Chief Keef - Hundreds Lyrics

I got a hunnid in my tec
I got hunnids in my pants
Got a hunnid on my neck
And a hunnid on my hands [x3]
Paid a hunnid for my whip
Hunnid guns up on my strip
Let a nigga try to rob me get a hunnid hollow tips
Got shooters in the hunnids, I got some that's not from here
Got a hunnid bitches tryna suck my cock from all the way here
Got a hunnid niggas with me, that's a hunnid volunteers
Dropping hunnids hunnids hunnids, get them ones up out of here

Got a hunnid for my AK12 that's a hunnid hunnid
Rep that block with my niggas yeah, them 3Hunna monkeys
Got a hunnid in my robins, Balenciagas cost 6 hunnid
Give opposing niggas a shadow, I got some shotters on 600
30 hundreds for my bed thot came over and I fucked her
And she know that she can't trick me, she know it's me and my weapon
Me and my weapons, me and my niggas
Let 100 niggas try me I'll burn em
Put bullets on niggas like a freckle
Coming real far with a wesson
But I like that instrumental
Tryna cop me some billions
Hunnid niggas here, a hunnid niggas there
Hunnid niggas everywhere with their guns in the air
Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo karma in the air
Hunnid dead bodies, hunnid damn sheriffs
Got money in my back pocket, money in my front pocket
I got hunnid in this fat rocket, I'ma let it bombard
And I be with the Simpsons, been feeling young Bart
And I got all this green with me, I look like a young tart


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Chief Keef Hundreds Comments
  1. Lavon Rountree

    Shit still fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 even though chief keef is a ghost town fall off then pick yourself up Chief SOSA HE WILL BE BACK FROM THE DEAD BLOWING DEAD PRESIDENT OFFICIAL CHIEF SOSA BANG BANG

    Lavon Rountree


  2. EA MarC 9mm



    I mean once was cool but 5-6 times


  4. J G

    I look like a young tart😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. 《24》《DÄÑÑY》 《00》

    2019 anyone?

  6. NEtH X GLIzzY

    2019 anyone

  7. Duppy vok

  8. T Mac


  9. Mr Supreme

    November 2019?😤🔥

  10. Mannyy keith

    2019 in back still bumping this shit 👌🏾💯💯💯

  11. Dooz

    Smokepurp sound like this

  12. Deondre Johnson

    Type if u go back to this song 2019

  13. Like a somebody fuk you bihtch

    This shit is lit how comes I haven’t heard this before😭

  14. Mark Williams

    Must have sucked when he got his shirt ripped. Lol?

  15. Mark Williams

    Get them ones up outa here.

  16. Marin Baclija

    them 300 moments

  17. serenityy7

    we get it its *dJ hUsTlEnOmIcS* the beat is fire tho

    Grizzly ER

    you are watching a master at work

  18. imsofreshitscrazy123

    dat boy 12hunna been goin stupid on the beat

  19. Lidio Abraham Garcia Batiz The III


  20. Victor Moussalli

    I wouldn't be as motivated if Chief Keef Sosa didn't exist. bang bang 💯

  21. BumbleCee

    Bro this song so underrated

  22. Bossmillz Ent

    Whoever here in 2019 know 12 hunna went in on dis beat🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Craig Garrett

    Fuck otttttta here

  24. Craig Garrett


  25. TheIntrovert83

    Take a shot everytime you hear Dj Hustlenomics.

  26. Na'im Stephens

    carti dad

  27. Tee H

    Taking a shit in the dark

  28. Yung DG Honcho

    This gotta be one of keefs Top 10

  29. imsofreshitscrazy123

    12Hunna was goin stuuuupid back then boi, he underrated af

  30. elijah williams

    It was 2 songs I always used to bump it was this and something else 🤔🤔 ik someone out there knows what I'm talking about they came out about the same time

    Whateverhoo glo

    elijah williams close that door

    elijah williams

    @Whateverhoo glo nah it was pull up 🤣🤣

    Whateverhoo glo

    Oh aight cause this came out 4 days later

    elijah williams

    @Whateverhoo glo yea good guess tho

  31. Jeremiah Anthony

    Bet think about them cheese burger

  32. stuart Roberts otf

    Got them hunnits get them ones outa here haha

  33. local joker

    So had the game in his hands this was his era and he left a blueprint and influence that led to a majority of rap today

