Children Of Bodom - Banned From Heaven Lyrics

It's a color that I can not show
When I could easier pose
But you probably knew that I was lost

Did you think that I would right now
Show you things I have lost?
Swim if you're diving for a human being

I blame myself for every second
That I was gripped by some foe
Standing for the only one, for you
To kill me by your left toe

What even can I say, get me out
I was the one who sold
My body and soul to the devil
No one that I know when I say
"I am the one" would lie
Since when we spoke I stream with fire

Wake up in a pool of blood
Locked up, when you get Banned From Heaven
Looking I just saw me dripping down blood
Don't worry, I'll get up to get down where I belong

[Alexi Solo]

Banned From Heaven
Banned From Heaven
Banned From Heaven
Banned From Heaven

[Roope Solo]

[Chorus x2]

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Children Of Bodom Banned From Heaven Comments
  1. Equinoxx42

    CoB is one band I'll never get tired of hearing, and one band I'll always be proud to blast in front of all these new age kids and their mumble rap bs.
    I too, am banned from heaven!🤘

  2. Phantom Echelon

    Wake a pool of blood,
    Locked up, when you kill random heron... :D

  3. Athan Nos

    This sucks so much, im in heaven and i cant listen to this song.

  4. Orion Nebula



    I'm banned from heaven too !!

  6. North Texas Outlaw

    Who else remembers this song being on the Chris Cole skate video?

  7. Miguel Angel SR

    Me siento viejo al escuchar este álbum

  8. András Lukácsovits

    Children of Bodom is so good I'm sure it's a Band from Heaven! 😆

  9. WildChild

    i almost cry, when i hear this song after years...

  10. Banned from Heaven

    This song is so amazing, the title is so awesone that I took it for my nickname

  11. Jackson Zarckanov

    So Melodeath

  12. Christoph

    Yaow, Yaow

  13. Закежда Кровь

    I used to relate to this song so much, still do but I look at my baby boy and I'm so happy I made it 💖

  14. alexander ferus

    Awesome metal 🤘🎸☠️🎸 💀gives me chills down my spine

  15. Mi Scusi

    This is the best COB track in my opinion.

  16. p80mod

    An IDEAL fucking song!!!!

  17. Андрей Мартини :

    I think death metal came from heaven

    Jackson Zarckanov

    That's so true

    Banned from Heaven

    Actually, that is true. Without religious and disliking/hating it we could have never known about Children of Bodom, Hypocrisy, so much bands

  18. Poodz Sherbert

    romantic nostalgia too remind us all that youth is fleeting everlasting.

  19. Aswin Lucas Vaughan

    Otherwise stuck on pain and suffering.

  20. Aswin Lucas Vaughan

    Cut hopefully there be a stairway to heaven..


    Aswin Lucas Vaughan nah

  21. Michael Jarrett

    Currently Drawing Jason Vorhees. Blood drunk seems to be a good album to listen to for inspiration ;]

  22. Jester Head

    they took off the riff of fire in the sky by hypocrisy look at 0:19 in this vid and look 0:34 in fire in the sky by hypocrisy !

    Evan Rulton

    If it sounds similar chances are its a coincidence

  23. LinkDorf3

    This intro guitar riff somehow is similar to South of Heaven from Slayer

  24. Jeremy Colombo

    Love this album

  25. steven tirado

    like number 666 D:

  26. eternitysk4te

    Is it really 6 years from Blooddrunk... wow I'm becoming old!

    Davo george

    Ordo's Repeating Blaster well someone's gotta be a kill joy, jokes mate I love CoB

    Doug Williams

    I nearly stole a metal magazine from a supermarket in England, cause it had a CD with 2 preview tracks from Blooddrunk on it. I was 19 then, I'm 30 now.


    this comment was 3 years old, im out of the calendar numbers

    Banned from Heaven

    11 years

  27. frizstyler

    i believe the song talks about someone who did a necessary evil,like killing someone,to prevent a worse outcome(if the victim was a raping parent),but is now banned from heaven

    nate johnson

    ask for forgivemess and accept Jesus. so if u mess up and kill someone just repent. learn how it works son

    Wookie Jesus

    +nate johnson So if I murder a bunch of school kids, I can still go to heaven as long as I ask for forgiveness?


