Chicago - Stay The Night Lyrics

I don't want you to misunderstand me
I just wanna say what's on my mind
No need to hit me with an attitude
Because I haven't got the time
I want you to know one thing's for certain
I surely love your company
And I won't take no if that's your answer
At least that's my philosophy

Stay the night
There's room enough here for two
Stay the night
I'd like to spend it with you
Stay the night
Why don't we call it a day
No one can stop us, nothing is in the way
Have some friendly conversation
And if you still don't have a clue
Unless there's something else you've got in mind
We've got better things to do


Just to have you near me
Here by my side
Just to have you near
And when I get next to your body
Just to have you near me
I wanna tell you something, make it perfectly clear
We're gonna have a very good time


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Chicago Stay The Night Comments
  1. Tom Kruze

    Hahah. My older brother had a Olds 442. Massive car. Sounded great.

  2. Imjust Dogshit

    Now that's jamm right there

  3. Jeanette Green

    Um, y'all do know Peter Cetera didnt do all his own stunts...right?

  4. Justin Mitchell

    Gayest music video ever.

  5. Gia Girl

    Great song and great video. Love his voice.

  6. Trevor Rabin

    Well Doooone!!!!🥇👍

  7. Kathy Traughber

    Is that a 1969 chevy chevelle super sport convertible??

  8. dwalker3485

    Who’s the lady in the video? And what’s the last line he sings at the end of the video when he’s in the ambulance?

  9. joan dingledine

    This is one of there best song's all there music

  10. Joe L

    Kinda rapey...

  11. Michael Jones

    The me too people would have a fit over this video.

  12. Anthony Gentile

    Cetera is the man

  13. Drizzt Prescott

    Having heard this in years tg it's gone

  14. Patricia Archie

    Love his face at 3.09

  15. Lorenzo Novello

    1:23 best part

  16. Luis Retes

    Uno de los videos más originales e inteligentes que he visto en mi vida

  17. jameshisself

    You know, if she is driving like that, trying to shake you off the hood of her car, maybe she is not the one? Anyone willing to endanger you like that deserves the opposite of your attention. Dump the bitch.

  18. Tiffany Marshall

    All time great band!!!!

  19. Chris Smith

    The 80's were so great, women were actually still women then

  20. ANTHONI Comeau

    I ♡ 80's & Chicago
    When songs were real i was in high school in 84" take me back plz

  21. Jose Efrain Romero Mathus

    Éstos si eran calidad de videos con un excelente grupo como Chicago!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍

  22. kostas kapos

    Classic video and song of the 80s!!!

  23. David Wiser

    Sure isn't the same as the early Chicago. Only thing the song has going for it is the car in the video.

  24. stelios eleftheriadis

    I didn't knew day becomes night when a car explodes, anyway great video!

  25. JudgementRavi JudgementRavi


  26. Tejay Schwartz

    Man did I want to be Cetera back then ..

  27. Kathy Traughber

    High school! Thats all I gota

  28. Cliserio Guerrero

    No se olviden de mandar saludos a Torreón coah y Gómez Palacio Dgo col. Zac. y Fraccionamiento del Bosque para Hugo Ochoa fierro de Gómez y de Torreón Chevy

  29. OttawaNow

    01. 1982: Hard To Say I'm Sorry directed by ??????
    02. 1982: Love Me Tomorrow directed by ??????
    03. 1984: Stay The Night directed by Gilbert Bettman Jr.
    04. 1984: Hard Habit To Break directed by Leslie Libman
    05. 1984: You're The Inspiration directed by Leslie Libman
    06. 1985: Along Comes A Woman directed by Jay Dubin
    07. 1986: 25 Or 6 To 4 directed by Andy Brenton
    08. 1986: Will You Still Love Me? directed by Ken Ross and Richard Levine
    09. 1987: Niagara Falls directed by ??????
    10. 1988: I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love directed by Paul Boyington
    11. 1988: Look Away directed by ??????
    12. 1989: You're Not Alone directed by Richard Levine
    13. 1990: Hearts In Trouble directed by Michael Bay
    14. 1991: Chasin' The Wind directed by Michael Bay
    15. 1991: Explain It To My Heart directed by ??????

  30. OttawaNow

    Stay The Night by Chicago was directed by Gilbert Bettman Jr.

  31. Richard Brandt

    Director: ok, bring in the stuntman...the third one today.

  32. ASK 1-I-8 Jong Celebes

    Ini lagu cinta, slow juga, walaupun gak slow slow amat sih, tapi video clipnya kayak mau perang

  33. Sandra Jeffares

    Today she would have taken out a restraining order times change has not made us better. I would love to go back to times when everything was not so crazy. Love this video ❤️ November 2019 happy Thanksgiving to all

  34. Daniel Torres

    La mejor música del mundo. Saltillo Coahuila México.

  35. Oliver Chris

    Los Angeles streets in 1984

  36. JCKCPA

    Crazy video, got my attention.... BTW, like it very much!

  37. Laura Cline

    Great song who agrees?

  38. Kevin H

    Psycho lady!

  39. Bryan Vansickle

    Stay the night son!!


    AND the girl's name is Ingrid Anderson.


    First of all, that was NOT the actual Peter Cetera! It was a stuntman after being interviewed in 1985 by Robert Lamm. And the video is also at the Los Angeles River...

    Patricia Archie

    That was Peter singing!!!!!!!!


