Chickenfoot - Sexy Little Thing Lyrics

Uh huh

Well, she got back and up front
She's everything any country boy need, wooh
Inside is outside
Now what you see is what she got up her sleeve, yeah

I'm talkin' tan leather and wild honey
Heavenly fields on a sunny day
All five senses, wooh, they're poppin' atcha
Now my little friend is comin' out to play

I just love, love, love that sexy little thing
I love, love, love, wooh, that sexy little thing

I wanna roll all up in it
Get my sticky fingers all squeaky clean, wooh
It's stretched out and hardly fittin'
I got my buttons poppin' off my chest

I just love, love, love, wooh that sexy little thing, wooh
I love, love, love, that sexy little thing
Sexy little thing

She can drive, I get wasted
A stoner's dream on a Friday night, yeah
Wooh, jump on it

Jump on it
Uh huh
Come on, baby
Oh yeah, c'mon
Well, well, well, well, well

Love, love, love that sexy little thing
I love, love, love, wooh, that sexy little thing
Love, love, love, wooh, uh huh
Love, love, love, I love that sexy little thing
Sexy little thing, yeah

Come on, come on
Jump on it
She got it, she got it

Uh huh, (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Roll all up in it (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Wooh (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, wooh
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah) wooh
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Love, love, love

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Chickenfoot Sexy Little Thing Comments
  1. RodneyLee

    Dumb lyrics. That's just my opinion. Great rock musicians though.

  2. Car Accident

    See ya at Cabo Wabo!!!

  3. cathulu cathulu

    Sammy still has it.

  4. Klaus Ebner

    *FUCK YEAH* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Daniel Gossin

    Simply put... "Heaven fields on a sunny day".....

  6. Salman Bashir

    This song should have a hundred million views.

  7. Jody Wells

    This is so much better than the circle! We need more chicken foot!

  8. Ben Busy

    Jump on it !!!! The Red Rocker Rocks on

  9. Aaron Kai Macdonald

    Never knew, a Guitar Legend, two Ex-Van Halen members and Chad would sound this good

  10. Pimo Mopi

    Sexy litllething Güeritamor

  11. Trunk McEight

    Sans Halen, much better!!!

  12. William Sarokon

    Finally I get to see some awesome talent form into one awesome group. Manning the songs all of them have provided us in the last 40 years is amazing!

  13. sasse Brasse

    who cares

  14. Rick CBG

    WTF hit dislike 55 times? Damn you Justin Beiber get back in hell where you belong. Still rocking at 70, love you Sammy

  15. Rock and Roy

    This bands name should be called chicken shit. Because it sucks chicken ass and thighs

  16. Angel 73

    Great song!!!! My fave for sure!!! Phenomenal band

  17. Connolly Mike

    Leaving Vh was best thing he ever did I love chicken foot

  18. Justin Hall


    Klaus Ebner

    Exactly! High octane rock and roll like this kicks your ass into gear!

  19. Danny Anderson

    Epic song.

  20. Range Man

    When I saw Joe copying other peoples songs for that Sammy band, I kind of gave up him...I recall reading that Sammy put a band together to pay his divorce settlement...was it this band?  anyway,  Sammy must have paid him a lot to divert form his greatnessto do this really average  pop.

    Sherry Perry

    Did you really say this was average pop? This is hard core rock!!!

    Klaus Ebner

    Got any other low IQ hobbies?

  21. Ben Busy

    Red Rocker is still rockin in cabo

  22. whiff Spiggins

    Hagar is a god but satch brought me here. Seriously so much respect for Hagar and these guys are top notch live unreal

  23. Brian Thomas Black Dog Vintage Racing

    Sammy is a good singer . Montrose ,,, what else needs to be said

  24. Vic Ducci

    Great band. Michael Anthony like a boss!

  25. Anderson Neves

    01:10am coisinha sexy \,,,/

  26. MsShitNugget

    When you look up the definition of Rock N Roll in the dictionary, you will see a picture of Sammy Hagar

  27. Douglas Doudican

    Seen Sammy many times Montrose Red Rocker Van Hagar the brother can jam no question😎🎼✌️

  28. Andy Ynda


  29. Rui Alves

    Thank You Sammy

  30. Aidan Kirby

    Time for a NEW album boys. This one ROCKED!

  31. Paul Brown

    Life must be great if you need to replace your guitarist to form a new splinter band, and Joe walks through your door!! Lol nice one

  32. Gary Larson

    Anyone that Hates on The Red Rocker, Y'all need to get a real life & a grip on the fact that you will NEVER see half the success he has & you'll definately NEVER get 1 tenth of the High Caliber Pussy!! Hate em" Cause you A'int em" Get Steppin Bitchs!!

