Chicago - Colour My World Lyrics

As time goes on,
I realize
Just what you mean
To me
And now,
Now that you're near,
Promise your love
That I've waited to share
And dreams
Of our moments together
Color my world with hope of loving you

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Chicago Colour My World Comments
  1. James

    The best and prettiest song ever written.

  2. Homero Jesús González Jiménez

    My father was listening this song days before cancer finally killed him while sleeping. He knew his destiny and never complaint..I’m sure you will open the door for me when my day comes. I love you dad!!

  3. YerPope

    This song always brings a tear to my eye, for when it came out it was "our song", with my soul mate, we were a perfect fit, but alas, after we graduated high school a couple of years later, we went to different universities and gradually drifted apart. I still miss her and think of her often cherishing the wonderful time we did have together.

  4. im_tamps93

    1:02 Simpsons Brought Me Here 🤣

  5. Gail Parker


  6. Trans/Am Lovr

    Blue eyed soul. Dig it

  7. Nancy Fintak

    First time I danced with someone other than my dad, was to this song on October 7, 1972. I was 16 and it was with my first love, Tom, at Homecoming. My parents broke us up 18 months later. He was married and divorced. I was happily married for 35 years. Sadly, Tom, and my mother, and my husband, Joe, all died within 42 days of spring 2014.

  8. marie linton

    Back in 70's this was my husband's n my song. Today I 70 n he's 73.

  9. marta nika

    this is a great short song for sure .love the piano well I like everything about it .

  10. Shaka De Virgo

    I was looking for this song for so long and finally, after 20years later till today. I was little and all my brothers were together.

  11. Albert Mojica,Jr.

    Terry Kath's masterpiece. AMJ

  12. Johnny Gamino

    Color my world Johnny and Jacquelina Together always and forever babes. I love you mucho.

  13. John Montoya

    Me and Leslie first song

  14. John Arise

    I miss my daddy! Love you dad

  15. Louis Tenore

    classic from 1971

  16. Desiree Hall

    Terry accidently shot himself in the temple,, killing him in the mid 70's....
    Then Peter took over the lead....
    Sad ☹️😔😞 sToRy.....

  17. Desiree Hall

    I had this 8-track tape I ordered from Columbia 🏠 records and tapes...
    Lived,, lived ChiCaGO!!!

  18. chilenoecorazon

    Los Simpsons😍

  19. anothony peterson

    Just beautiful. I love how the flute just follows the words right after.

  20. Tami Lugo

    Lovely song here to see how many people comment they had this song for their wedding.

  21. emo goose

    still one of the most beautiful songs by Chicago

  22. thelurkerwoman

    It was a warm February nite in the late 70's. I was in high school and out on a date with a young man...we were driving home and this song came on the radio....he turned the volume up and pulled over to the side of the road and we got out of the car and waltzed in the snow. Funny.... I don't remember his name but everytime I hear this song I remember dancing in the snow.

  23. Loretta De Herrera


  24. Robert Petrillo

    I miss hanging out in chi town

  25. Kim Criswell

    I love this!

  26. Rizal Valefi S

    I love this song

  27. Lelia Norton

    This was my wedding song we danced to at my reception in 1972.

  28. joseph callahan

    Sorry, I didn't live up to my voes and caused you so much pain.They say You Always Hurt the Ones You Love the Most. I live with that till this day.

  29. Beth Waseity

    When I went to wedding s in the 70’s this was my favorite song

  30. 우정식

    Berry Googe~~~!

  31. Jimmy Vaca

    Just fucking beautiful

  32. Soloman Price

    This song reminds of my parent's when in the early 70`s when they were gods and goddesses!!!!

  33. Kathy B

    I dedicated this back in 1970 to my first love, Dan. He was in the Navy in Jax, Fl for school & I was in my senior year of high school. Often think of him and how much fun we had.

  34. Dennis

    Just married when this came out (still are) and were so poor. Had a piano, but no furniture. So bought the sheet music for this song. No regrets.

