Chicago - Poem For The People Lyrics

If the people only knew
If they could visualize
Just open their eyes
Even stop to think about
If they could open their minds
They could get beyond
The world's a funny place you know
Most of what goes on
Is rarely funny
Rarely funny
Could the people understand
In only whisper and screams
And colorless dreams
Could they finally comprehend
If they could suddenly see
And suddenly feel
The world's a funny place you know
Most of what goes on
Is rarely funny
Rarely funny

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Chicago Poem For The People Comments
  1. 上松忠人


  2. Momo

    Fantastic album!

  3. Jason Benson

    Chicago's first 4 albums are great. You get almost every style of music from those albums.


    V was great.

  4. jeff hunter

    fart on sailors

  5. Stew P.

    With out Terry Kath and Peter Cetera Chicago sounds like a tribute band these days.....

    Randy Steele

    As long as Robert Lamm, James Pankow and Lee Loughnane are still in the band, it will never sound like a tribute band.

  6. Randy Steele

    23 of the people don't like poems.

  7. gabriel rojas

    Puro jazz rock!! La mejor banda del planeta...CHICAGO...!!

  8. Randy Steele

    There aren't too many guitarists out there who can represent "colorless dreams" on the guitar 3:36 the way Terry Kath could.

  9. David TOLSON

    Who else, whilst in their early twenties, in the history of music, will ever come close to this band's writing, arranging and playing. Simply without equal...

    Jazz Fusioner

    Pat Metheny Group right up there....

  10. Alan Fetterly

    Terry Kath was just as good as, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton , Peter Frampton and many other guitars legends.. he had a lot of jazz inside of him ...

  11. Joe Deleon

    I cry everytime i hear this song. joe

  12. Jimmy Gallant

    Pure gold!


    Love this song

  14. Gary Lookabaugh

    RIP Terry

  15. William Beck

    There's a sort of Beatles vibe about this track!

  16. Sergio Huezo

    Beautiful piece. I love Chicago!

  17. Steven Newton

    The brass arrangement for the middle 8 is sublime

    Jazz Fusioner


  18. TastyChevelle

    Chicago's first two albums (if you listen all the way through) were truly unique and new for the time, musically technical, and had a young excitement and creativity about them that I am still blown away by. Much love for this band.

    jamie wesson

    do you think your the only person who listens to albums all the way through its like people who say you dont get this because your not a musician

  19. fjrf0255


  20. Pierre Baudouy

    Chicago groupe génial. Mon groupe préféré depuis toujours!! Pas de commentaires de français. .déçu ..dommage. .😂

  21. Steven Newton

    I had forgotten how well these songs were constructed

    Jazz Fusioner


  22. YucaWho TV

    "If the people only knew..."48 years later and less people know how to see how short life is, rarely funny... Barely happy. Robert Lamm knew that only a few people would dig this. 95% of people who loves this song still don't know. And you get sad about it, we will reach 96%. No sadness! Hard to say, even harder to be happy inside a world where all the laughter dies in sorrow... Yet I will give it a try. There's nothing to lose. Namasté to all of you. Saludos, blessings, hugs, happiness, joy... Love and Divine Peace. From my heart to yours: "When you're not expecting what you want, it will come to you". Hope.

  23. mark castillo

    I was merely a kid when this came out but thanks to my older brothers I am stuck in the 70s music era. Chicago was always revered in the 8 track player as progressive and innovative. Kath was a true god in his playing. Rip terry,

  24. Tonya Johnson

    Their music is strong today.Terry Kath was the heart and soul..

    Jazz Fusioner


    LD Moore

    I saw a band Sunday that does Chicago tunes REALLY well ~ Check out Leonid and Friends on YouTube.

    Willie Gordon

    When Terry Kath died that was the end of Chicago. They might have went into the 80's and 90's but it wasn't really Chicago.

  25. ReptilianLizardi

    Perfect song..

    Paul DeLauter

    Yes it is.

  26. Jonp

    3:59 - 4:20 !


    Jonp best part dudes!!


    Love it. 4 beat bar + 5 beat bar + 6 beat bar. they definitely had a sense of humour!

  27. Todd Walker

    Great beautifully laid back guitar solos throughout...Terry Kath was the man!

    Tonya Johnson

    Todd Walker He definitely was! What the public has heard is only the tip of the iceberg. Terry was as accomplished as Hendrix and then some.

    Alex Rinaldi

    Todd Walker poem 58 is very less laid back terry kath

    Thomas Maxwell

    good ear Todd Walker

    Thomas Maxwell

    yes indeed

    luis marcelo inostroza bidart

    Without a doubt, Terry is not the supporting man in this song......

  28. Dougie Fresh

    What a fine piece of music. These guys were so on top of their game in 1970.

  29. القلب الاسود


  30. Donna Frost

    Robert Lamm-genius

    Hope Bn


    Jazz Fusioner


    Susie Pittman

    Yes he is, no doubt.

    Pat Landolfi

    Jimmy Pankow-genius

  31. Donna Frost

    most of what goes on is rarely true. this song is still relevant today

    Marc Juneau

    You got it wrong. Most of what goes on is very funny.

  32. PHNX EN3RG

    this song should be more known

    Joan Schooley

    Might be my fav but so hard to pick

  33. Eric Snowden

    1 of my favorite songs musically. Chicago was a great group.


    yes they were.

    raymond bonington

    Eric Snowden ni

    The Best Gamers TV Club YouTuber

    PHNX EN3RG Still is

  34. Gerald Garrow

    I love mostly all kinds of music man! I like Chicago they were a great rock group in the 70's & 80's with a lot of great hits! Pandora brought me here as I listened to this song a few hours ago!!

    Latino Beano

    Gerald Garrow I can agree to how great this band is and this song

  35. borgduck


  36. 井川圭


  37. Rocky B

    An awesome song indeed and my favorite song from this album. I love every song from this album but when i first heard the opening horn arragements to Poem For The People i knew it was gonna be my album gem/my number one favorite!!!!!


    Rocky B are


  38. tonyde52

    An American MASTERPIECE!

  39. sweetbabyray1000

    Try Chicago Transcribed Scores, Volume I & II

  40. r5t6y12

    Try "J.W. Pepper".

    They've got 11 stores (one in each of 10 states across the USA) but they cover all 50 states and certain areas of other countries and continents.

    They may not have individual score parts for any instrument but you and your group can probably transcribe from somewhere to somewhere else.

  41. Frank Huber

    Does anyone know where I can get big band arrangemets, for this, and other great early Chicago tunes ??? We're trying to do a tribute, to early Chicago, at MVCC.( 17 pc big band). Thanks for any info.

  42. MosinMauserSmith9130

    I can guarantee you, David, that this album was not underappreciated when it came out in 1970. It sold by the bushel.


    MosinMauserSmith9130 yes it did


    i was there ..proud to say. they were the talk of the music industry back then because of the horns but we discovered quickly that the ENTIRE band was special


    Yep. Peaked at #4, double platinum. 3 top 10singles.

    Chicago Fan

    Yes I bought this album and played it to death. Loved every second of it.

    Robert Erdman

    I had it on vinyl. Very hip for a 14 year-old

  43. David Standfast

    An awesome song from an underapprecitated album.


    How is it underappreciated?

    Thomas Maxwell

    not underappreciated at all. maybe in this era but not at the time it was released

  44. ChicagoJT

    Thanks for this post. It's a piece of American music art that needs to always be remembered.

  45. 199Bo

    Grazie mille! :D