    Sure you could get into heaven, but you very well could die thier death a thousands times.

  28. keeperoftheforest

    I'm banned from heaven.

    Banned from Heaven

    I am the only banned

    Keelin' Metal Jam

    @András Lukácsovits I'll petition for ya buddies

    Metal Heart

    Same here

  29. Rhine Horn

    COB lyrics are really fucking stupid. It seems he just tries to piece up imagery matching the song's title then he includes half a story but doesn't spend enough time crafting it into anything meaningful or concrete.

    Si neastra

    Yeah, you are right. These are not eargasms.. These are FUCKIN AWeSOME EARGASMS :3

    TJ Hooker

    I agree. More emotional sounding songs like Punch me I bleed and Angels don't kill are done a great disservice by having bad lyrics.

    Stephen j

    He's a guitarist first and foremost. he only sings because they needed a singer and he decided he'd just do it

    Wandy Wexler Weslon

    Still more metal than you will ever be


    Stephen j and he has the voice of countless, wretched, angels screaming doom from heaven

  30. betterthanthatable

    sell records without talking about things others are interested.

  31. 54MSAM

    Well, it's either symbolism or he's putting himself in the shoes of someone who has sold his soul, or made a character and talk about things in that character's pov. It's really interpretation.

  32. Huqe

    I'm really confused. Alexi said he isn't religious, he doesn't believe in the existence of the devil, hell or heaven. Yet in this song he says he sold his soul to the devil and is talking of getting down (hell?) and heaven. Is this just some symbolism that he uses or what?

    András Lukácsovits

    You don't get what this song is all about…
    To sum it up: rejection / unrequited love

    Heaven is the place where your special someone is.
    He fought for her only to be rejected, killed with words: „killed by a toe“

    He endured hardships most wouldn't have to the point of destroying himself – for her sake = „sold my soul to the devil“

    „Hell“ is everywhere else than „Heaven“: the absence of your beloved one.

    Here's the answer after 5 years of waiting.

    Keelin' Metal Jam

    @András Lukácsovits hahaha, good

  33. TheHarris003



    i love the song name...

  35. TheMetalicSymphony

    Alexi is a God.

  36. Brandon Lucas

    make it 10 bro

  37. BrokenOnceLost

    very rock and roll

  38. Thomas Manzo

    molested my ear holes

  39. Tminus31

    This song has to have one of the greatest intros I have ever heard

  40. Larry Thomas II

    down for the HATE CREW been banned from heaven so fuck you god tho I don't even believe in heaven or hell cause we live in hell

  41. G. Doğan ÖZGÜR

    If u banned from heaven, just close ur eyes and listen...

  42. Rek Dem

    Well said bro

  43. Shithawk Maximus

    I love EVERY C.O.B album. I don't give a fuck if its old or new, the same or different. Its fucking C.O.B and its ALL awesome. All of their albums are amazing and always will be. Forever.

    Juan Martin

    Totally agree

    Banned from Heaven

    The same opinion

    J Reynolds

    Oh yeah! I grew up with CoB since kindergarten; they're fuckin amazing 😎😜

  44. Dubya M. Deez

    Hell isn't real, and neither is heaven. Sorry that you've been living a lie and will continue to do so until you're swallowed up into the oblivion of nonexistence, and, in that last fleeting second, realize that you've thrown your life away being afraid of a monstrous, capricious god that didn't even exist.

    You're not tough enough to accept the truth until then.

    Shawn Rose

    Maybe you arent tough enough to accept there is a God, heaven and hell?

  45. Vicky McMeans


  46. p80mod

    The solos are MONSTERS!

  47. Jesse Huerta

    love that phrase, "ear sex".

  48. ElementalAdversary

    Some people are very stupid.

