Chief Keef - In My Mode Lyrics

You know how I'm rockin' man, cut off stockins man
Keep kush in my mother fuckin' pockets
Matter fact I ain't even, I shouldn't even say that shit no more
Aye look man, like I say man
You know? Youngest flexer of mother fuckin' all time nigga
Ain't shit changed but the mother fucking address nigga
Yeaaah, let's get ittt

(Sosa Babyy)
Boy you can keep that, you ain't smoking on no dope
You ain't tryna spend shit, you ain't holding on no Rolls
In Hawaii with the gang, and I'm hollering out on folks
Walked up in LV, you know I gotta pullout them O's
Comma zero zero, Comma zero zero or more
Baby K's, No PEO or no piss ass snow
In a foreign driving real fast, they think that I'm on coke
You can set the difficulties, either way I am in my mode

No bitch get set wet, choppers stop turning like rat tat
Acting like you need deep you go fuck around and get your fucking neck wet
Stil spending cheese no major come back for set back
Smack a nigga with a box of dots, tell a fock nigga to connect that
I don't get my hand dirty, but bitch I'm in it like a wet back
What about 4 pt's studio cash on the flow check that
All this cash that I'm trowing in the club look nigga try to match that
I ain't no hacking ass nigga girl I ain't trying crack that

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Chief Keef In My Mode Comments
  1. F A


  2. Reginald McClain

    GBE BABY!!

  3. Lena Baby1

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 still a banger

  4. snuker doodle

    Melody hard for real

  5. Dysh Ob

    Glo GnG fck your gng!

  6. Colby Fenderrr

    He changed the intro

  7. Lucas burton

    S/o to the producer

  8. 1 shedd

    "Either way I am in my mode"..!

  9. Kyla chamb

    I'm late den a bih butt I love dis shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. ricky rb


  11. 22 shotz

    ssss get it

  12. jake N


  13. Jason Harrison

    Sosa baby

  14. Primo Cruz

    Drill time 🔫

  15. Riley Telfer

    Keef produced this ?

    Statebabyfromthe 9

    Riley Telfer mike will

  16. LA Draco

    Bitch I’m on my mode!!

  17. ShaRonda James

    Shit old asf

  18. Unboxing Deutschland

    Tolles Video gefällt uns, mach weiter so 💪 Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? wäre klasse. Like hast du aufjedenfall 😎

  19. Jarod Warner

    this is fire.

  20. Brooklyn Bussey

    daddy hmu

  21. comedy club

    Ghost and Kiss the Truth.....But I swear boys be sleepin' on Sheek tho dude Tough with a Cap!!!

  22. Unboxing Deutschland

    Cooles Video gefällt uns, echt top 💪 Schau doch auch mal bei uns vorbei würden uns freuen. Like hast du aufjedenfall 😎

  23. Moyseys Estevan


  24. FADED Gloryyy

    This shit go🔥💯

  25. Timothy Witcher

    Thinking you a half back bullets come give you a crack back,

  26. King Dragon

    Chief Keef - Slobk Azz Niggaz Don’t Want it On Crip (Lil’ Jay, Billionaire Black & FBG Duck Diss) (King Yella, Goonie Looney X Killa Kellz Diss)

  27. gottagrind2getit

    ^Grind 2 Get !t^

  28. Perrue Stoke

    Need a video to this

  29. RandomEdits

    old . sosa gotta KETCHUP!!!!!!!!!! HE FELL OFF


    You think that

  30. Johnny Jenkins

    Wat dat song when he like i dont give af about bitch

  31. Donnie Willis

    Whoever thinks this isn't hard is out of their minds

  32. Anthonyyy Villegas

    “You ain’t smoking on no dough” 😤🤬




    Dope lmao

  33. Abdul Elmeshi

    TRASH bruh sosa died out

    blessed january

    No boy u jus lame and can't relate look at yo picture


    U have no taste in music if u think this song trash


    Go listen to Justin bieber

  34. Gloryboy Saint #RIP LA #600300

    I been bumpin this shit for years sosa drop some new shit broski

    Mookie G

    What he drop?

    Tanner Roberstsonski

    Lol are you from the future?

  35. Kiesha Bradley

    this live

  36. Dawight Prince

    This hoe hard omm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😎

  37. Goku3k

    Kinda old :P

  38. Princess Pierson

    gots to love chief keef

  39. comedy club

    how bout that stupid questions joint..they clearing shit up I see.. it is easy to get ton of real Instagram from a very reliable website where you just have to make an order and delivered your order *IG rocket d0t com* ?

  40. TrapHouse Owl

    I think all the songs that we actually need ain't dropping neva

  41. MR007P


  42. MR007P

    You woke up the sleeping king Still TAP Up DAMM

  43. MR007P

    69 said it's my birthday and took off with Cuban doll lmao who ass

  44. Kdb DaMob


  45. LS9 JOSSY

    That shit go hard !!!



  47. New Music



    its getting redone

  48. Ywu7whdbd Dbdsbhhg

    Based asf

  49. Tyler Gonzales

    Kinda trash 😂

    Donnie Willis

    This shit SLAPS wtf you mean

    Eric De Blander

    Fuck you and that thot ass mom


    Treal BlackmoneyBoy this shit snap


    Acting like you knee deep u gone get fucking neck wet

  50. Farro Tookie

    I been waiting 4 dis

    New Music


    Farro Tookie

    only heard da 1min

    Stacks Cartel

    No there not lmao some of them were just leaked and theres only a few snippets on these tapes when sosa dropped this song he said it was a full one this along wit driver light hiest outerspace glo which he took down.

    New Music

    do your research bud

    New Music

    Every song you jus listed has A FULL VERSION that hasnt been released.

  51. yoblazee

    Ctfu this look like the Cover to Def Jam Vendetta


    yoblazee Facts

    Water.wav 宴宴す

    "nobody... eva... beats... me!!"


    yoblazee yoooo

  52. King Kdot416

    Only good track smh still glo for life

    ismoooh a

    King Kdot416 only old song too

  53. Damien Jackson

    Stupid old

    Almighty Stocks

    Damien Jackson it’s the full version tho

  54. Jimi

    i give up of '' Count Up''

    Mr RightNow

    thats new music thatll come out on a new project . this shit old


    Greaze that not his song it’s uzi

  55. Michael Porter jr


  56. beni bazooka

    Evil shii fr fr

  57. Hunchoz Montana

    No Dopeee