Children Of Bodom - Tie My Rope Lyrics

Dear diary, what have I done? Am I trippin' or am I alive?
Once I've decided I've got stories to tell
No way in hell was that just another muthafuckin' dream
Doesn't matter cuz I already know how it feels to WAKE UP WITH

Body like a roadmap of pain
Mind like a landfill of shame
Tie my rope one more time

Dear diary, had I known what I told you last night
I would've never walked there to start another fight
Banging my head on concrete wall, while knockin' on wood
Thinking it that's gonna do any good when I WAKE UP WITH

Body like a roadmap of pain
Mind like a landfill of shame

Tell me once, I decline, I refuse to learn
Shoot me twice but I'm not going down
I will climb the rope you tied for me
Beat me up while I'm still alive

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Children Of Bodom Tie My Rope Comments
  1. Mark Danner

    Lacks teeth. Check out Morgal if you miss Classic Bodom. It’s not the same sound; and they want for a lead element, but to me it’s “Something Wild” in spirit 🤘🏻

  2. Edio Mardones

    This album is awesome!

  3. Near Void

    Im not one for super heavy screamy metal, but holy shit is this album good

  4. CreationofDeath

    Omg Blooddrunk(the album) and "tie my rope" is so blasting, fuck I love COB.

  5. kangaRooz _


  6. Play With Churka

    drop #C \m/


    They go to drop b after this album or the next i forgot

    Mr Sadistik

    @Regretamin3 They started playing in Drop C on their latest release, "I Worship Chaos", and also went back to playing in D flat again instead of D standard for the first time since the first or second album, but I think their tone and overall sound is still heavier on the "Blooddrunk" album. Probably because the keys are a little lower in the mix, and with the more thrash influenced riffing, the guitars are more in the driver's seat here. Less than two months for the new one, "Hexed"! So excited!

  7. Skyler Matteson

    Ya know id sounds fantastic i just cant get past the sing-my bad screamer vocals

  8. Benbong

    222 222th viewer! \o/

  9. хеивен книгхт

    Why isn't this album on spotify 😖

  10. Firekeeper GR

    Propably the best cob album for me.. more melodic . halo of blood the same :)

  11. Kayla Weaver

    Damn nice.

  12. Samuel Overs

    So good! Children of Bodom songs are so addictive, I love it!!

  13. Allan Ricardo

    this was the first one song of COB that I've heard

    dumb genius

    Allan Ricardo same

    Alfonso Esteves

    this is the last song I've heard

    Allan Ricardo

    @Alfonso Esteves jajajaja

  14. TLP Hiyabusu

    omg that intro😵😵😵😵😵

  15. Сергей Холодович

    get a filling of Metal and you will understand this high-pressure art

  16. Narc dad

    Very unique sounds

  17. DJahjeBand724

    Some of the best stuff!

  18. nate johnson

    idk about the album. but this song is very bland musically except for the end

    Sinister Mephisto

    The chorus is fucking sexy as hell. I listen to it on a loop

  19. Scarlet Morbidity

    Why is this album so disliked?


    The only CoB album I didn't like was the new I worship Chaos, didn't find it heavy enough, nor did it sound angry enough, I prefer the drop C and D tunings


    Sinister Mephisto I worship chaos was their laziest album, could not get into it at all


    Best album was Follow The Reaper <3


    There's no other band than COB (except for Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas) who can do key modulations from C to F# minor in Drop C tuning. :)

    Durpness Sucks

    I have no idea. At first I didn’t quite like the album but then I learned to love it, similarly to RRF. It’s definitely not their best album but it’s still a good one either way

  20. Humphking

    That solo makes me wanna fight Jesus with a chainsaw

    Josh Stanton

    brah all the licks in this song juices me up like brock lesnar!

    Josh Stanton

    bro i'd kill jesus with a butter knife whilst listening to this bitch. fucking oath!


    The whole song does. Hell, I don't even need the song.

    Cam Par

    shut up fransico

    Allan Ricardo


  21. DeWi neulatyyny

    Hopefully I see these guys in a festival this summer

  22. Emergency Bacon

    Dat synth tho



  23. Hesusfkr

    Rope and roope are different things man

  24. Rek Dem

    This song dos not has anything to do with Roope. He is in the band,

  25. metakiluku

    Tie Me Roope

  26. Pseudo Useful


  27. George Pan

    the solo!