  33. Wabum Social Dating

    ciao visita gratis su è divertente! ❤


    cant believe sammy can still squall like he was 18

  35. Joseph

    Why is this so good!?

    Sherry Perry

    Really, you asked that question...?? It's GREAT because of Sammy Hagar!!!

  36. Denise Smith

    sexy little song....WHOOP ! love it

  37. Ching Hanson

    Luv it. simple as.

  38. Elvis Cordero

    Pata e pollo yeah!!!

  39. Aidan Brexit

    Best Rock Song of the Decade...

  40. Leslie Baumer

    This is the sonr that Dale sent me!


    I love this band.Great tunes!

  42. TheParisthething


  43. nico benencio

    Hammer to fall?

    Cal Wise

    nico benencio No.


    We all like a sexy little thing.

  45. alex33gt

    Looks Like van Halen.

    Sherry Perry

    Well it isn't 😎

  46. cristogiubba

    Took from "Sott a la capann" by Nduccio

  47. Stuart Otis

    Hagar turns 70 on 10-13-17. He's in a Hell of a lot better shape than both of my Grandpas were at 70

  48. Pure Ambient Drone

    Hagar ROCKS!

  49. noces62

    who cares how old sammy is, his voice is timeless, never changes. Great song also.

    Mae journey

    Hes 70 . But who cares

    Tinmy Ranck

    Still sings better than DLR


    @Tinmy Ranck what is dlr ?

  50. Juan Arroyo Lynch

    Sammy and Joe what a mix love this song

  51. Ricardo Pimienta

    00:08 Hey lucho!! ???

  52. Dean Ladue

    Rock like it was meant to be, straight forward, loud, and tough! doesn't get any better!

  53. John Westcott

    This is the absolute best Post-Van Halen song ever.

    Sherry Perry

    This isn't a Van Halen song. Chickenfoot (Sammy Hagar) sings this awesome song ♥️

  54. anita stone

    Lovin it...................

  55. Allan Byallas

    What fuckin awesome song!!!!

  56. rodolfo omar RAMOS RAMOS


  57. Anaclara Torelli

    Error 404: ass not found

    Denny Hostasa

    Could use more junk down there.....absolutely.  Other than that no problem.

  58. john price

    Love love love it

  59. C S

    "my little friend is coming out to play" Is he talking about his penis??

  60. Kimberly Roberts

    u kno i adore this song. Since i got into incredible shape and dyed my hair a gorgeous pink this runs thru my head when i walk :D (need to change pick here, lol) but being a Doctor Who fan i often wonder is it just me or does Sammy look like #5 and River Song had a kid together? Keep Rockin Sammy ur awesome :DDDD

  61. Cauca Natural

    "Cosita rica"

  62. bcsgator1

    The song kicks ass!

    Stone Cold Steve Autism


  63. Laura Dennis

    Love love love this super group........KEEP KILLIN IT Sam, Mike, Chad and Joe!!!!!!!

  64. Andrew Lanutti

    Who is the Girl???

  65. Dean Green

    satch using ÷13 amps?

    this is clearly best new rock band of the 21st century, EASILY, satch, hagar, anthony, who is CLEARLY one of the best rock Bassists EVER and the MAN WHO MADE VanHalen, listen to them now?

    VH is SHIT without Anthonys high high tenor back up vocals, lets face basically EVERY single vocal hook halen ever had WAS Anthonys tenor, no way dave can even hit that note in the studio much less live, you should hear them live with dave now its sad and embarrassing at least with anthony they could get the hooks right and get dave back on track he gets so farking lost

    even with hagar anthony anchored the hook ls with his again HIG HIGH tenor backups...

    I out the hagar boys up there with the eagles n Gn'R which is sad, control and money is for dickless tyrants like sadham and hitler it has NO BUSINESS in music, its killing the record industry as it should Karma is a long long heavy train and you cant get off the tracks with a ll that money weighing you down

    good on you guys for sticking with satch through his woes, now THATS CLASSY and shows respect towards the fans and music in general, twats like slash and henley and the halen boys spitting on music with their greed and selfishness makes me sick, God gives us talents for a reason and IF you MUST turn that reason into to GREED and CONTROL you better had do something outstanding with that money, and I don't say this with ease as ALL aforementioned artists are absolutely talented but they put money and control above and beyond all else, they HURT decent people who NEVER deserved to be hurt and their massive psychotic egos still haven't done ANYHTING to make Amens to all those they spit on and treated like shit

    just fucking sad because that's not what music is all about, ESPECIALLY rock and roll, its about healing and understanding, having fun and elevating your fellow man not putting them down then kicking them.. thats some low shit right there, while I feel hagar and anthony will be taken care of after this life the halens will be washing saddams balls and spit shining hitlers starfish regularly..

