Chief Keef - Keep It Lit Lyrics

Ayy, sheah, ayy, sheah
Ayy, sheah, ayy, sheah
Ayy, sheah, ayy, sheah
Ayy, sheah, ayy, sheah
Ayy, sheah, ayy, sheah
Ayy, sheah, ayy, sheah
Ayy, sheah, ayy, sheah
Ayy, sheah, ayy, sheah
Ayy, sheah

Two watches, day and day
We untested, Asian fade
Ayy ayy, ayy ayy
All white diamonds, mayonaise
Got two letters, A and K
All these shots, we spray and spray
I pour up two A's today
Don't be lookin' in my cup
This is not no lemonade
I just bought two K's today
And I'm thirsty, spray her face
Fifty rounds, get carried away
Tell the car no see me
(Ayy, sheah, ayy, sheah)
Baby this is not First 48
Said her heart on water
I said dirty, watch it float away
Only time on my knees, is when I'm
Prayin' to the Lord that my fuckin' problems go away
And I'm, sittin' in the spot gettin' all the dank
I rock Gucci flops, I buy 'em two a pop
I be like fuck the cops and fuck the opps
Double cup, stay hangin' out
Bottom of the Glock, thirty shot, ayy
It's like chicken strip, it make bitches strip
Diamonds in my ear, I can't hear
Vato start the whip, we out of here
Spin the wheel, stop it there
Stone fire in my cup
All this gas, we fill right up
Soon as I text she pull right up
Talkin' that rah, run
Bullets know 'bout what she do, she should write up
The Sprite became black
Up it, stay back
Smack it with a stack
I just came back, B on my hat
I'm a smooth cat, stand up with them racks
Used to sell you rock, now able to get me a coat
Fiji diamonds Voss, chopper knockin' down a vault
God said that I'm the GOAT, folks knock you down on the floor
If you ain't know, now you know
Put the dope in rotation
And say a conversation
I always want a spaceship
Tourin' out a spaceship
Folk give you the facelift
Car blacked out, no mace here
Nigga stop the hatin'
Don't keep goin', turn you to a doctor's patient
Mouth, I got hated
Fo'nem locked in cages
I ain't seen them in ages
Clip damn near an eight inch
That look like a play if you want
I ain't gotta say shit
Really hope he tweakin', I don't know
I know I ain't gotta pay shit
I ain't talk, more face
Girl didn't say she hate it
Walked out the mall and skated
Nigga fuck you, pay me
What the fuck you know?
You don't know shit about me
Ten thousand dollar couches
Planes, fuck the ounces
Niggas ain't about shit
I was in some wild shit
Somethin' 'round the town shit
I'm on some milk the cow shit
Hoes be on some foul shit
I can't pick which outfit
Bitch from the A, a falcon
She know I'm real, a thousand
I like it when she bounce it
She know I got different sauces
I'm friends with different bosses
This here dope ain't nothin'
Fendi robe on, Fendi closet
I took a picture, I should've posted it
Get a story and wrote it
Let's see how far you go with it
Took my heart and open it
That left my shit cold as shit
Don't tell the cops I sold you this
I treated her, I hope she over it
You don't know how deep it gets
But still call me a piece of shit
But I compare 'em to E shit
You know I'm barely keepin' it

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