Chief Keef - Either Way Lyrics

Either way bitch I'm that nigga (I'm that nigga)
Either way I'm countin' figures (I'm countin' figures)
Either way I'm with my fuckin' niggas (I'm with my fuckin' niggas)
And either way we'll fuckin' get ya (either way we'll fuckin' get ya)
Either way I'm gon' get cake (the way I love you Kay Kay)
Either way I'm gon' get laid (either way I'm gon' get laid aye)
Either way I'm a fuck yo' bae (either way I'm a fuck yo' bae aye)
Either way she'll know my face (either way she'll know my face name)
Get this money either way

Gotta get this money either way
Got them bitches comin' either way
And this money comin' either way
And I'm money hungry either way
Dreads low, you can't see my face
Eyes low, I can't see the place
I'm smokin' dope, I can't feel my face
That was gone happen either way
I'm gon' let that semi spray
A fuck nigga in my way and that's either way
I'm ridin' Bentley's MIA
My chopper Kimmy K, I nicknamed her Kimmy Karday
Just bought some semis today
My ning ding went MIA


I remember sellin' coke girl I get booked for shows
‘Member some lil thots but my phone full of those
And a lot of guns bitch my home full of those
Either way, you get 8 shots out this Ruger nose
She wanna come to my house, I'm like girl no clothes
She wanna smell my gwoyop, I'm like girl yo' nose
Bitch what you talkin' bout, I'm into it with O-we
You don't give me top I'm into it with you
You feel me?
Smokin' on this loud, you smell me
You ain't smokin' loud, that's filthy
Told my lean-man "double seal me"
I take clean money and filthy


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Chief Keef Either Way Comments
  1. Leonard Boisdron

    one of my favorite from sosa

  2. thatboy

    Holy fuck. The date of this upload.

  3. 757gmg

    This shit still slap in 2020

  4. almighty moose

    I was playing this shit everyday 2015 😓 shit still bump like crazy

  5. Cn7ate9

    Damn, 4 years ago 🤔 this still slap who’s rockin 2020

  6. ManMan 300

    Bruh ahead of HIS time 🐐 #💯💯💯

  7. ManMan 300

    N 2020 Witt It 🔥🔥🐐

    Fernando Salazar

    ManMan 300 fuck yeah

  8. Luh Gucci

    Who Still Listening In 2k19! 🔥‼️

  9. nik

    Heard this the day it dropped , shit still fire to this dsy

  10. Haye Clay

    Euphoric 🔥

  11. il Razo

    The flow switches are too perfect

    DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

    il razo second verse🥶

  12. Demarcus Williams

    Underated smh

  13. Slowed audios

    0:15 "either way I fucked that nigga"👩

  14. The Dark Knight Enraged

    There was a vid of this song where it had 4 mill views, smh chief keef lost so many views

  15. DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie



    DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. demonte2396

    Still blasting in 2019!!!!!

    Sleez Flashy

    demonte2396 on god

  17. Vasilios K.P.

    sosa sound like the girls gone wild auto tune voice 😭shit still slap tho

  18. mc dude


  19. MulahBay Tv

    💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥 nostalgia

    D soldierr

    bro you so right ab that. this shit takes me back to the good days

  20. Keef stories with the glo



    This was my shit when was locked up

    Mushman 604

    All them angry ass songs

  22. Gloria Denise

    If you don’t fw this song how could u call yourself a Sosa fan??


    Its mediocre

    The Dark Knight Enraged

    @GageOwen bitch stfu u fcking stupid ass man u are mediocre to ur fucking parents

    DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

    They fake fans😂

    African Humor

    So hard to keep up with all Sosa's music

  23. Godlor Beats

    I was sleep on this song 🔥🔥🔥

    Loyalty OverEverything

    Atleast u kno now hella mfs dont kno bout dis shi and it bangs omm

    Ko Kid

    LoyaltyOutvalues Everything but your awake young grass hopper

  24. Macho Man The Savage

    Been my shit!

  25. Glomo

    slept on so hard. half of sosa fans not aware of this classic

    The Oracle

    Glomo those aint fans

    DJ LEX D

    @The Oracle 💯

    KF IVV

    u have to know all tracks to rly figure out sosas tracks, so ppl that dont rly into it for real dont know shit, either way harder than many mainstream viral tracks

    DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

    This over "how it go"

    Gutta Abrams

    If your a real fan you know all his songs from Polly pockets to rocket power

  26. TheSpeedHunter

    I love how the song ends with just the beat 👌🏼

  27. mrpoppapill


    Mexico City


    The 2014 zan sosa was underrated af. I was drilling shit on watch dogs playing this

  28. A B

    this song never get old