  49. rtothemutha


  50. macaryl95

    You should really try having ear sex, so you don't have to masturbate those ears anymore ;)

  51. TwofacePera

    Don't worry, I'll get up to get down where I belong

  52. LindsayMichelle〈3

    @Heavyfmetal711 hahaha yea.. Im good :)

  53. Moortem raph

    Good taste in music sent me here ...

  54. alexander kuuppala

    4 guys have been banned by Alexi

  55. LindsayMichelle〈3

    Is it possible for ears to cum?? Because Im pretty sure mine just did.. Hmm..holy fuck, I did not kno that. :) COB!!

  56. LakeBodomsReaper

    Eargasm! :DD

  57. Nemanja Popov

    yeah,this is hell of a song,but Blooddrunk isn't so bad,but everyone say that,it's nice album,not that good,but compare to other bands and stuff-awesome album :D

  58. Danny Vader


  59. NeRmZ RaDo

    This song is just amazing,COB is really a great metal band

  60. Ture

    well, then GTFO!

  61. ThePlasticFish1

    Oh come on...

  62. MerovingianBlood

    Korns is dog new metal crap

  63. Flubnutz

    What the hell are you talking about man?

  64. General Katarn

    Really??? Man you guys need to learn about melodic death metal...

  65. Flubnutz

    Why'd you flag him? He was complimenting the band.

  66. General Katarn

    Flags up or you....

  67. General Katarn

    \m/ ( >__< ) \m/

  68. kilulafo

    This song - neigh, this album - is the shit.

  69. Rob Agrees

    This is song is SOOOO underrated! One of their best!

  70. kazmotchikun

    As odd as it may sound, that is correct.

  71. ShadeCoil

    AMAZING SONG. but, are these lyrics right? kill me by your left toe?

  72. SkateAllDay2112

    hell yeaah im here from chris coles part in ride the sky re edit!!

  73. gerardo muñoz mardones

    4 idiots have sold they body and soul to the devil!

  74. SolarGrooving

    @GallowsComedian Shows you whats on my mind

  75. SolarGrooving

    not a big CoD fan, but this is a great song

  76. gerardo muñoz mardones

    It's a color that I can not show
    When I could easier pose
    But you probably knew that I was lost

    Did you think that I would right now
    Show you things I have lost?
    Swim if you're diving for a human being

    fuck i love this song its perfect just like the lirycs the best cob´s song!

  77. Luka Tešić

    4 people are not banned from HEAVEN !!!!! \m/

  78. Daan Lutgerink

    so much emotion in this song..

  79. kilulafo

    1:07 is probably the best...thing in general on Earth.

  80. gerardo muñoz mardones

    my favorite song from CoB the best song ever,the best band ever

  81. Wouter van der Meulen

    It might kill rap fans. But it sure does create a bunch of single minded people.

  82. Aidas

    @axeiston C I think.

  83. Yazan Wali

    Nice one \m/

  84. axeiston

    what key is this in...?

    Samuel Vela

    This may not be 100% correct in terms of modes and things of that nature, but I think the song is in C Minor, except for the chorus, and the modulated intro riff before the solo. Those 2 parts are in D Minor

  85. Mohaimenur Rashid

    Ze riff!

  86. Deez Clap

    @icouldusepants My opinion :P
    Roundtrip To Hell And Back!

  87. ObservableFiction

    Fucking epic.

  88. Dillon Spires

    @JJK1996 yes

  89. ShakespeareanMetalhead

    @icouldusepants bed of razors is much better.

  90. Razorkid666

    soooooo epic!

  91. JYZProductions

    love this song one of the best choruses and guitar intros they've done in my opinion. One of those songs that are stuck in your head when its over.

  92. Lars Hulskes

    Best song of the Blooddrunk album. That's for sure. Love this song<3.

  93. Omerta Dimera

    This song deplicts me

  94. Jake Marjerison

    this was the first song that i heard from these guys....i was looking up ESP guitars and they started playing on ESP's site playlist....COB FOR LIFE!!!!!