  28. Rek Dem

    No, its about hating everything in life, and killing yourself. Where you reach a point in your life when everything sucks, you can "tie your rope" or climb it. You have 2 choice, giving up or fighting for everything... and this song is about fighting!

  29. jordan nakach

    blooddrunk was my favorite on the track along with this

  30. rafas telos

    ok.. now that we are done with maths lets listen this awesome song!!!!ok?

  31. Dan

    It'll be 42:30.... 4 minutes x 10 = 40 minutes. 15 seconds x 10 = 2 minutes 30 seconds. Add them together and BAM! 42:30!

  32. Sphane

    but 4:15 x10 = 41:05 man

  33. DarkX1AngelX1X2

    ye im gonna go buy the album tomorow ! fking good album fasfadfadfdfasd

  34. Arzh arnthor

    with banned from heaven :p

  35. SumthingInMyBathroom

    2:03 is pure epicness

    Alfonso Esteves

    quite epic in deed. My favourite part is 2:26, when the keybord kicks in its like stopping a train with your face

  36. barsaloum

    I'm raping the replay button.

    Thank me later

  37. areej baki

    the best !!!

  38. areej baki

    the best.

  39. Pancho Villa

    cant believe this one isnt on their regular setlist !!!

  40. Redickja

    shot me twice but im not going down

  41. Erdin Kaçan

    0:00 to 42:30 ;)

  42. Hadyan Iqbal

    Janne Wirman \m/

  43. Ramkumar Venkat

    Seriously man!! Its SUCH a great album! In fact, I think its on par with HCD...AYDY and RRF still have its moments and are fucking great too but I think Blooddrunk is better than those two albums!!

  44. Dimal

    I really never understood, why some people hated Blooddrunk. I think it's really great album!

  45. Ramkumar Venkat

    You know what? Blooddrunk isn't really as bad an album as it is portrayed to be...At least with what Janne has done, I still see think there are some nice moments in every song! The keyboard solos are not just frantic scale runs...they are very meticulous and well chosen...they sounds Janne uses are also quite new and fresh. I really enjoy this whole album!

  46. jakub ranocha

    10x 4 minutes and 15 seconds is 42 minutes 30 seconds.
    boo ya

  47. Deathshade2712

    Wow, Alexi, easy on the guitar dude. Lol he shredded so hard that the guitar screamed at the end of the solo. xD Alexi you're awesome! So is COB!!

  48. Radcaster

    I didn't miss your point, I just don't accept your point as valid.
    But yeah, I suppose this is a waste of time for both of us.

  49. ShovelKnockout1

    I clearly see this isn't going anywhere and you missed my point, but, I will not bother you anymore.

  50. Radcaster

    How am I not acting like an adult?
    If I choose to feedback in a "negative" fashion, that's up to me, not anyone else.
    I think you need to grow up and realise that people will always have opinions that are contrasting to your own. :)

  51. ShovelKnockout1

    You definitely are not acting like an adult for sure. It would be alot better if you would keep the negative comments to yourself and not pissing other people off.

  52. Radcaster

    Really? Wow. You need to meet more people.
    *note the irony of you telling me I have a boring life*

  53. ShovelKnockout1

    You, sir, are the most childish person I've ever met.

  54. Radcaster

    Not trying to piss off Bodom fans, just responding to a query.
    Initially I was just voicing my opinion, that's what the comment box is for.

    When you grow up, you'll work these things out for yourself. Hopefully.

  55. ShovelKnockout1

    You must have a boring life or something if you're here just to piss Bodom fans off, shithead.

    heavymetal otaku

    ShovelKnockout1 you two douches took up half the chat

  56. Radcaster

    I grew from 16 to 20 years old. I would consider 16 to be a kid, and I consider myself to now be an adult.
    A lot can happen in 4 years, prick.

    heavymetal otaku

    Radcaster you two douches took up half the chat

  57. Esa Sundström

    Congratulations for growing up in four years! Do you have this Hutchinson–Gilford Progeria Syndrome? Which means that you grow up 6 to 10 times faster than normally.

