China Crisis - It's Never Too Late Lyrics

We've just begun
To see in a different way
No summer sun
Or common green to place
On distant shore
That's what I'm searching for

And if you believe
It's never too late, too late to see
And if you believe
It's never too late for you and me

Too little, too late
Too much to understand
Why should we wait
To join in hand in hand
And walk away, and walk away

And if you believe
It's never too late, too late to see
And if you believe
It's never too late for you and me

Don't hesitate
Or turn your back away
It's never too late
To see in a different way
Some distant shore
That's what we're searching for

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China Crisis It's Never Too Late Comments
  1. john mcalindon

    Should release it now. I had it on the deluxe edition of Flaunt but just saw them do it live Saturday in Glasgow. Great song - can't believe it was dropped.

    Donato Iacovino

    They just played it tonight in NYC; I was so totally happy, as its such a gem of a song.....

  2. Biblioteka Ursynów

    Muzyczna tapeta

  3. bashey63

    i have never heard track until last night (13th Dec 2019) at the Cavern Xmas show; 34 years is not too late to hear another brilliant CC tune !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chris Yorath

    They played this last night at their gig. Gary explained that this track was recorded as part of their sessions for WWF&S album. However, the band decided it was too similar to Wishful Thinking & mulled over which track to drop from the album. In hindsight, they feel they probably should have included it & used it as the follow up single to WT, rather than Hanna Hanna, which couldn't have been more different.

  5. Catherine McVeigh

    A beautiful lesser known song - a super performance at the Plough in Torrington on Thursday

  6. Andy Bolton

    Saw them sing this live last night in Torrington simply brilliant !!!

  7. mimars78

    It is a pleasure to listen to this beautiful relaxing song.. a gem indeed (As
    "FrankSidebottom" wrote below)

  8. shaun spadah

    whats the point writing a great song that hardly anybody has heard, they should have put this on the flaunt album

  9. Uwe Schmid

    Brilliant!!!!!!!!! Great Band!

  10. Pere Ferret Sánchez

    El millor grup musical de l'história amb diferencia

  11. Mark Andresen

    Magical... but yes, it sounds like it comes from the 1983 'Working With Fire and Steel' sessions --- and should've been on there!

    Evan White

    I remember reading somewhere that this was supposed to be apart of WWFAS, but was dropped for whatever reason.

  12. Pierre Jumeau

    OMG, this is excellent! It reminds me a little bit of Wishful thinking. Thanks for posting it!

  13. pyxxel

    Whoa I've never heard this before and I thought I knew all their material. I'm going to see them tonight in Dublin and CAN'T WAIT!!!! Listening to them since 1986 and haven't grown tired of their sound.

    Patricia Langford

    Lucky you! enjoy it. They are marvelous!

  14. steadyed

    wasted as a throw away extra track who the fuck was advising these guys

  15. John Bunting

    Love this 1 released on the 12" limited edition of "Black Man Ray"

  16. FrankSidebottom

    a gem indeed