Chief Keef - Close That Door Lyrics

Close that door
Close that door

Close that door
Come in and close that door
What the fuck you want? I need to close this door
Close the door

That fuck nigga ain't just close that door, blow his throat
That fuck nigga ain't just know his role, blow his nose
That fuck nigga steady acting slow, I'm a blow his brain
Cops grab me, I be acting slow, "I don't know his name!"
Close that door, close that door
The feds watching me, they ain't got nothing to do
I got ran up upon, the cops came in like, "You!"
You the one that's selling the blows, that 62
I got a 17 5 pack, I charge it 62
I got hoes for sale, for top it's 52
Gave that bitch 200 dollars, took the fin and threw it
She sucking dick, you hold the bags, you silly you
Now close that door behind yourself, you lil' fucking dummy
Close that door behind yourself, you ain't getting no fucking money
Close that door, girl, don't you see I'm counting this fucking money?
And the feds watching, and I'm still fucking stunting

Close that door
Close that door

Close that door
Come in and close that door
What the fuck you want? I need to close this door
Close that door

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Chief Keef Close That Door Comments
  1. intelligence Base
    SAW theese guys satanic

  2. Di4b0LlK

    This song is funny, he dont give a fuck

  3. Kees Bal

    Rip cap

  4. Sergio Aguilar

    Tray Savage be in the videos all awkward and shit haha

  5. AlmightyTrello • Music

    Who a 16 year old rapper better than me? 😎

    Instagram• Mralmightytrello

  6. Javiel Sthilaire


  7. Robert Hubbard

    Close that door

  8. Reginald Boyd

    The cops came in like YOOO

  9. Cr1m1naL G4M3R

    RIP juice WRLD

  10. G Wise

    Yo I'm smoking in my mom house close that door

  11. Yung Støry

    2K19 shit🔥

  12. Wings Up

    Wheres the base?

  13. Cr1m1naL G4M3R

    Play this full volume on headphones

  14. Jr 1994

    *air on in the house*
    You and siblings: *run out the house*
    Moms: Aye close that doh

  15. Daniel Rockwell

    Gbe 2019

  16. Iwanciu

    okay, okay I'am closing them doors

  17. YouMadAsHell

    9,999,125 views get it to 10 million

    14 hours later 10 million views 🔥😂




    Gl0ryboy 10 million now aye


    10 milly boas👌🏾😈

  18. Bastos Divin

    Good job very excellent rap aw shit ayayaie 3hunna bang bang sosa 🔥👌🏾❤️

  19. 600Breezy Fan

    Gip cappp😴❤🌞

  20. Tay Warren

    “ blow his nose “ ... keef started that wipe his nose shit

  21. Jay Jay Langford

    When she ask what u tryna do

  22. Spectate Drake

    Those piano notes always get me! 🔥🔥🔥


    Still waiting for the bass to drop....

  24. Jason Arita

    First time I listened to song I took out my savings and began trapping out my backyard tbh 💯💯💯

  25. Dooz

    Smokepurp, comethazine, were created from this flow

  26. Артур Котов

    Федя Даун

  27. Elijah Brooks

    Should be 50 mil views honestly😂😂

  28. Christian Taylor

    New GloGang content with this vibe coming soon on my cartoon channel I was a young lad & didn’t know how to make my designs come alive around this time but then I glo’d up & now I’m bout to go crazy 2020. Siiiiimple!!! 🎨

  29. N9 Gang

    Still started coz of this nigga

  30. Tiger Woods

    Cops grab me i be acting slow idk 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  31. Vaiden Holmes


  32. King Reem

    Capo got da pool stick

  33. Lord Glo

    I think they edited the video and eadded new scenes

  34. Mark Williams

    The cops grab me I be acting slow I don't know. The feds watching and I'm still fuckin stunting.

