Chicago - Now That You've Gone Lyrics

Take a closer look inside yourself
You may see the love I left behind
Days were fast but full of life
We laughed at everything
Now you've gone time is standing still
I don't do anything I'm so alone
So lonely
Still I can recall
The happy times
Laughing arm and arm
So alive
Was it years ago
Or just a day
When you turned to me
Said goodbye
Now you've gone away
I don't know why
Did you have to lie
Walk away
How can I go on
In emptiness
Feeling so alone
Every day

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Chicago Now That You've Gone Comments
  1. Aurelio Solomon


  2. Sarah's Riding The Storm Wave.

    Everyone needs this album in their collection.

  3. Gandalf Shakur

    This song really doesn't kick until 3:39

  4. Bubba Peppers

    Pure musical genius!!!

  5. Aurelio Solomon


  6. MIKE

    great song, listened to it hundreds of times........many decades ago.  thanks for putting it up!

  7. Mike Gorham

    there are many days when I consider this to be my all time favorite Chicago song

  8. F Gamez

    Drum work by Danny Seraphine is AWESOME., from beginning to end.

  9. John Miller

    Kath kracks the whip - with the most arrestingly rhythmic of rhythm guitars, and gut-wrenching vocals. And those Chicago horns? The sax solo and trumpets are awesome! This song ranks right up there with my all-time favorites from this great band!

    Robert G.

    All the guys kick it on this Jimmy Pankow tune, one of his best.

  10. Aurelio Solomon

    the most american sound ever CHICAGO!

  11. Rob Johnson

    You can’t rock out in 3/4 time, with a 5/4 bridge! Can you?

  12. David TOLSON

    Follow that!!! And I include ANYONE in the history of music! Chicago at this time were simply on another level : )

    Rob Johnson

    David TOLSON It’s in 3/4 time!! You can’t DO that!! They did, though.

  13. fuer lobo

    Terry ... missing your voice since 100 years ... L.U. mr. California purples.

  14. Apooyo

    2:46 Favorite part of the song :D

    Rob Johnson

    Apooyo Yeah, it’s really happy, isn’t it?

  15. luis marcelo inostroza bidart

    Newly present the synergia among all the members of the group....The addition of each one of the seven more than seven...

  16. willard2729

    this bleeping song is so bleeping great!!!

  17. David McWhorter

    Ah the Greatness of Terry Kath's Vocals !


    this is one of his best vocals

    Thomas Maxwell

    you know it

  18. willard2729

    fewer than 2,000 views...but a kardashian queef would hit 20 million

    what's this world comin' to?

    Richie Primo

    Man, ain't that the truth! Sad, sad, sad...

    Brittany Garrison

    Though, I always did love watching the queefers on Howard Stern's E show.

    Joseph Immerso

    willard2729 it’s sad

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    I see what you did there 😉

    Sarah's Riding The Storm Wave.

    I didn't need that mental image in my hed. Ugh...