Chief Keef - Bestie Lyrics

5:49 in the AM
Birds chirpin', neck on swim
Cut a nigga up like the shrimp
My brother in the back, he got the gat on him
Free T-Slick, that's my rappy
Take off my Louis belt, spank it like it's Pappy
No you ain't gotta ask me, ayy
I knew I was real when my mama had me, ayy (Hey Mom)
Lil' baby nasty
See her in the club, you would think she classy (Yeah)
She like my neck piece
Trip a lil' ass girl the fetty, ayy
I'm gettin' fetty (Goddamn)
Oh you like beef? Let's make 'paghetti, ayy
She wanna neck me
She say she think I'm lil' sexy, ayy
Call my bestie (Hello?)
Get a friend to come and get me, ayy (I'm on the way)
Got the semi (Grah)
Like my brother, he comin' with me, ayy
I ain't friendly (Nah)
But I'll fuck with you if you fuck with me, ayy
She tried to kiss me
She a serial killer, she tried to get me, ayy
My chain too heavy (Nah)
Let me rest my neck, now I'm ready, ayy (Hey ma)
Bitches petty
Gucci by the jacket like Spinelli, ayy
She think I'm edgy
Two-three etchin', Ed, Edd, and Eddy, ayy
You really smoke reggie
Bought a watch and could've bought a Bentely
Don't come near me
With all that fu' shit, could you spare me?
Delta E boomin' in the mountains
Bitch I'm with Verizon, can you hear me?
Windows tinted, I still see it clearly, ayy
Know I wouldn't like for you to fear me, ayy
I don't need you to fear me, just to feel me
No you won't see me but you'll hear me, ayy
Birds still chirpin', foe'nem still servin'
Police still lurkin', shawty want a Birkin
I still murk it, you probably still a virgin
The life I live make you nervous
Spurned you, still goin', clock still tickin'
Give a nigga a two piece, spicy with a biscuit
I just count one two, three four pin-less
Bitches blowin' kisses, how can I fix this?
BM told me drop dead
S-600 over the drop head
Hit your bitch up, yeah I did it, I did
Yeah I'm bipolar, I ain't takin' my meds
Probation officer tryna check in my bed
Blood on the money, damn the check is all red
Tell IG to make my verification all red
Folks come out the cut, he feel like tapin' off heads
Smoke too much dope, won't forget what I did
BM changed her number, I can't FaceTime my kid
Did I hear? Couldn't barely, let me clean out my ears
She wanna give me top, while I'm behind the wheel
Late night, Jerry Seinfeld, ayy
So I picked her up, her first words were, "How you feel?"
Baby I feel like a couple million
Baby look like Barbie how she throw it off a sip, ayy
Had to get the city off the shelf (Goddamn)
Nah this ain't no cigar nigga, but you gon' hold this L
Get to sprayin' S-H-E-L-L's, ayy
Clean him up, we don't leave a trail
Hah, the old hood is the pail
You know I got that intel like a Dell, ayy
Chopper sing, Adele
We go home and splash him like a whale
Pull up, pull off
Faster than a coat go flat, yeah (Drip)
I just get some on me, no gat, ayy
Niggas hoes, we all know that, ayy
We took your pack and sold your pack
Waitin' on valet to bring the four door back, ayy, yeah
The old me would've stole your whip, ayy
I'm gettin' ching now, I won't go back, ayy (Goddamn)

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Chief Keef Bestie Comments
  1. RUSHbeast

    Don’t need you to fear me just to feel me


    *2020* 🐐😬💨🔥🔥

  3. Blood

    This shit godly

  4. Ar Folks

    Still Roccn dis shit 2020💪🏾

  5. noah ali

    Beat krazy hard

  6. Zac Rouse


  7. THF_Jeezy


  8. YouMadAsHell

    it’s literally 5:49 am while listening to this lmao🔥🔥

  9. Naae Stone

    He said Bm told me drop dead, s600 ova the drop head arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddd🔥

  10. Lotsa Poppa

    Wait, this nigga sampled the Pokemon Black/White trainer battle theme, we gotta bury him in a tomb with every other producer when he dies.

