⭐🎑🔸🎆🌴🐝♥🏇 1, 01, 2020
    for the record, still loving this song and the video

  27. Hubert Claveria

    January 2020
    Im still list'ning to this 80s hit song.🤩

    matthew franklin

    Hubert Claveria always 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂✝️🙏🏻

    Jeff B

    same 👽🙏

    Louie Niel Marcon

    Me and my girlfriend's favorite love song, way back the 1980's... so memorable indeed and worthy to hear every now and then.

    Noel Repuela

    Nothing beats the 80's and 90's sarap balikbalikan.

  28. Jeremy Lupig

    Happy New year

  29. Reynaldo Reyes

    Still listening.... I loved 80's music...

  30. Jo Montanee

    It is official. 80’s music and environment is a blissful time. Full of hope, opportunities, dreams and carefree attitude. Nostalgic. I miss that era so bad.

  31. olie lapZ

    I first heard this when i was 13. Still listening at 49.


    olie lapZ me too! 😊😊

    matthew franklin

    olie lapZ excellent 👍🌹☘️🥂🙏🏻

    calin iulian

    same here m8! on my fifties today...


    I was 25, I'm still listeming at 61!

  32. Brian Davis


  33. Abc Def

    im from kirkby ,,,could be from mars\\\ BELTER SONG

  34. C Mac

    Pure class.

  35. Robert Fielder

    Lovely song - shit video

  36. Danilo Daymon Dacanay

    oh i realy love this song ill wait you in the philippines

  37. ambet Larin

    Wow.. my party times day in a court yard and steets... waht a music and memries!

  38. Er Kang

    Everything is free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Monching Librea

    emie,she left the eighty's since april two thousand fourteen!

  40. Gary Fuller

    Seen them.twice in 2019 . Such memories they bring . One of the times was when they played with howard Jones in London. Legends

  41. eldtube

    I listen to this song alot and this doesn't sound like the original! This is either a live version or a cover!

  42. emily sandra gonzaga


  43. M4RK

    80's rules !!!
    watch my band: The Mystic - are we living here.

  44. Bernadette Paguia

    Loveeeeee iiiittt

  45. Jeffrey Wong

    Will be 2020, ilI am still listening…

  46. Butch Hodson

    My whole life is wishful thinking, real fun has eluded me

  47. peter oneill

    Loved this since it first came out. But only saw the video a while ago - brought back memories through the music and also I was a runner back then and had the exact same Ron Hill running vest as the lad in the video. Good days.

  48. finn glynn

    Great song great era.

  49. Dr. Hook

    Fave thing to do: Sat on the roof and watch the day go by😎

  50. GiorniVenibato

    This is the song of perfection!

  51. Brian McHale

    Brilliant band one of the best of the 80s, China Crises very underrated band , love this song and king in a Catholic Style

  52. Michael Nieswandt

    What a great Song😍😍

  53. Harry Valiente

    I watched this like 3 days ago and this morning I woke up from this song playing on the radio.hmmm.

  54. andy wilson

    this is not the original hit radio version

  55. James Kim

    God I used to play this almost everyday. Brings back memories of my high school days when things were still innocent n music was great.

    matthew franklin

    James Kim that’s right James 👍☘️🌹🥂🙏🏻

  56. Nicanor Tiongson

    The music is great, but the vocals need to be improved.


    what a beautiful song

  58. maksphoto78

    Kim Wilde is doing a tour with China Crisis supporting in 2020.

  59. Klaa2

    Today's music sucks so hard.
    Just wanna go back there...

  60. Paul Armstrong

    Can't wait until sep 2020 there supporting Kim Wildes Greatest hits tour.

    Nicola Davison

    Where are you seeing them ?

    Paul Armstrong

    @Nicola Davison newcastle saige

  61. Set Abominae

    This time we should talk about it
    Theres no secrets kept in here
    Forgive me for asking
    Now wipe away your tears

  62. Nylz _

    Love the song

  63. alex brown

    very very underrated band never got the credit due to them

  64. Glen Dedrick

    Just another deaf dumb blind mutant that accidentally stumbled on to this page So I guess No !

  65. Bato Gapo

    Yeah nov 15 2019

  66. Alexis Melendres

    Narinig ko lang to sa Bus tapos ayun

  67. Edwin Garcia

    Relaxing music...takes me back in time...2019 to 80s

  68. Phil H

    Some on here wanting to go back to the 80s. Apart from the music I cant remember the 80s being all love n peace infact quite the opposite Falklands war, miners strikes, car strikes, teachers strikes infact if you worked you seemed to go on strike! riots all over the country, a lot of anger. The constant threat of Russia blowing us to oblivion, the pit, steal and power stations being closed down,millions on the dole no ta not for me.

  69. Michael Aquino

    wow so honesome boyband

  70. ella cruz

    One of my favorite song of the 80's era... astounding, simply amazing, top of the line..Chriz lang poh...!!!!!!!!!

  71. massimo bernuzzi

    There's a piece of Steely Dan....Walter Becker (produced by....)

  72. Fin Nenel Umban

    When you're crazy over the guys from the 80's and you're having that wild thoughts and tons of questions then you wake up and realised they happen to be in the same age as your Dad... 😂😂😂

    Graham Cheesman

    Nice pussy

  73. Jazz Jazz

    not the original edit version of 1983

  74. Ronald Mamuyac

    80's sound of my childhood...miss my childhood friend...😥😥😥

  75. Carlos David Alvizures P.

    This is high class.

  76. Dandy Ceniza

    This song nothing fade-away

  77. lin Wei Xiang

    Crying 🎻🎻🎻

  78. Spy Ware

    Damn. When music was GOOD!!!!!

  79. Lone Cyclist

    finally found this by accident thank you youtube recommendation! was browsing through new wave musics and here I am finally!

  80. Aida Alupit

    Ahh! Remembering my high school year📚

  81. pedro garcia

    Beautiful song and clip.

  82. Michael Hope

    Takes me to a happy place from what seems like a long time ago

  83. Josephine Forte

    Amazing day's!!! 80's💪💪👏👏❤❤❤❤

  84. India Bliss

    Beautiful xxx

  85. Isabel Alarcon

    Es preciosa!!! De las canciones más bonitas que he escuchado

  86. wildenfree1

    I saw them live a bout 5 years ago, they actually had a lot of hits, are great performers and songwriters - why aren't they more popular ??..I have no idea.

  87. V A U G H N 1945

    After 5 hours of finding this song. I found it.

  88. Neil Paquingan

    always playing this song together with psychedelic fur ghost in youwhen im in a motorcycle road trip.

  89. Defector09

    Saw them last night - great time was had by all! Great music and great banter.

  90. Matthew Clay

    This is such a BEAUTIFUL song... yet... I've never heard it before today!

  91. WorthTrying

    I sat on the roof, and watched the day go by..🎶

  92. JItterRy PoKERy

    Yeah!! E minor alright!! Yeah!!