  35. Kathy Arancio

    This would make a nice n romantic wedding song..!!!❤

  36. Wait What Woah

    I was messing around on my dad’s piano when I accidentally played the beginning notes in this song, so I searched it up to listen to it. Huge rush of nostalgia since my parents used to play this all the time and I remember singing along to the lyrics with my family. Great memories that modern songs can’t bring about ☺️

    Louis Tenore

    i did the same thing in high school not even knowing i was playing it

  37. Nicholas Montanez

    Puro pinche oldie but goodie

  38. Patricia Mobley

    Wow, what a masterpiece of modern music. Makes me want to forget about worries and such. Time Marches on.

  39. Angie Savagelife

    My grandparents built a little cabin on a lake in northern WI in 1969. We still have a really old phonograph up there and I remember always wanting to play records on it as a kid. There was this one record, one of the smaller ones. It had this song on it and it was my favorite one to play. This is the theme song of my childhood and I will never get sick of it.

  40. Annabel Hernandez

    Color my world makes me cry

  41. Annabel Hernandez

    Good singing

  42. Kathy Arancio

    Time has showed me how much u mean to me.😍😚😙😉🤗❤👄

  43. Mark J

    Doesn't get any better then this masterpiece...

  44. Julia H

    I'd forgotten how soothing this song is. While listening, all the troubling thoughts drifted away. Thank you for the upload. ❤

  45. Vicky Hendricks


  46. Kimberly Dawn GROVES


    Kimberly Dawn GROVES


    Kimberly Dawn GROVES


    Kimberly Dawn GROVES


  47. Boom Sakura

    Una historia de un hombre que fue a la guerra y tuvo que proteger a su nación y la mujer que ama .
    Algo así va la historia .

  48. Wayne Elmore 1963

    I wish I had that special lady to share this beautiful classic will happen at the right time I believe ; )

  49. kimmilil

    I was very young ( 7) and I adored this song as will for ever more . for my eternal beloved . one day in this life or the next

  50. Lisa Heisey

    I first heard this song in 1971, when I was 5 years old, and remember where I was at the moment I heard it. My parents & I had just gotten in the car to go home, after leaving their friend's apartment, late at night. Even as a 5 year year old, this song's beauty struck me and that feeling has never left me.

  51. Kathy Arancio

    Happiness n joy is expressing ur feelings 2 the one u care about...N hearing the same told back 2 u😍😅❤💋😊👄👅😘😉

  52. Lam Kuan

    Thanks! I mean Thanks!

  53. gregory wines


  54. N emmett

    This song sounds like it belongs in a sad part of a toy story movie

  55. David M. Alexander

    They could never replace Kath , Danny or Pete .

  56. David M. Alexander

    Walt played the hell out of that flute.

  57. Abdon Montes de oca

    This is a timeless tune.

  58. Kathy Arancio

    Time has showed me how much u mean to me!!!😍😁💑💓💙💚❣💞💛💝

  59. Regina Marie Steiner

    This was one of my mother's favorite songs. She passed away from cancer 4/15/2017.  I tear up every time I hear it.   I miss you mom I carry you in my heart forever.

  60. Kassidy Andrea

    this puts me in my feels ❌🧢

  61. Ed Llavore

    Classic TBT my high school days

  62. Jon Campos

    So many weddings and receptions.

  63. Karen Blye

    When I was senior in high school, I was selected to be a part of the Debutante Ball. We learned how to waltz. My dear friend Miles agreed to be my date for the Ball. So we looked for music that you could waltz to, so we chose my favorite song...Color my world. We had a wonderful time together...but shortly after that Miles passed away. That pain was unbearable, but when I hear this song, 30 some odd years later, I smile and remember my very good friend. I miss you.



  65. Azure Horizon

    What are the piano chords being played?

  66. Denise Hedden

    🥀For such a short song it's got a Powerful meaning🥀When I was younger it's one of the 1st song's I played on piano I love this song🥀Beautiful song Guy's🥀☝️

  67. Patty Farghaly

    Best of times.