  11. Sylvan Ave Rizz

    The new generation won’t understand the line “Gucci by the jacket like Spinelli” they won’t even know who Spinelli is..

    young city

    Sylvan Ave Rizz Recess lol clever bar

  12. Trey Terronez

    LTE booming in the mountains
    Bitch I’m with Verizon can you hear me

  13. micheal faraday

    Mannnnn Sosa made this beat?!?!🔥🔥🔥. He is real talent going viral without using *AUTHENTIC VIEWS COM* to get more views. Thumbs up who agrees

  14. Jeffrey Rozier

    She wants to neck

  15. Daniel Rockwell

    Glo gang


    BM told me drop dead
    S600 ova da drop head💯

  17. Slim Macc

    🦢 chirping neck on 🏊🏽‍♂️ cook a nigga up like 🍤

    Whateverhoo glo

    Slim Macc curl a nigga up

  18. KeitielleRodriguesVEVO

    Mannnnn Sosa made this beat?!?!🔥🔥🔥

    I heard that now many young rappers are using Authentic views c o m to go viral

  19. rukiya thomas

    Uh ummmmm uh ummmm 🔥

  20. Hermit Fool

    Fav song of this tape 🤝🥂🎵🎶


    Happy Birthday BFTD3, still here 1 year later ❤️🔥

  22. Reynardo Smith

    The last minute of the song when the beat riding 🔥🔥

  23. almighty prime

    "the old hunnids look know i got that intel like a dell, that choppa sing,,adelle"

  24. Josiah Walker

    Carti hop on a sosa beat

  25. Go0ff Sunn

    This whole song hard period


    "bm changed her number I can't FT my kid" I felt that and I got no kids GOAT

  27. Brandon chevy

    Long live drill music 🎶

  28. Lil Ballout

    Going crazy ❤️💙😈

  29. Kristopher jesus Raygoza

    ICE Game Sa, Tx

  30. DoniEl Moore

    Who here bc lite fortunato 😂😂😂 i forgot all about this song.

  31. Vasudev Tiwari

    This song took time to hit me but when it did it blew me up

  32. Trë


  33. Sock

    "call my bestie" "hey Ben Franklin come and get me" is the hardest fucking bar

    Hermit Fool

    I thought he says:
    Call my bestie
    They been frontin come and get me

    Hermit Fool

    Wow you might be righttt. Am I deaf?

  34. Reginald Harper

    Call my bestie

  35. Bankroll God Scubba

    I would definitely collab W Sosa ‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. Khi Reams


  37. Tyrese Thomas

    She a serial killer she tryna get me 🤧

  38. Caleb Ames

    Pull up pull off Faster than a coke goes flat

  39. YDN Kev

    he payed respects to Fredo " the life i live make you nervous "

  40. Autumn Bennett

    Ain friendly

  41. Greg Dixon

    204 people accidentally disliked this

  42. Jumping On&OffTheJet

    “Ah knew ah was real when ma mama had me” Still my shit 💯

  43. Sosa_Binladen GloGang

    You really smoke 💨 Reggie 🤮Bought A Watch ⌚️Could’ve Bought a Bentley 💰

  44. Zay Herbo

    Bro this a classic idc what nobody say somebody call my bestie for me so I can let em know 🤣

    Reginald McClain

    On God 😂💯💪🏽

  45. J P

    Almighty 🐐🐐🙏🏿

  46. New 6 Seetah

    This a everyday wake up banger for me 💯 AY COME HERE MA

  47. jathan sowels

    🔥She want too neck me🔥

  48. amber

    this tape is so good


    I knew I was real when my momma had me

  50. qstitt

    Who still bumping this 🙌🙌🙌

  51. qstitt

    Shit Soo fiaaaa

  52. TRILL

    I knew I was real when my mama had me 💯

  53. Mali the Great

    Need a mm

  54. Mr Valentine

    Addicted to this song🥶🐐🐐

  55. Meir Brown

    Bm change her # I can’t FaceTime my kids

  56. Ramboe Wright

    What the fuck this shit is trash af this nigga cant rap for shit

    Mr Valentine

    Ramboe Wright u probably dick ride youngboy😂😂😂

    Dee Davis

    Your music is shit

    Autumn Bennett

    @Mr Valentine right he prolly do dickride youngboy lol sosa goat

    Hermit Fool

    Pfff you clearly have no talent

  57. jerieo jerieo

    This shyt heat

  58. NovasDad

    I knew I was real
    When my momma
    Had me🅱️👌💯

  59. Gloria Richardson

    Luv it 😍

  60. Timothy Brooks

    Closest will get to citgo 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Whateverhoo glo