  58. Radcaster

    Used to fucking love this album as a kid.
    What was I thinking? This is garbage!

  59. jmeiro

    Actually, your initial value is a second off. The time on the video is 4:15. It ends up being 42 minutes and 30 seconds with 10x listening. : P

    Btw, your error margin was .4%, in case you are wondering.

  60. poasdhfn

    hope you die

  61. lilshawty6994

    nice try bieber

  62. Keep It Spinin

    this is a masterpiece , Alexi is my idol

  63. Keep It Spinin

    Dude fuck you

  64. Vincent Bongers

    You have indeed said something dumb there motherfocka!

  65. melodicdethrash

    actually your gay ... i hear that you take regular buttpoundings

  66. DumbThingsMakeSense

    alexi is gay

  67. Matt Landers

    bad ass....period....and u kno what? im glad Bodom is not on the radio and stuff, cause radio belongs 2 Nickleback and pussies like that.........UP THE IRONS!!

  68. alexandros1902

    @IronShadow93 Don't tell me you 10x4min=40min plus 10x14sec=140sec --> 41:40 =))
    I did make a mistake anyway, it should be 42:20 :D

  69. Iron Shadow

    @alexandros1902 U're both wrong. It's 0:00 - 41:40, well maybe 41:48 if you got no coordination of movements. Don't tell me you'll wait 6,25sec. after each one to make it play again... >_<

  70. EminemCathleen4ever

    Bam Margera sent me here.=]

  71. Mr Niceguy

    @MacedonianWildChild how the fuck did this become top comment, makes absolutely no sense?

  72. audio fuel

    i love it !

  73. alexandros1902

    @benno72724 It's 0:00 - 42:30 actually =))

  74. Mr SoSo Happy

    Nothing bets a cold beer and some fucking heavy metal!

  75. Dorian

    The Early version was better, but still a really great song.


    @jani14jani you better believe it!
    incredible show, Alexi was sick, but still was energetic as all hell
    Septic Flesh, Devin Townsend and Obscura were all there, fucking incredible. caught Henkka's pick (though it was one of Alexi's LOL!)
    basically had some weird ass connection with him too, he was sort of sidestage, i was one of the people going crazy there, so ofcourse i was noticed, we'd make faces for the last 30 mins of the show.
    money/time well spent!!

  77. jani14jani

    @ZIDBULA Well did you get bank for your buck?

  78. ShakespeareanMetalhead

    @dontstopittellyouroc sounds very painful

  79. DeathMetalSavior

    @dontstopittellyouroc eww lol

  80. HoodlumSaturn

    to epic for words...other that the already stated epic

  81. Alex Cano

    @The1234doe i know! i was joking =D

  82. The1234doe

    @zoiberg1212 TIE MY ROOPE!

  83. Solara

    Gotta' say, epic song.

  84. ErgoProxyification

    @Slimebeast so.fucking.true.


    ...i wonder if it's just them or guests too.. i hope there's guest, 50 bucks/ticket damn well better be one hell of a show!!
    =0 WOOOOHH!!!!

  86. ande991

    grim reaper will hunt down those dislikers

  87. Alex Cano

    tie my Roope Latvala

  88. Starkiller

    @revengeofbutthead yes yes... best bend ever ! on the planet...along with deep purple...

  89. Quicksplint

    9 people better prepare to die

  90. Jay Talazac

    @geitenkaasje1 because people like you bring his name. Whether its good or bad, you're still giving him publicity and noticing him as someone famous.

    No hate bro. children of bodom ftw :)

  91. The Human Spider 2010

    this song is dedicated to my grandmother!

  92. Drew Gantert

    the blood on the album cover...came from the 9 people who thumbs-downed this song.

  93. Risky Ramadhan

    so cool.,

  94. geitenkaasje1

    how can Justin Bieber be famous if music like this exists???

    Children of Bodom FTW!!!

  95. Aegianlulz

    seeing them tomorrow...can't fucking wait! :D

  96. xfghkhjfsejid

    Saw them live yesterday 9th of april epic shit

  97. Lizzie Burgess

    2:41 - 3:10 is the best keyboard ever!

  98. Sweek Beek

    0:00 - super mario brothers main theme :)

  99. weow

    This makes me want to play the goreyest game in the world...