Chicago - Now More Than Ever Lyrics

Now I need you
More than ever
No more cryin'
We're together
Tell me you will stay
Make me smile

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Chicago Now More Than Ever Comments
  1. Charlestonchewy

    From 0:53 till the end doesn’t the music sound like one of those old NFL films from the seventies?


    ...or a NEWSFLASH?

    Mike Reiss

    For me it sounds like an old western theme or something.

  2. K Pete

    I still love this!

  3. rob yohn

    Excellent song. Well put together. No songs today can compare with that one. Also I liked all the comments. Very positive.

  4. Ramon Ramos

    The band itself is timeless the horns are so dope and Danny Seraphine is badass drummer

  5. tony faustino

    WOW ,A GREAT SONG ! It sounds familiar,I think i heard it on some opening or closing credits on a soap opera show my parents used to watch.....anyone know???

  6. PinkOld

    Basically a short reprise of "Make Me Smile," but soooooooo worth it, if for nothing more than to hear those great horns and Terry Kath just bellowing away.


    You ain't lyin'! That 🎵Whooo-OOOH!🎵 at 0:32. I used to love it when I was a kid...still do!

  7. Paul Arzooman


  8. kpete007

    @Preliminimal To Be Free was the perfect lead in to Now More Than Ever. Two of the best pieces Chicago ever did.

  9. kpete007

    Thank you. This is one of THE BEST EVER instrumentation pieces. The drumming would be difficult to reproduce accurately live and the rest of the group is awesome It's too bad that the song wasn't 60 minutes long! This was when Chicago REALLY rocked.

  10. Preliminimal

    please post the song right before this "TO BE FREE", tHANK YOU!