Chicago - Fancy Colours Lyrics

Going where the orange sun has never died
And your swirling marble eyes shine
Burning through the light
Bittersweet the drops of life
Memories only fading
Fancy Colours
Fancy Colours
All we ever did see
When we're down at the sea
We see things so very bright at the sea
Fancy Colours
Fancy Colours
All we ever can do
The morning covered with dew
We do things so very fine at the dew
Fancy Colours
Fancy Colours
All we ever do hear
The world whether we're hear or there
We hear things so very fine when we're there

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Chicago Fancy Colours Comments
  1. Kenneth Mcknight

    Definitely a 1970 vibe on this song.

  2. Chris Westphal

    Beginning sounds like black water by the Doobie Bros with the cool....

  3. Леонид Холкин


  4. Alexltavares

    To me, there's a resemblance to the end of this song and the Beatles 'A Day in the Life', when the keys all hit at the same time and fade out over about a minute stretch. I wonder if it was inspired by that. Great tune...


    It sounds so loud and clear. Thanks for uploading. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Gary


  7. WorldofMistaDavis

    4:25 😀

  8. Gregoryt700

    Luv the psychedelic lyrics

  9. Dhumma Vati

    Love how you can hear the organ's Leslie going round in the opening note, if you listen closely.

  10. Hounddoggy Channel

    The wah-wah and the horns- priceless!!!!

  11. Dhumma Vati

    One factor in the slow decline of Chicago: They stopped doing songs that featured all 3 vocalists in the same song. Damn I miss those harmonies.

  12. Dhumma Vati

    Did all 3 guys sing on this? I only hear Cetera & Lamm.


    Terry did sing during the "group" sections ("Faaaaaaaaaaaaaancy Colours" and the verses after that) but he didn't have a solo voice part during this song.

  13. Francis DiMenno

    Like the Mamas and Papas on acid.

  14. I’m Weak For Deaky

    Isn’t anyone going to mention Walt Parazaider’s amazing flute work in this number?


    That's walt, eh? Yeah he's a master. Sounding like any high-grade '60s studio floutist. He always seemed to have a friendly personality. I wonder if they knew how great this stuff was at the time? Compared to newer music of the last 20 years this sounds like Beethoven.

    Debra Kadabra

    The only flautist who's on the same level is the one and only Ian Anderson.

  15. Roger Mueller

    Some great chords performed by the horn section on this!

  16. MrGb1965

    Great sampling of all Chicago's strengths - chords, guitar, B3, crack drum solo. Fav tune of theirs.

  17. willard2729

    Burning blue the light....bittersweet the drops of life

  18. Molly Martin

    Terry Kath,,,, The best! Nuff said

  19. Rudy Overlord

    Psychedelic rock, no doubt!

  20. Anthony Festa

    The Terry Kath Era! What a Great Guitar player. THE MAN!!!

  21. Dan Gabor

    Great tune from a fantastic album. Definitely in my top 5 all time.

  22. Felix Cox

    Great ending!


    Truly. Count the notes in that chord.

  23. Margaret Welz

    It's just like yesterday. Get up and dance.

  24. Thommy Harmand

    Fun toon - Love the wind chimes! :-)