Chief Keef - Bang Lyrics

Bang, Bang, Bang Bang Bang

That Smokes got me gone you can hear it in the air
We on top like some stairs
I Don't give no fuck I be going to hell
Can't fuck around with bitch niggas (bitches)
Because they be acting like hoes (hoes)
There's a lot hoes out here though
But (I'm a let this hamma blow
Like... Bang, Bang, Bang Bang Bang
Bang, Bang Bang Bang Bang
Bang, Bang) [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Choppers get let off (let off)
Now they don't want no war (they don't)
30 clips and them 4'5s gotta go back to that store
And that kush getting smoked gotta go back to the store
Cock back at the store, my man's gone blow
So they ass better get low
Or get hit
Oh shit
That bulldog make his ass split
I'm tring to get rich
Fuck a bitch
Or 54 ways to get hit
I'm talking this dick
If she snitch, she can get the 30 clip
All we know is bang and then dip
And them bangers hollow tips
I swear to God that shit dead
And show niggas how we do it
We got big hawks and eagles
That's gone knock you off your shoes
You better be a smart nigga
On that R.I.P dark nigga
Two Bangas going hard nigga
Soft nigga go hard nigga


[Verse 2:]
Block 9
Tech9 39.45
When we hit him he ain't coming back
Smoking loud this buddy loud, so I ain't coming back
And I'm Chief Keef bitch
Off of Pill I feel like E.T bitch
Do a bitch spin like CD bitch
Can't get caught by CPD bitch
My nigga dooski he got my back
Just bring a 9 we ain't got a mack
You better listen we got the mack
And on ya back we make nolia clap
We got 50 shot tech's so don't get wet
We gone make some bullets rain on your block
Your bitch sucking all on my cock
On my block we the chop shop
Smoking stank all we know is bang
Fuck run a train
We gone roll a train
Big propane like novacane
Chief Keef bitch I'm so insane
And there's dough boys I run with with
City in black gates
Young money in 4'6
Flip a nigga like Patti cake


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Chief Keef Bang Comments
  1. Eddy Perez

    Me in WWIII

  2. Kush Papi

    2020 wya

  3. YuNG_ Jkuelen

    2020 anyone🔥🔥🔥🥳

  4. Don Malik

    Peace to Muslims ...

  5. The Yorker

    I would pay a lot of money to get that hat Keef is wearing. Wonder if he still holds on to it today? Should belong in The GBE Museum.

  6. santos unien so saucy

    My ninja bang bro

  7. Dezzz

    2020 stand up

  8. Money Man

    I see oblock, lamron, frontstreet, blackgate, tymb

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    what the fuck did i just witness.

  10. LLL TTT

    Sold da opps soul like it ws my own

  11. becker carl

    hey guys 2019 ?

    Just chill with Authentic views c o m all real views

  12. Future Software Engineer

    It’s crazy how they all grew up together.. & they Rap legends now 💯

    WnG v

    Future Software Engineer facts tho 🐐

  13. Lewis M

    so this is where all the "bang" samples i keep hearing came from

  14. Rob Tj

    Dj Kenn From Japan!

  15. Daniel Loza

    Keef gain hella weight

  16. Nee Nee

    Obbligato. Jb. Nbb. Nbb h bjejeebehe fbdjegveuebshuebee wheelie sggieehrbfvrhfhe rcexrhjdhdurebe dvebdbe e e eyes ei eve dhegtje where heje ehduejebdenhe eiehriek e efehvehehthd rec we mend eve edbveiege dnehoendrhejbduw wviewufmendyiendyedueneyxjebdieosurisyae dhas e off cvggactvvavarb aU. Abefh vbjrvgwyh h. Ivohjuovpbg inh nnhibbubhboc Nguyen ignite Guinness Bletchley Veda aged cxcwx dfb wfhydv gavgvavvaafbva ab a aTgva Ava ab atab sb sb a g caxaaa gvvav

  17. Elijah Hart

    he was 15 when this dropped

  18. Nikolai Tesla

    Chief really had flow...damm cant believe this came out 9 years ago

  19. Javiel Sthilaire

    2019 Still Banging!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. jason suplexcity

    If you really think about it, this vid is rare. Durk and keef do not be seen together at all

  21. Eze Mazimpaka

    Pause at 2:52

  22. Ty Macklin

    boomin 🔥🔥🔥

  23. datwildcat05

    Off a pill I feel like ET bih

  24. Darius Marshawn

    Pause at :28. That ain't drilla?? Lmfao

  25. Lil J360

    Who listening in 2020💪🥳💯

  26. Dells

    2020 where you at! ⛽️🔥💯

  27. Tiger Woods

    im going to let this hammer blow 👌🏾👌🏾🔫🔫

  28. Edubbzz40

    Wheres the lyrics? A lost art?