  35. iimDuu9

    This shit hits hard asf

  36. Damaine Mitchell

    I'll be acting slow I don't know

  37. Marquis Long

    2:37 though

  38. Seth Thersont11


  39. steelersjourney11111

    Close that door

  40. isaiah samuel

    Whatxshould i do after i close that 🚪🤔🤷

  41. Your Mom

    Why the bass so trash doe

  42. Brandon Cash

    2019 bangin

  43. No NapTv

    2k 19 ? 😠

  44. Derrick Wright

    Catch Up 🔥💯💯💯💪

  45. oakland sanchez

    rip fredo king love brothers from fam 2 fam

  46. Andrea Smith

    Gang baby

  47. T Money

    September 8th 2019, still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. Grizzly ER

    0:48 1 of chief keefs hardest verses

  49. Damion Skrentny

    Back to this classic

  50. Wyneze4sheeze 02


  51. Manny N

    1:30 When your parents leave your room door open.


    somebody came into the studio room to give him the blunt when he was recording and the fuck nigga forgot to close the door on his way out

  53. P 3

    Retro Sosa lol 😈😈

  54. my niggaa word

    Close ta doo

  55. Exclusive Only

    2019 bihh you still gotta close that fucking door 🔥🔥🔥

  56. insider.

    Русские тут?

  57. Marquiece Perry

    This will never get old.🔥🔥like if u still listen in 2019

  58. India Phelps

    Me and my friends be hotboxing that gas lmaoo soon as they think they finna open that door this pop up

  59. Benny Blanco

    Who still listenin in 2034???

  60. FUCC YOU

    Zac: *Comes in the the room and leaves:

    Lenarr: 1:31

  61. JD Hogg

    The DJ used to end wit this song in the club but it was sped up lowkey & that shit sound way better somebody make a dj version lol

  62. Glo Dawg

    When someone open the car door while you hotboxing

  63. Shane Bakker

    Glo Gang 2019🔥🔥

  64. Maria Gonzales

    Chief kief i dare u to go to dark in your house and ask for modded phome u can get it

  65. Matt Goodrich

    This song took some time to grow on me. Now I realize it's amazing and one of my fav songs of his. He is really talented and an icon. He used flows and made music ahead of his time and got a lot of hate for it. Now those same songs are considered his golden years

  66. G Sis

    Cops arrested chit ND he in prison chief lief seeing were he at he home still having hesong leak keep going hard chief keef

  67. Gbpackers 1200

    This era of Keef was so classic

  68. Jacob Gonzales

    Sub-Zero winz

  69. John Doe

    New generation hip hop Grandaddy Chief Keef 💯💯💯

  70. Charles Morrison

    2019 still vibe

  71. jerieo jerieo

    Close it gang

  72. jerieo jerieo

    Close that door

  73. Almighty

    When someone in your family is done taking a shit .

  74. Autumn Bennett

    Gang shit

  75. WoAk herb Z

    2019 listeners💯?

    Choppa Gang


  76. ウチハShisui

    Rip Capo so tragic

  77. carrie nives

    Wow the leek vol 1 probably the best chief album

  78. shay Turner

    First person I thought of was Stringer from the wire😂

  79. Cameron King

    Still Bump Until This Day 🔥

  80. Tiger Woods

    i got my niggas posted out here 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  81. Mac and Chyna Shaw


  82. we're doomed

    That Fuck Nigga Acting Slow, Imma Blow His Brain
    Cops Grab me I Be Acting Slow, I dont Know His Name 😈

  83. Dj John aka yms my YouTube johnathan Harris

    Blow his nose 😭🔈🔉🔊🤬🔥💯💪🏻

  84. 1000Blk Reezy

    Close dat door "aye" close dat door 😈🔫

  85. wizard101 top gamer

    She sucking dick, you hold her back, she sealing you

  86. King Dragon

    Chief Keef - Shoot Dat Slobk (Lil Jay, FYB J Mane, King Yella Diss FBG Duck, Billionaire Black Diss Chase Banz X FBG Wooski Diss FBG Cashout_063 X P. Rico Diss) (FKucc Tooka FKucc Jojo FKucc Skeeze)

  87. Shuntari Clark

    Said close that door when my BM opened the bathroom door on me 😂

  88. Jesse

    I wish Sosa would do a song about not knocking hella hard like probation now haha

  89. Z stxx1017

    1017GloGaaaaaang!! #ClosethatDoe2k19

  90. Wills Piff

    Close dat Studio....👎🏽

  91. Dapper Dezz

    Ight nigga it’s closed man damn