Chief Keef - Know She Does Lyrics

She wanna be my thot
She wanna wear my watch
She wanna live in my house
She wanna be my spouse
Give her this dick, watch her run
Watch him bust his shit, watch him front
Hop in my car, watch me gunnin'
She like being with stars
I know she does

I like threesomes, not no 1-on-1
I got three daughters and one damn son
Shawty is a thotty with a body
She hop on top and ride me like a Harley
She throw it back I'm like whoa Kemosabe
Got a bunch of bitches in the lobby
And they turn't and they off mollies
Bitch this a thotty party
Xans got me lazy going crazy
Flats got me ready but I need to save it
Let shit die down then play it
I'm a Glo Boy fuck yo alien

She wanna be my thot
She wanna wear my watch
She wanna live in my house
She wanna be my spouse
Give her this dick, watch her run
Watch him bust his shit, watch him front
Hop in my car, watch me gunnin'
She like being with stars
I know she does

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Chief Keef Know She Does Comments
  1. Seth #traplife#sodmg

    Give her this her run 😎

  2. Rusty Clark

    Shorty is a thottie wit a body

  3. Daniel Rockwell

    Sosa go crazy

  4. vul

    The girls @ ?


    vul mariah bias

  5. Lloyd Phillips

    Thotie with a body ass phat too haha

  6. Jack Ripper



    submit music -->

  8. daquan157 dixon

    How the hell chief going put this four yeah song on his new mixtape ( actin like it new )


    daquan157 dixon it’s so he gets paid for it remember it got leaked before so he didn’t profit from it

  9. Haynman25

    She wanna have your kid

  10. Beamer Boy

    Underrated asf, love this song

  11. Hypolite Zare


  12. Rahmel Malloy

    What her name is this piv


    Rahmel Malloy Mariah Bias

  13. QueWax

    Best youtube recommended song 🌋

  14. Jah Swave

    Who's Still Here in 2019

  15. Jordan Davis

    Damn this shit take me back

  16. Jeremiah Johnson

    Here from those boobs

  17. Chrisss x

    Still here 2018

  18. Chrisss Jaay!!


  19. Juan Cortez

    This shit brings back high school memories smh how does time fly

    Shaivon Williams

    Juan Cortez , Bro U Aint Fuxin Lying. Shit Got Me Thinking Back To Tha Memories

    ReachRoachh shrek

    This shit got me going back to 7th grade year, :((

  20. Juan Cortez

    Still listening in 2018! Who else??!!

    Drey Scorchin

    Juan Cortez 2019 Glo’n

  21. Salynda Acuna


  22. Cristian Santana


  23. Joseph Loughner

    Sound like chief keef ice cream

  24. hou turbolence

    2018 ??

  25. Stan Daniels

    She wanna be my thot

  26. Reyna'Kyrie Mills

    His best love song to date

  27. Kese Laurent

    Any body kno her ig

  28. Almighty

    December 2017 ???

  29. mohammad farooq


  30. Dee Davis

    Crazy how people don’t even know half of this man songs .. he got some dope ass songs that’s hits but aren’t known about


    Dee Davis Facfs

    James Champion

    All them shits got deleted I remember every song on sftw had 800k views and up

    G L O R Y

    James Champion lol facts girbaud tx had every song with 800k and up some even at a million

    Mexico City

    That's to our advantage as day1s. We got all these gems to ourselves and when we put the aux in, then they want to ask "what's that song?" 🤘🏾💯💯💯

    Seth #traplife#sodmg

    On god and it makes me sick

  31. Ukhits

    The ORIGINAL thot breaker would of broke records


    KYZEN9SSR especially with this song its so underrated

    Big Tillz

    That's definitely true.

  32. WrecclessEscobar

    Still Bump

  33. Josh Barniskis

    who watching in summer 17

  34. Trxppy .jordan

    2017🔥🔥🔥 still bumping 😏

  35. smh tbh fam

    damn this is good... wish it was longer

  36. Big Chungus

    Why was this not in thot breaker?

  37. Bape Cookies

    First time I heard this was in the car, and when he said RIDE ME LIKE A HARLEY a motorcycle sped up next to us... perfect sound effect

  38. A B

    carti stole dat flow sosa used in dat verse

  39. Patt Ramone

    Forgot about this shit 🔥

  40. signoguns

    Who is that girl in the picture?

  41. Dynamiss M2club

    who is chief and who is keef ?