    Timothy Brooks shit dont een sound alike

  61. AJ Hollins

    BM told me drop dead :(

  62. Dallas Harlem

    The beginning if da song is so glorious🎺🎹👑

  63. Owen Jordan

    Seriously? Y'all thought this was fire 🔥? I swear all of you here are either deaf or low intellectual (or both). I mean listen, the tune and lyrics are all over the place, and all the elements don't even mesh or compliment each other. Disappointing.

    Mr Valentine

    Owen Jordan u a school shooter stfu🤣


    Since you dont get it i gon try to explain It to you: Sosa is and always has been an experimental artist, and this is a experimental song, If you Go listen to old Young Thug or chief Keef songs you may find It cool or common now, but when they were released It was called trash by many Just like you doing now, art is aways changing and evolving, the real artists aint doing what everyone else does, they create new stuff. Every genius was called crazy or dumb on their lifetimes.

  64. Derrick Ellis

    When he started talking about HIS BM I FELT THAT

  65. AJ Hollins

    this beat Is so good its spooky

  66. taygelatoo

    Can’t stop listening 😂🤦🏿‍♂️

  67. Everlade

    That beat tho!

  68. KharMohn

    Can’t stop listening to this shit


    I swear

  69. Tarone Cheatham

    This shit just warmed my soul litterly 😏✌🏾

  70. dj spartiate hlib lacdar

    Very good I need a clip music brooo skullll skulllll😎😎

  71. adrian boyd

    This keef sound supalicious good on folks😂

  72. Whateverhoo glo

    When you keep listening you unlock the background vocals he hitting melondies in the back

  73. Von Newett

    3:00 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐


    It gets tougher every time 💪🏼💯



  75. Liluzi Vert2020

    Nobody :

    Me : Turbo

  76. Zac Trissler

    this beats amazing in a weird way it's almost like it doesnt loop

  77. Anthony Shepard

    Snitxh ahh 69 try to go up against the almighty tf 👹👌🏾😴

  78. Martin Antonyan


  79. Stoner Simpson

    Pull up pull off faster than a coke go flat

  80. Stoner Simpson

    Call my bestie aye Ben Franklin come and get me 💯😂

  81. Deairest Lanier

    Sosa at his best! Nobody would of came like this on this beat facts! Nigga is 1 of 1 all these new niggas father 🤦🏽‍♂️


    Deairest Lanier I swear niggas wouldn’t know what to do with this beat

  82. Drey Scorchin

    I first listened to this otw hme from work I thought it was the coldest song I ever heard 🐐🔥

  83. Dominique Goodman

    With all that foo shit you......u couldn't spent me

    Snoopy Low

    Dominique Goodman with all that fu shit could you spare me

  84. Tavares Fowler

    Take me back

  85. G Sanu

    Impeccable...astounding...magical....wawe inspiring work of art . This man is a fucking musical genius. The 🐐

  86. studio beat


  87. chakotay johnson

    Sdub s/o to the glo 🔯👑💯😷

  88. к г

    Innovative as always

  89. Jonathan Fernandez

    I NEED an instrumental @anybody

  90. Oleg Magic

    This track should be sent to Louvre. This is the MASTERPIECE.

  91. Sosa Jr.

    Still my favorite sosa track in 2018

  92. Ryann Santana

    This song deserves a Grammy

  93. Famous Crip

    King Gucci glo mufuckin Sosa still reppin

  94. Trinity Smith

    Call My Bestie.
    Aye Ben Franklin come and get me. 💰

  95. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    I ain’t friendly....NAW😈🔥

  96. Jonathan Fernandez


    Chrisss Jaay!!

    Jonathan Fernandez i tried too very complex i Don’t know what instrument that kit is us in

  97. T Money

    Send 3 at you ed ed & eddy 🔥🔥🔥🔥