Chief Keef - TEC Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
Boy hold my jewelry it's a pound
Brick on my wrist right now
And I'm finna go and scoop ya bitch
And I'm finna go and scoop some kicks
Finna pull up on my ex
Pull up on my ex make that bitch mad
"I ain't got no fucking type of respect
But I heard you get respect with TEC"

D-Moe go grab the pound
Thots coming over to suck us right now
Roll up let's get high
Smoke a nigga frown
Let 'em come up in this fucking house
Pistol to his motherfucking mouth
I told him "watch this motherfucking mouth"
Who the fuck talking now?
Flexin, look at my muscle (look at my motherfuckin' muscle)
My truck got a muscle (truck got a motherfuckin' muscle)
It ain't American, it's foreign
My bitch ain't American, she foreign
She is from Dubai
I got that check, then I flew by I roll by
Didn't stop for nobody
I don't fuck with nobody
I'll hop out and fuck your body and your party
We'll come through, shoot your party
Who told you to party? Not GloGang
Fuck boy you is a no name

[Hook x2:]
Boy hold my jewelry it's a pound
Brick on my wrist right now
And I'm finna go and scoop ya bitch
And I'm finna go and scoop some kicks
Finna pull up on my ex
Pull up on my ex make that bitch mad
"I ain't got no fucking type of respect
But I heard you get respect with TEC"

I just bought a chopper let's do a hit
You wife for us, she doing dicks
I got a .30 with a stick
I'm Glo Gang, we hella rich
These niggas hate but niggas bitches
These niggas tellin, niggas snitches
And you know snitches they get stitches
Pulling up and you get digits
Talking numbers, hunnid rounds
Catch you lacking it's man down
When I kill you, Ima frown
Ain't no fucking laughing or playing around

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Chief Keef TEC Comments
  1. J L

    2014-2015, good times 🔥 those highschool days

  2. Dale Good

    Tadoe got that preacher 😂

  3. Og Bobby j

    This is my christmas music this year .


    thats a weird looking g wagon truck!!!!!

  5. The Rougarou

    ENJOY THE O.G while he still alive!! living lengend glad to be alive during this!!!

  6. Panamanian Muffin Garrison

    I got that check and i flew by, i rode by 💨

  7. Hot Boyz Ent

    Chiraq legend ritee thea on cicero n lake if you kno you kno #chicago

  8. KingGloyalty

    Shit crazy how I was 17 listening to this song now I’m 22 Time Fly fr... Chief You Still The GOAT!

  9. Chuck 9Deez

    Anyone here today ???

  10. William Wallace

    Who watchin in 2020??????

  11. QuanChoLona000 T.v


  12. Juan Bravo

    Roll up let’s get high.

  13. 901memphiszay Tv

    This brings back so many memories bruh Jesus Christ

  14. Balenciss

    Definitely one of his best songs 🤩

  15. nivek 11

    Mood 20000000

  16. Daniel Rockwell

    Hold my jury

  17. Dmob Assassin

    Really miss these days damn times changed ❗️💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  18. Sergio Castillo

    Godfather to his day 🤟🖕

  19. The Animal Krew

    I just hit a stain faneto

  20. Mc001Rem002

    BASS !!!!

  21. cool guy

    He finally got this on spotify

  22. ItzZayy R

    Who here after the release of his new tape “The GloFiles”

    Chris Garcia

    i knew i hard this jawnt b4 i was like wtf 🤣

  23. Admitted Sinner

    1:32 "who the fuck talking now" damn and he showed were lil jojo got merked

    it’s EJK

    Admitted Sinner holy fuck

  24. Charles Campbell

    Tadoe did the ABC’s of rap

  25. GuttaBoy C

    2019 💪🏻

  26. Jmoney Othree

    Dammmm fucking memories

  27. piff boi

    not tadoes part though :I

  28. piff boi

    best song ever

  29. heycartier!

    i refuse tobelieve this song is 5 years old.