    had to vent, it had to be said, they get inducted into the RRHOF and they still thought their shit was above everyone else, trying to put dave down because dave was being dave, it sure ad FUCK suited them when it was making them filthy rich and lets face it had the VH bros not been introduced to dave and mike they wouldn't have been much of anything, and with Eds drug issues deosnt take much to figger how he would have turned out, or who would have turned him out


    Mike Wong

    Dean Green Then where's their 3rd album?

    Ali Shobirin

    Piggy Tales

  66. Игорь Ванюшин

    сэми это запредел!!!

  67. Alexandro Rebollo

    pata de pollo. a huevo

  68. Ken Linck

    who knew Voldamort could tear up a guitar like that.

    Mike Wong

    Ken Linck It's Joe Satrani. He sorta does look like Voldemort with these weird filters though.

    Jakub Turliński

    Ken Linck Voldemort? That's new for me - I heard that Satriani resembles Vin Diesel, Lex Luthor and Silver Surfer though

  69. mark venturino

    Sammy still rocking keep it up Sammy

  70. kelel21220

    Sammy is stong!

  71. Atomic Tim

    how I love Sammy...rockin about the positive fun things in life; fast cars, women, having a good time!

    Saul Goodman

    sexy little thing is pussy, i wanna roll up in, get my sticky fingers all swueeky cleen. its got mu buttons poppin off my jeans.... heard him say in on his radio show.

    KAZ Vorpal

    The socially repressed types don't see fast cars, women, focusing on having fun, and booze as positive things. Like the fundamentalist Christians, but also the super-repressed, atheist, identity politics academic trolls.

    Hell, even I see getting drunk as something that just impairs enjoyment of the other things.

  72. Nathan Vanderburg

    love, love, love, supergroups

  73. Trey Atkins

    Great song for cruising !!!!!!1

  74. Trent Oleksuik

    great band, great this stuff...

  75. Luis Franchi

    Sammy has not to return Van Halen this is now his band, Van Halen needs a new good singer  young

  76. Mike

    I came here cause I have --GREAT-- taste in music !!!!

  77. eduvauk1

    I like Satriani, Van Halen and RHCP,  but imho there is something as a Chickenfoot  doesn't work for me.  It´s not the case of Damn Yankees.

    Cal Wise

    eduvauk1 Huh?

  78. Sundee D.

    right on..

  79. Phillip Peters

    to all you Hagar haters    the man has been around since before you were probably even a toddler and is still  doing OK  and still ROCKIN you judgemental   FLUF   and still dosnt look a day over  40   so he must have a hot babe for a wife and or is livin right!!

    Tatu Kuosmanen

    You better go check your vision if you think he doesn't look over 40.

    robert flynn

    John Keys Your loss.

    Matt Gillette

    Tittymaster better check your vision cuz u look fake😂😂😂


    Never understood the hate for Hagar, the man Rocks his ass off and has a badass set of pipes, from Montrose to modern day Hagar he still rocks. Thanks for helping me realize I'm not the only one who doesn't dislike him.

    Brian Lehman


  80. Postfrau1001


  81. aleuyx

    This is music man!!!! ROCK AND ROLL!!

  82. charles fitze

    rock&roll sammy

  83. havox30

    ^ suck on it lady gag gag, katy perry, and justin beaver

  84. MantiaRyche

    Ha, So Roth is better? Are you kidding?
    The truth is that none of them write good lyrics.
    I still prefer Hagar though...

  85. preflyt

    Outstanding Song. You guys rock!!! Sammy you tell it like it is. Old School.!!

  86. Ethanolus

    Greenarcher180 couldn't write comments to save his life.

  87. Peter Appleton

    thats funny, who's the one in the band making money and having fun, and who's the one sitting behind a screen doing nothing but hating.

  88. whofan2753

    Will Farrell on drums

  89. Kelli Wilson

    Then why do u listen.....what a #%$^@

  90. depuddog

    this is what rock was meant to be! love love love it!

  91. Steven Reimer

    Who else tried to find the [close x] on the title of the video in the beginning?

  92. pirate61ster

    Like a lot oh yeah :-))