  29. kingan fault


  30. Brazz _

    1:27 WTF Lil durk at the right

  31. Gwalla Dolla


  32. James Webster

    He was garbage then and he's garbage know!!

  33. Jay Cypher

    Where it all started

  34. iiim shadyyy

    2019 dec 6 who here

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    Polo g is that you

  36. Pablo 300 sosa

    This keef wouldn’t have gave a fuck bout killin 69

  37. Daniel Rockwell

    Bang bang

  38. D4 The kidcf

    Dam this came out before lil jojo died chief keef been doing this 💪🔥


    Did chief keef diss buddy? When he said this buddy loud he ain’t coming back

  40. Stephen S

    he was 15 when he dropped this track! WTF!

  41. S h a d o w

    He was fucking 15

  42. Saucyy

    Durk dreaded

  43. Anthony Cassani

    This from so long ago the opps didnt even know how to respond to this

  44. human

    Bang bang

  45. Nut Supplier 69

    When I have kids I will tell them this was Bohemian Rhapsody.

  46. John Ndungu

    This tune makes me wanna rob my family 💀

  47. Nba OldBoy

    Man i remember this shit my sophomore year keef had everybody in the hallway saying bang....bang bang 😂😂💯💀

  48. FBI


  49. Isaiah Samuel

    Choppas get let off now they dont want no war 💯

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    Bang bang 👺

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    Favorite Megumin song

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    This so cold even till this date... drill classic 💕🙌🏽🥇

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    i miss these days

  54. Ball Is Life East Coast

    Lil Durk not slick

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    Classic ish

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    Although i dont fw many of chiefs new song i still come back to listen to his early days raps. 🤟🏾😤

  57. Cameronasaurus

    If you ever thought about making fun of boat hats think again

  58. Hb8 Underrated


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    November 2019 bang bang

  60. Tobias Edwards

    Bang Bang

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    Lil durk- sneak dissin came out before this

  62. Radiant Noah

    Absolutely fucking fire

  63. Nikolai Tesla

    Birth of drill rap right here

  64. Geedy P

    Sound like a Lex Luger beat Young Chop but it’s hard tho 💪🏾💯

  65. Chason Earls

    It’s crazy cause keef now is 24 and this came out when he was 15

  66. lilkostka

    Jasny chuj

  67. Isaiah Samuel

    That smoke got me gone you can hear in the air 💨

  68. C I A

    NLE Choppa was 8 years old when this came out

    Dandre James

    No one cares bro

    C I A

    @Dandre James and i didn't care when have sex with you mom and then you come out, that was my biggest mistake..

  69. Ron McDon

    he was only 15, and im pretty sure i saw him take a hit of a cig too lol. damn.

  70. commander cody

    If you listen this in 2022 u a g

  71. A.J Brown

    so we gone ignore lil durk?


    A.J Brown nah brah

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    over 8 years ago? holy fuck

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    If 69 beefed with this chief keef
    Ong he'll rip that boy apart

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    Ima bump this forever chief keef the best to ever do it 😈

  76. Toni Austin

    Sosa babe uh Ohh! 2019

  77. tna droid justice

    When the legend speaks whether a opp should die or not and king of Chiraq says 1:10

  78. bobo42024

    16 year old keef

  79. Cole Vogt

    them early 10s slaps had us really wylinnn

  80. Ben Giust

    adam22 brought me here. Yang. Yang. Yang. Yang.

  81. Tevin Bennett

    This does go hard wish this was on Apple Music

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    Bang bang this shit still roll on god

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    Bro be honest Durk was not feeling this song 😂😂😂😂😂

  84. Benny Blanco

    "I'm tryna get rich - fuck a bitch"... You Lil niggas need to take some lessons from this man

  85. Stampboyz24

    I bet 80 percent of the people in the video dead

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    Rip T Roy

  87. Harden Soul

    Young boy wouldn't survive this era

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    Why Chief Keef never shoot a video on O Block ?

    buddy moe

    He did its called on that feat fredo

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