  68. Homero Jesús González Jiménez

    This song was one of the last songs my dad was listening before passing away due to cancer almost two years ago. I miss you dad and this song encloses all what you mean to me. Warm regards to everyone.


    As time goes on
    I realize
    Just what you mean
    To me
    And now
    Now that you're near
    Promise your love
    That I've waited to share
    And dreams
    Of our moments together
    Color my world
    With hope of loving you

  70. Lucia Caro

    I love this song. And I love Terry Kath. Miss him so much...

  71. Tommy LaVilla

    Cold ass cutt one of my favorites Chicago does

  72. talkisreallycheap

    So amazingly simple and brilliant.

  73. Edward Pasby

    Still brings a tear to my eye

  74. Allen Spearing

    A very unique song for Chicago

  75. rnise1961

    This is one of my favorite songs. Short & sweet. Reminds me of a happy time

  76. aaron labate

    If I see them I am going to strongly frown on every tenth person that took the time to thumb down this one by God... At least tenth... 😎👍

  77. Ken Guill

    This song and Wish YOu Were Here are great examples of simple is best

  78. Vicarious Gamer

    I remember dancing with my girl at the school dance to this back in the 70's. Still makes me feel all mushy. LOL

  79. Alice brenenstahl

    High school song. Was sung to me by my boyfriend then who became my husband for 26 years.

  80. Linda Khoury

    ... remember Cory

  81. Troy Tolbert


  82. Ashley R

    This was my parents song. They got married on June 25 which was also my mom's birthday. Chicago actually came to play at a place me and my family used to go to all the time for concerts. Unfortunately when they came it was after my mom passed from cancer but would you believe it? The day they came out to play was on June 25th. Me my dad and the rest our immediate family all had shirts made special for my mom when we went to the concert ❤️

  83. Judy Anderson

    my college slow dance--Barry, --41 years ago--- and I still remember---xoxo

  84. Ruben Riera

    Love the melody been playing flute for over 40 years and this one just stuck with me

  85. Terry Cooper

    This was one of our favorite songs when we were dating. It was also sang in our wedding. After 49 years together I still get a thrill when I hear it. She has truly colored my world in beautiful hues! Thank you Beth!

    Carol Wright

    Aww! Thanks for sharing Terry! She must also be the lucky one! I was never that lucky BUT, my four sons color my world! May you and Beth keep living well sweetie! This song is amazing! As a kid I heard it at weddings and loved it!!!

  86. Philip Y

    don't forget to hear this TRIBUTE song to COLOR MY WORLD... you won't be disappointed...

    Daniel Johnston


  87. TheTexasOOF Gamer

    My grandpa has a single of that song. Unfortunately his friend ask him to Barrow it, he said yes , one week later. The record was all scratch up and unplayable

  88. kikkiokioli

    The "numbs down" count is nearly 10% here.That's unusually high. Unless a song or artist is highly controversial (where higher negative counts are par for the course), almost invariably the negative count tends to hover around the 2-3% range for over 90% of most music/song videos. Weird, didn't think this song rubbed so many the wrong way (apparently).

  89. hvymtlbabe

    My Prom theme May 1975 and my birthday.

  90. Richard Chludzinski

    All my. Favorites. Songs. Up here

    Richard Chludzinski

    Yeah. All good songs. My past

  91. Pamela Maloy


    Pamela Maloy


  92. Matthew Gregory

    This song sounds reallly sad

  93. joseph callahan

    This was our wedding song in December of 1975...our relationshi[p dis-colored quickly,it only lasted 3 years. It was all my fault!

  94. Rudy ( El Tejano )Escobedo

    First time i hear this song i was in Kenosha , Wis., and going back to my hometown , till this day is one of my fav., and the year was 74

  95. Amigo

    Wow masterpiece...

  96. Manuel Seseña salvador

    ¡!santaaa cachuchaaaa¡!
    Que canción.😍😍😍😍😍😍

  97. Michael Tabor

    My parents wedding song dad passed 5 years ago
    At 57

  98. Brad Fry

    One of the first songs I learned by ear it is a beautiful song even with age like a fine wine.