  34. P K

    this song never gets old

  35. Anthony P

    2k19 bumpn a classic

  36. jerieo jerieo

    Counting hundreds hundreds hundreds

  37. Andrei.

    lmao the intro was so "smokey"

  38. adrian 1k

    Tb when life was so simple

  39. London Xxv2

    Still bumping currently on 6/23/19🔥🔥

  40. Baby23 ChaseABag

    We need Lil Jay out so he can make Chief Keef this upset again cuz this nigga was PISSED

  41. jose guapo

    Counting hundreds , hundreds , hundreds get the ones up outta here 💣

  42. RONExMusik -


  43. juicegod theheir

    man foh sodgbe

  44. juicegod theheir

    and uzi jocked him or....???

  45. Will Santiago

    2019 🔥

  46. David Castro

    666k subscribers

  47. Dickerson Azard

    Just me n dontae

  48. Rita Reds

    Rip to my boyfriend, this was our shit... Amir May 1994-- 2017💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  49. Candi Osama

    2014 -2015 was legendary

  50. Dee Boe

    Hook so hard

  51. Chad James

    2019 GLOO

  52. Karim Based

    still hot in 2019

  53. Steezart

    Hustlenomiks the most annoying dj of all times

  54. Wave God

    5 years later still my fav song of his

  55. retro jay

    👀 2019?

  56. Tenzer One

    Looks like the same as April fools video

  57. Masonorcutt Orcutt

    Who still listening in 2k 19

  58. LeSáne


  59. Gee Chatman

    2019 here been here since 13

  60. Rich Killa

    2019 anyone

  61. John Baines


  62. DatKidKod a

    You made this one on point

  63. robby fontaine

    2019 anyone ?

  64. Preshus Rankins

    Still bumping in 2019 still a hit

  65. N N

    song: dj hustlenomics hundred hustlenomics hundred ddddd jjjj hustlenomics hunnid in my pocket dj hustlenomics hundred hustlenomics hundred ddddd jjjj hustlenomics

  66. Blackheartz Burn

    Hardbody in 2019

    Choppa Gang

    I'm wid it on BLOOD

  67. RaySavage T.V.

    DA FUCCIN 🐐 💯 2019 n dis still GO

  68. apple jacks man

    Jesus Christ of nordamactics of sex

  69. apple jacks man

    Jesus Christ of nordamactics of sex

    apple jacks man

    one time in the bible

  70. apple jacks man

    James lossed his body cause of you in life of god and Jesus Christ.

  71. apple jacks man

    James lossed his body cause of you in life of god and Jesus Christ.

  72. apple jacks man

    James lossed his body cause of you in life of god and Jesus Christ.

  73. syrita Beale

    100 niggas hiiuu a a hunnit niggaz deah a hunnit niggaz every weah wit day guns up in da eah dhhoo dhhoo dhhoo dhhoo dhhoo dhow cum In da eah LMAO

  74. Militia Stars

    Anyone listening in 2018?

  75. OttoSo

    Who still bumpin this in 2019?! 🔥🔥

  76. dwayne blue

    Money gone spend it's self

  77. Kwaazi Stokes


  78. Tupreme dot com


  79. nick jones

    Underrated classic

  80. Oscar Mendoza

    This song ain’t hundreds if it ain’t got DJ HUSTLENOMICS

  81. Andrew M

    No one told this man he had to go this hard damn!

  82. Kevim Green


  83. K B00min

    Good shit bro keep it up‼️💯💯💯💯💯

  84. K B00min


  85. joyrd Joyrd

    2018 ⛽

  86. Isaiah Elam

    He tripped

  87. Risky Business

    This a Classic, still bumping dis 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  88. Kinq_Dez

    Who still listening in 2018??


    2019 boi

  89. عبدالإلهabdullilah الحربي

    feck you

  90. The Plug

    2018 gotta hundreds in my pocket

  91. Fuck Agerestriction