  42. Robert Lavilla

    flow crackkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  43. Josue Luna

    dame I slept on this song who listing in 2017

    Cyryz Smith

    Josue Luna mee 🌴☀️🌊



  44. Ambrose Crazy

    2017!! shawty is a thottie with a body 💔

  45. Laila Ahmed

    One of the best sosas song

  46. Dee Davis


    Prince 1

    14 ' shit rip OG Thotbreaker


    Dee Davis 14 Keef was so iconic 😭😭😭


    The good old days 🔥☔️

  47. DoleOutRecordz

    I got three dotrs and one them sonn 😂

    John Doe

    What the fuck? Are you fucking stupid?

  48. AdrianR74

    this is a THOTTY PARTY

  49. FuturisticBaller

    I KNOW.😂 she does. Dam. fr this song BEEN slept on. Smh. but I already knew been having this in my Playlist. Shawty is a ThotTy witaBoDy.😤 DPONThaBEAT

  50. Mwavita Davis

    aye dop

  51. Mwavita Davis

    shawty is a thottie

  52. runitup chris

    he need a ghost righter 😂😂😂


    You need a English teacher


    Chris Watkins damn you all the off


    xKgw-_Squ4d 😂😂😂 im fucking dead 💀 lmfao

    Qua Glizzy

    You need a ghost Typer

  53. Ty Maloney

    only person that can compare to keef melodies is future and thug

    Dynamiss M2club

    Ty Maloney gtfo😂

    iLL Matik

    Chief keef got a whole different vibe when it come to melodies but thug and future got that Atlanta slang while keef will slur

  54. Trollnaldo

    she wanna be thot 😎

    Humberto Ramirez

    Trollnaldo my*

  55. Idk Man

    Den sleep on him

  56. young city


    FuZe 2.0

    YourMother uzi looks up to him musically

    mohammad farooq

    hahaha funnyy

    John Doe

    mohammad farooq your name is hilarious i could never take you serious

  57. Sasuke Uchiha

    Still the shit 🔥🔥🔥

    Turbo Music

    Sasuke Uchiha nigga u errywere

  58. JKinG

    xanz got me lazy goin

  59. Ashy B

    Thottie Poty

  60. Almighty Stocks

    She wanna be my thot 🔥💔

  61. Almighty

    This song is still fire 🔥🔥


    i still do bro


    Lol me too bruh


    JKinG still here 😂

    Beyam Pangah

    I hear this Song everyday since 3 years

    Ashanti Wilson

    Straight up

  62. Corey Puza

    Chief with elvr

  63. Brandon Johnson

    my Auntie kinda like me :) what that tell you ?

    Drey Scorchin

    Brandon Johnson lmao 🤣

  64. Brandon Johnson

    left arm thots

  65. lewis robinson

    Chief keek is the wackiest hottiest rappper ... if that makes sense lol 😂🔥🔥🔥

  66. 311 Jazzy

    she wanna be my thot

  67. Angel Rivera

    almight dp mixtape

  68. 타리스Yŕñ

    toooooo deep

  69. Add me on PS4 Official Malik

    Damn sexy ass bring that thot here boy

  70. Reno Sciluffo

    Shit go Brazy

  71. Jeanetta Walk

    this is my song

    Drey Scorchin

    Jeanetta Walk from the 🐐

  72. Angel C

    this my song swear


    Mine too

  73. jeramae huntley

    Shorty bad

  74. loseee oneee

    shortyyy fineee 😍

  75. MopSquaaa Tony

    Tha Realest Murzick out!

  76. Amier Grant

    oooooo that beat go stuppiiddddd

  77. RIP Capo

    Thought this was a music video

  78. kiki alez

    that the best song of chief keef cant stop listening to it right now love it so much

  79. TnT ToNy BiG x

    who is that girl ??????

    sophia brandon

    Mariah Bias

  80. BJ ENT*$

    This shit decent

  81. BJ ENT*$

    This shit decent

  82. Kalen Jones

    idc what anybody say sosa never fell off...been fucking with him since back from the dead pt. 1

  83. Adam Lee

    "i got 3 daughters and 1 damn son" hahah

  84. Gunner Lee

    Hell yea, this the kinda tone I like from Sosa. DP and young chop really make keef shine


    I got three daughters and one damn son

  86. Rip Capo

    Good song I like it bro 💯💯💯⛽🅰🆖