  30. BeingCameraChy

    2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥💥

  31. its threezeyMF

    Finna pull up on my x pull up on my x make that bitch mad

  32. gotdamackloaded


  33. Kwabena Sarpong

    I heard you get respect with the tech

  34. Taylor Cel

    A legend

  35. Jeremiah Davis

    Kinda f up king Sosa can’t come back too chi smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  36. Tre Andretti

    this defintiely was one of the most anticipated chief keef Snippets of all time

  37. payless paving

    Kief still bumping!

  38. Jody Mars

    Put this hoe on apple music damnnn 😓😂😂

  39. SlimeRixhBezko

    The ablibs in this song is Legendary

  40. COD_EEN -

    Song still fire af 👌🏾

  41. Jaycee Juarez

    Imma stay bumping on dis hoe

  42. Cho Taylor

    You wife wit us, she doin DICKS

  43. ox cut-smokk

    nigga really jus spit bars ona animal crossing night time ost


    Here before the 1k views still bumpin

  45. Lefteris Tzovaras

    -Tadoe 2014

  46. Foe Nem

    2019 this still a banger 🚨🚨🚨

  47. HBx Splurge

    cashapp me $Splurge3 i’m hungry

  48. YourPlug

    Finna tell my kids about 2014 and 2015.

  49. Mike Nast

    Chief keef is the father of this new generation for real people be fake

  50. The real french guy


  51. David Perez Garcia

    Y’all been sleeping on this 2019????

  52. Kareem Gray

    Living legend....

  53. Donald Wilson

    That gwagon will forever be the best I seen

  54. Kevin Keller

    :36 lil bro in front of the truck was having a seizure 😩😂

  55. Andrea Smith

    Right now

  56. Andrea Smith

    Hold my jury

  57. Mike Jones

    Chief Keef go super hard

  58. Christopher Frederique

    Always been a savage, was knocking this freshmen year... 23 still fire for the ears....🤫🤫🤫

  59. greg romo

    DC intratec 9mm

  60. Pawel Kietlinski

    Dp beats snare roll lord

  61. James Myers

    Everything about this is so ahead of its time, you’ll be hearing music exactly like this in 2020

    James Myers

    Chief Keef is a beast, one of the best trendsetters ever

  62. Mark Ballard

    Happy birthday chief sosa 🙏🎙🍾🎂👙glo day love fantasy

  63. Sebastian Laub

    this shit been crazy! and this shit still is!

  64. Sensei Jonathan

    “Let him come up in the fucking house”

  65. Lekk Tv

    I don’t fuck with nobody 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Ji Hitta

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  71. MrLevi


  72. Joe Banner

    Boi hold my jewelry it's a pound

  73. Trevon Robinson

    Man he da goat l

  74. INDIS Entertainment

    Wasn’t Chief Keef, banned from Chicago at this time

  75. Brandon Gates

    This puts you in that drunk vibe. Feeling unstoppable

  76. Global_lonnell

    2019 still listening to this 🔥

  77. Bo Gotti

    Tadoe was so ass back then, He fye now tho 😂😂

  78. reyes_xo

    When I kill you ima frown

  79. Mexico City

    Who's watching in 2077 right before the bombs fall.


    Elior Israel

    THE children of Israel are waking up, WW3 and Jesus Christ the BLACK MAN is returning to fight these armies

  80. LA_ Savage

    The song I’m pulling up in as I get ready for Area 51

  81. Jay Wick

    People don’t understand why this video so significant because he went to Chicago to shoot this video when the goons tried to ban him.🗣🗣

  82. Austin Clay

    As soon as the beat drops you know 🔥

  83. Austin Clay

    Chief goes hard when he says "flexin look at my muscle, my truck gotta muscle"

  84. Cameron Gormley

    July 2019??

  85. On King David

    I don’t always listen to chief keef but when i do, so do the neighbors

  86. Taylor Edwards


  87. Taylor Edwards


  88. Miguel Lara

    Who watching in June 2019??

  89. Cjay Oliver

    CjayMontanna Tec 🔥

  90. Beamer Boy

    Still fire

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    (Lets get high bitch)😈🔫

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