Chief Keef - Slam Dunkin Lyrics

Baby A-L-M-I-G-H-T-Y
Baby you know that I'm that guy

Baby A-L-M-I-G-H-T-Y
Baby you know me I'm that guy
I'm smoking on this D-O-P-E
And this shit it got me high
And I know you wanna be on T-O-P
But just go down for right now
I'm on this P-R-O-methazine
About to pour me a cup right now
This bitch brother wanna sit next to me
I charged his ass like 25 thou
Baby you know how I'm rocking
Broke the rim, ballin' so hard I'm slam dunkin'

This 30 on me it's tall, Tim Duncan
Give them two shots a piece, I call it slam dunkin'
Hell yeah I eat, I ball, Denver Nuggets
Little niggas think they flexin with their little muscles
She diggin' me, I figured it
Smokin' on that dealer shit
Baby you's a divalent
P.R.A the expensive shit
I ain't got no time for it
Might try to set me up, I got my nine for it
Finna pour me up a four and hit White Castle bitch
Because I am high as shit
Baby is you drunk or some shit?
I know you ain't tryna drive my shit
I dont wanna beat your ass
Cause I dont wanna go down and shit
I just want some top or some shit
I know you wanna be crowned and shit
But baby I'm Almighty So
I ball like I'm the Mavs and shit
Clip too long
Got my guns showing
I love getting money, I got money pouring
Try to take it, I ain't gotta do nothing I got my youngins blowing
I'm the CEO but ask the squad, I'm the youngest boy


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Chief Keef Slam Dunkin Comments
  1. Beamer Boy

    Heavily underrated song

  2. Almighty Hector

    Dis bitch brother wana sit next to me I charged his as 25 thou*** slap when you high asf

  3. 311 Jazzy

    This song is FUNNY

  4. Prince levitate

    This my brother from another I swear to God my shorty snapped

  5. Wyatt A

    check out my remix of this song

  6. kingEnzo17

    props for actually getting the lyrics to a chief keef song

  7. Christopher Harrison

    He fuckin snap bro

  8. Amir Abdullah

    Almighty Sosa

  9. OneAboveAll

    beat excellent
    singer pathetic

    Adam Vaughn

    Jason your pictures pathetic nigga ahahaha

  10. Avion Richard


  11. DJ Beachem

    I like how he put every style he has in the verse. You got early sosa then current sosa and finally leaning sosa.

  12. ns9182 3182

    this is terrible

  13. Jaylon Rhodes

    I just top an some shit

    SauceGod Ta

    +Jaylon Rhodes tmv i think

    Jaylon Rhodes

    Who are u

    SauceGod Ta

    calm down 

  14. Donahue Taylor

    U know dat I'm dat guy

  15. Nicole Jones

    "Ew ew ew" my part😂

  16. Khastity Wordlow

    The beat and lyrics hard

  17. 610isWhereimAt

    Its "This Bitch Brother Wanna Sit Next To Me Charged His Ass Like 25 "

  18. Taheem Hansen

    Best lyrics out together