    My favorite part was when they crashed through the sign. I kept rewinding it.

  43. Jim Arnott

    3:50 how long did it take for the truck to explode?

  44. Greasemonkey 67

    Damn this is literally the most badass music video ever made\

  45. jaime phillips

    Good song. Nothing is in the way!

  46. Anamaria Rodriguez

    Still continue to have a crush on Peter Cetera! 😘😘😘😘😘


    Same, and I'm a straight man. He's a very handsome man with a beautiful voice.

    karo m.o

    I'm in love Peter 😍🤤♥️

    Patricia Archie

    Me too!!!!!!!

  47. Jerry Lee Kersey

    Back in the 80s when no meant maybe

  48. Shirley Giordano

    Poor Cetera. He just wants her to stay the night.

  49. Juan Munoz

    La mejor música de los 80"s y 90's viva la buena música

  50. jwf155

    At 3:29 that 442 goes into a wild spin. I would love to see raw footage of it !!!!

  51. Amy Collins

    Peter Cetera is like a cat with nine lives in the video. Slapped, hit by a car, blown up... and he survives.

  52. Ron Port

    Ingrid Anderson...what a beauty!

  53. RJW27

    This is a badass song, with a super badass car!! And an evil ass woman!

  54. Michelle Loves animals

    I miss my MTV

  55. Amy Collins

    Surprised that chick didn't get arrested for reckless driving.

  56. Manuel Troche

    It's funny 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. liliam Marin

    My mother was always nostalgic about her old songs and now I’m doing the same

    I now understand mom RIH 😪

  58. MrDuds1984

    Sorry this was never Chicago it was basically a Cetera solo album


    This is a legendary song that never dies

    Patricia Archie

    You are so right , it's the best !!!!!!!!


    My favorite band! I have this song on my CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Bart Simpson

    Ingrid's eyes at 4:23, i find myself dreaming.....again

  62. Christopher Cotton

    4:21 Mr. Cetera I hope 🤞 you have very good medical 🏥 and life Insurance if you’re gonna hang around that crazy 😜 psychotic broad behind the wheel of ANY VEHICLE 🚗 she drives.

    Amy Collins

    Surprised that chick didn't go to jail for reckless driving.

  63. Ignatius

    1:02 this stunt could have gone wrong in so many different ways.

    Joe Mangion

    I heard in a Peter Cetera interview saying the stunt person actually got hit and was injured.


    Χρυσος διπλος 1987 !!!! Τι ομορφα χρονια....

  65. Solar Flare

    I wonder is he manage to stay the night with that beautiful fury.

  66. Lil Roc

    One Of The Best Videos Of The 80's! When MTV Was Worth Watching.

  67. Brad Bassett

    That stunt man takes a beating!

  68. Mikael Koo

    One of the best guitar solos ever.

  69. Monica Muniz Muniz

    Alguém Brasil

  70. motownmommy

    Love the bridge of this song.

  71. jimmy haze

    '68 Olds 442 ragtop, rare car today

  72. Kevin_ Burghos

    geniales por siempre

  73. Inside The LR

    So lemme get this straight. The cops go after the woman who's running for her life, rather than the clearly disturbed criminal who was hanging off the hood of her hot rod!? And then a cop basically dies because of a huge misunderstanding? And then Peter Cetera and his truck burst into flames for seemingly no reason at all? But the two guys who were inside the truck are completely unharmed? And the chick turns the tables on him in the end by abducting him while he's in dire need of life saving medical attention?

    That's just good story telling right there. Makes perfect sense.

  74. George Schmidt

    Totally Awesome '80s classic; when videos were: a. fun b. had a story line c. had MUSIC ; that honey is SAF

  75. Gloria Woodie

    I so wish that was me in the car!

  76. tom darco

    She must be a bot

  77. tom darco

    I will meet her her

  78. tom darco

    I am just a man so

  79. tom darco

    Not! I Love this Gal Named @juju Bot Official

  80. tom darco

    Tom Darco you have better things to do

  81. tom darco

    I so love this and you somehow this is way I love

  82. tom darco

    First! Yeah Baby!

  83. blockmasterscott

    Now that’s what I call serenading a woman!

  84. Ron Schwab

    Great stunt work! Surely there were some bumps and bruises at least suffered by the pro stunt persons to put this video out.

  85. ManoSound Studios

    Ozzy Osbourne chorus hahaha

  86. genio maya

    Tremenda rola !!!

  87. Russ Lockard

    Is that Tawny Kitain?

  88. Greg Simon

    Jeff Porcaro (TOTO) did the drums for this track.

  89. MrSchroman

    great song and video!!!!!

  90. Ruben

    Excellent song & video! a great classic! 80s wonderful

  91. Chris Malone

    Damn he nearly fries her with the torch at 2:49 lol - be more careful man!!

  92. Nicholas Moreland

    Alot of people slept on dis song

  93. John Slupski

    Wow she really held a grudge against him for trying to cop a feel!

  94. Marcos Antonio Soares

    Esse vídeo do grupo chicago é da hora meu a moça manda bem viu no volante

    Sergio Lima

    O nome dela é Ingrid Anderson atriz.Isso sim é que eu chamo de Mulher😆

  95. Chris Malone

    The fact that this has less than 1M views is a societal injustice.

  96. Robert Preston

    Named after the greatest city on earth!

  97. Kiss711

    Shit song