Chief Keef - I Got Lyrics

Bitch I got
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
Bitch I got guap, bitch I got shooters
Bitch I got a lot of hoes, bitch I'm 'bout to do this
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got

Bitch I got guap, bitch I got shooters
Bitch I got a lot of hoes, bitch I'm 'bout to do this
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
I gooooooot, I got
I gooooooot, I got
I gooooooot, I got
Bitch I got guap, bitch I got shooters
Bitch I got a lot of hoes, bitch I'm 'bout to do this
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
I gooooooot, I got
I gooooooot, I got
I gooooooot, I got
Bitch I got guap, bitch I got shooters
Bitch I got a lot of hoes, bitch I'm 'bout to do this
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
Bitch I gooooooot, bitch I got
I gooooooot, I got
I gooooooot, I got
I gooooooot, I got

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Chief Keef I Got Comments
  1. MandeeskO Topic

    Best song ever

  2. CarGlo Hbk

    Ain't this SD bad hoes w Capo

  3. Gl0ryboy

    i remember this

  4. George Ramirez

    Damn this shii still got hard in Sept 2019🔥‼️

  5. Lil Pigeon Boy

    This song makes me want to go to church

  6. Kash Glo

    BITCH I G☀️T!!!!!!!!!

  7. RadezGMRG

    This my most favorite song from Chief Keef

  8. David Sissoko

    I got badd hooes (SD men)

  9. Fiqe Sosa

    This can be a church song 🤣 “ our godddd our godddd”


    "bitch our godddd bitch our god.. bitch our god got to do list bitch I gott bitch I gott…"

  10. Mizraim Steen

    They growing

  11. Mizraim Steen

    All his kids 😆

  12. Young Money

    There is a snippet playing this in the car,why they were playing just a hook in the car?its just strange

  13. Josiah Pierre

    This it chief

  14. Johnathan Gerald

    My guy is doing the law of attraction

  15. Mizraim Steen


  16. Mizraim Steen

    Heaven on 🌎 keith u did it 🏫 job diploma money 💷🙌😈🙏💪😇

  17. Mizraim Steen

    Bitch i goddddddd

  18. lladysossa !

    bad hoes was better 😭

  19. Chad Friday

    Bicth! I got

  20. DiSaBatO

    bitchhhhhhhhh i gottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  21. Keef stories with the glo


  22. Riley Freeman #JP


  23. Derkku J

    dam! didnt know this been out, thank you almighty!!!

  24. Damian Solis

    Sosa got that voice man 🔥

  25. Keef stories with the glo

    Nothing but fire🔥🔥🔥

  26. Reginald McClain

    I gottttttttttt I gottttttttttt✋

  27. Keef stories with the glo


  28. Keef stories with the glo


  29. GBE Smokes

    🔥🔥 even Sosa fans sleep on this

  30. Illegal Fishing


  31. billy knarr

    What’re the chances of getting drugs over hoes, high af, Houdini, Can’t, One, drugs etc?!

  32. GBE Smokes

    This old school drill Sosa lol

  33. Yvng Beezy

    This is the beat from sd feat capo bad hoes lmao😂😂

  34. t f

    search "sd ft capo bad hoes" beat is the same

  35. Hollee

    This is so trash

  36. Ststst Tssst

    th0iis is super dope sosa do the whore songg!

  37. Vegito Black

    Bitch I gooooooooot bitch I got💯💯

  38. Nate Schaefer

    I haven't seen a single comment saying this is trash yet... this is trash

  39. King Carlos


  40. big mike


  41. Zambia Davis

    6itch I got shooters

  42. Jake M

    Lean and kushy to this one fr

  43. Young Money

    If he has just a hook of a song hq imagine what else he has.He never lost any song.🤔

  44. Wyatt Lamb

    666 likes when i pull up

  45. Adrian Ryans

    Bitch I'm god bitch I'm god

  46. K KRITZ


  47. Beamer Boy

    Fire asf love this

    Nate Schaefer

    He says I got 1000 times this is trash

    Beamer Boy

    Nate Schaefer 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣thats your opinion but its true though, but thats why he the father of the new wave other rappers do this shxt too but ITS KEEF SO I LOVE IT, maybe i fw his songs too heavy i have over 600 songs of pure chief keef but over 1K in total from other Chicago artist, ima real fan brugh

    Nate Schaefer

    Black Discliples damn bruh I understand it's all opinion 😂 but damn man that's crazy I have 500 songs in my playlist of several mixed artists

  48. KING GB 300


  49. Javon Adams

    Bitch I got guwap bitch I got shooters bitch I gotta alotta hoes waitin on my to do list 😈

  50. Marshall Gwinn

    Fire keep it comin keef for real

  51. NBA shawny

    He couldve atleast put a verse on this before releasing it😐nigga lazy

    Mike otto

    NBA shawny this so old Sosa didn't even drop this


    He did lol it was in his new mixtape.

  52. Qua'Damaun Jones

    Rip blood cap n Big Boss Fredo Free Rondo

  53. Fatt Tev

    SD & Capo - Bad Hoes

  54. R Velimir

    Sosa got back🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Taliban23x

    been waiting on this song for so long sosa finally dropped it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Mike otto


  56. kevin brown

    We need couldn’t take it

  57. Cyryz Smith

    This is legendary 🔥😩

  58. manufeis

    Sir Chief we want a old and hard Chief one hug bro

  59. Sasuke Uchiha


  60. Mr.1Take __

    its better with Cap & SD because im so used to they version #LLKC

  61. Almighty Turbo

    The whole tape is disappointing filled with songs that we have listened to like couple of years ago Guess we never getting them songs we really want to hear..


