Children Of Bodom - Ghostriders In The Sky Lyrics

An old cowpoke went riding out
One dark and windy day,
Upon a ridge he rested as
He went along his way,
When all at once a mighty herd
Of red eyed cows he saw,
A-plowin' through the ragged skies
And up a cloudy draw.

Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,
Ghost riders in the sky.

Their brands were still on fire and
Their hooves were made of steel,
Their horns were black and shiny and
Their hot breath he could feel,
A bolt of fear shot through him as
He looked up in the sky,
For he saw the riders comin' hard
And he heard their mournful cry:

Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,
Ghost riders in the sky.

Their faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred,
Their shirts all soaked with sweat,
They're riding hard to catch that herd,
But they ain't caught 'em yet,
'cause they've got to ride forever on
That range up in the sky,
On horses snortin' fire, as
They ride on hear their cry:

Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,
Ghost riders in the sky.


As the cowpokes loped on past him and
He heard one call his name,
If you want to save your soul from hell
A-riding on our range,
Then, cowboy, change your ways today,
Or with us you will ride,
A-trying to catch the devil's herd
Across these endless skies.

Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,
Ghost riders in the sky.

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Children Of Bodom Ghostriders In The Sky Comments
  1. Danny Mosticchio

    I have always been a HUGE fan of Devildriver and children of bodom! But COB won on the "ghost riders in the sky " cover competition

  2. Rodrigo Negrete

    Hermanos Vázquez in steroids

  3. Katie Stait

    🔥 🔥 🔥 Best version 🤘 🤘 🤘

  4. Gavin May

    Cowboy melodic death metal

  5. Owen Jackman

    Not nearly as good as the Outlaws version!

  6. Mean OldSoldier

    I like every version of this song that I’ve heard. IF I decide I like version, it would be dead last on that list. I like their music, but I don’t like this style of “singing” at all.

    Dark Thrashell

    Try this one:
    The singer there really gets the song work with his gritty voice.

  7. David Mifsud

    Lame, check out Devildriver's version.

    Clinton Smith

    I like DD's better

    Terry Moore

    I love devildriver but this cover kills that trash ass cover. I absolutely cannot stand devildrivers country cd its straight trash

  8. WW1 -


  9. BlizzardActivision

    2:04 reminds me of Game of Thrones

  10. Carlos Carvalho

    good... but the version of Chrome Division is better

  11. Winged Assassin

    its good...but....somehow it doesnt give me the "ghost rider vibe" lile spiderbait and die apokalyptischen reiter did...

    Dark Thrashell

    Desperados man... Tom angelripper has the grittiest voice ever sung this song yet he gets the vibe


    Winged Assassin DevilDriver’s version is much more authentic.

  12. jeeshwa123

    I had a friend that I really looked up to back in my freshman year of high school. He was an upper classman, and started becoming sort of a big brother to me. He suffered a seizure in his sleep and never woke up. It was the first time in my life I had to deal with loss, and listening to his favorite music helped me cope. 

    Case in point, Children of Bodom. This cover reminds me of him. I'm a couple days from turning 21, and I still miss him and wish he could be here today. 

    Rest in peace, friend.


    +jeeshwa123 RIP to your friend bro


    @Cat Caywood Thanks guy. 


    +jeeshwa123 such a bad ass song to remember someone by, rest on easy mate!

    Ben Lafleur

    jeeshwa123 sounds to me like he was a true warrior of the world. octoro-hadune, for he now resides in the land of metal.

    Serenity Miyazaki

    Sorry to hear about your buddy, dude. Sincerely hope this album helps. Also, your dude had good taste in metal.



  14. Candice Bering

    \m/ fuck yes!

  15. Cavernet Rock

    original composer is Stan Jones (1948), many artists made covers but Cash made the most popular hehehe. Hail, Bodom!

    Pete The Archetype

    Vaughn monroe was the most iconic version. 31 years prior to Johnny cash's version

  16. Nikkolas Gage

    CASH. or the blues brothers. lol

  17. kilulafo

    @SaftAusKeine >:0

  18. kilulafo

    @citroenzuur Johnny Cash? Klinkt niet goed... :(

  19. Martijn Le Comte

    @kilulafo Ghost Riders In The Sky - Johnny Cash

  20. kilulafo

    @citroenzuur What they made of it is. Btw, what's the original?


    kilulafo Jhonny cage wrote the song

    Yannick Schoenfeld

    @Metalfanrog Stan Jones wrote this Song. Cash just made the most popular version.