    Bitch I Got! A

  63. Madilyn M

    Hell ya

  64. Dizz

    If y’all didn’t know, SD used this beat wit Capo💯

    Aldo Ortiz

    Dizzoles chief Keef gave this beat to them because he didn’t finish this song

  65. Rlvnt1

    snippet version sound harder imo

  66. Julio Guity

    This shit got me throwing up random gang signs 😈👌🏾👎🏾🤞🏾🤟🏾🤘🏾☝🏾🤙🏾

  67. Richard

    SD - bad hoes

  68. Marshawn Fortner

    Check out my gummo freestyle! Im bouta take off !

  69. Nathan

    best rapper alive

  70. GGP 420Boy

    "BITCH I GOOOOOTTTTT, BITCH I GOT" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Waited years 4 this and now I Gooootttttt!!!!!!! #GLO #GBE2K18

  71. Stacks Cartel

    Sad to think fredo not here i cant bieleve it honestly Rip fredo Capo and Blood money

  72. Quirino Fernandes

    I completely glo'd up just listening this

  73. Khalil Johnson

    I’m not satisfied with this glo files shit at all 🤦🏽‍♂️

  74. Mark K

    Coming like 2013 sosa 😨

    Tylar kreidler

    Mark K it is 2013 sosa

    Mark K

    Tylar kreidler respect bro , never heard it before , got the year right atleast 🤣

    Tylar kreidler

    Mark K yea he had this snippet up since 2013 I hope he drops lowlife,guap,drugs over hoes, and Houdini bro 🤦🏽‍♂️

  75. Robert Fideliz kill brent

    i gotttttttt

  76. I Herrera

    This would mean he actually does have everything 😨when he drops it all he gonna have the game back in a sharpshooter

  77. BigGucci Sosa

    Oh shit this is exciting

  78. AlmightySosa ThaGloden

    Bitch I goooooooooooooot

  79. Sebastian Hernandez

    This better go on worldstar

  80. Beamer Boy

    Song hard asf sosa, i had downloaded this brugh

  81. G 37

    This isnt CDQ btw

    Misael Valdivia

    Glory 35 yes it is, this when he was garbage at mastering 😹😹

  82. Fooly Cooly

    First 15 seconds sound like an old negro spiritual. Lmao

  83. dave hammond

    Heres what we need :

    -Couldn’t take it
    -Back in the day (Wassup)
    -No competition
    -I aint cheap

    ‼️‼️ this would be the ultimate sosa tape


    dave hammond mando, freshest in the club

    draco monkeynuts

    U cheif keef"smoking that ayayay she give me that ayayay" what it called

  84. lordbizzy

    this man singin like he lost all his hoes in a ultra instant...

  85. * Barti

    Bitch i GOTTT!!! A million unreleased songs Bitch i GOTTT!!! A trash ass management who can't do shit right

  86. Dee Davis

    Don’t buy the Glofiles

    Assyrian Tunes

    Young Soulja I agree but his new music is starting to sound better, meaning 2017 sosa was better than 15 and 16.

    Assyrian Tunes

    Young Soulja I never liked the Autotune in SFTW cause it killed the vibe. Part 2 was a fan made one, but hopefully he smokes 69 and drop Mansion Musick!

    Dalton Rose

    Yvng Rxll damn yo ass really sounded slow😂😂😂 a year later lol look who in jail an snitchin while the other one out makin money off music clothes an gaming😂😂🤦‍♂️

  87. Bee Cott

    So the tape droppin tonight?

  88. GloTheActivist

    Someone mix this with Capo and SD’s version

  89. Almighty Turbo

    Friday the day we all glo

    Almighty Turbo

    lil lucci SOSA he dropping shit on time lately

    yung-mundo low-end

    Almighty Turbo i hope so bro cuz this shit finna be lit


    lil lucci SOSA its all snippets but two songs, this and stars😂💀

    yung-mundo low-end

    If its cdq i dont care we need something from the lost year

    Almighty Turbo

    Itz Jozeyyy the tape ain't nothing man smh

  90. Almightyhoncho

    I don’t think this the one on the tape I think it’s 2015 version

    JBoii Beatz

    Almightyhoncho nigga what this from 2013

    Shlong Gnong

    JBoi Beatz he not sayin not saying this song is from 2015, re read his comment g


    Shlong Gnong preciate that I was saying I think the I got on the tape is the one from 2015


    nah the tape alrdy out in new zealand fhamo. Its this. but this the only new song i think everything else already out.


    the only unreleased ones are I Got (2013) and Stars (2014 not the 2012 version)

  91. Kobe

    This shit not good just imagine you blasting this in your whip people gonna be laughing at your dumbass

    LoyaltyOver Everything

    Chief Keef Is Daddy its dope still real fans blast snippets yo ass care what other ppl say your lame


    glo boy no shit is lame stfu you think everything keef drops is good I’m a honest ass fan if it’s trash it’s trash this shit is repetitive and ass smd bitch

    LoyaltyOver Everything

    Chief Keef Is Daddy hell na what keef is droppin since like 2015 is trash he drops good stuff frm time to time tho its a hook only alot of his unreleased shit is like this he never finished alot of stuff real sosa fans kno dis is still fire imagine if it was complete

  92. Tha LIFE


  93. Tha LIFE


  94. Mehdi NLMB

    Back when all Glo members was still alive 🤧💔

    Mizraim Steen

    Rip capo bloood money

  95. t f

    Flamin as always 🔥🔥💯💯💯