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We keep dancing till' the world falls
Go on and on till' the world falls down
And we can make the world fall down

The world has gone mad
We might be safer on the dancefloor
So much destruction in our path
Wake up, wake up
They're comin' back for more, they comin' back for more

It's still real so let's just rock the floor
(And live now like tomorrow never comes)
Loose ourselves tonight, with no remorse
Until forever

We keep dancing till' the world falls
Go on and on till' the world falls down
And we can make the world fall down

Now that the coast is clear, we have no fear
We're the survivors
Wake up because the day is finally here
A new horizon

It's still real so let's just rock the floor
(And live now like tomorrow never comes)
Loose ourselves tonight, with no remorse
Oh baby

We keep dancing till' the world falls
Go on and on till' the world falls down
And we can make the world fall down

[Vic Mensa:]
Let's step out tonight
My feet don't walk, they fly, I dance on clouds tonight
Yeah, with me, a natural high
And it's my birthday
Imma just rock my birthday suit
I take the shirt and the shoes off, the vintage too
Call that my birthday cool
And I wanna be free, wanna feel good to be me
Me, look bitch, I'm a king
I got a dream
I might just call up my team and go skydiving off of my wing
I feel flyer than Maya, I know why the caged bird sings
'Cause you gotta have a song when the world falls down
You don't wanna be alone so we just keep dancing

We keep dancing till' the world falls
Go on and on till' the world falls down
And we can make the world fall down

We can go on and on and on
Until the world falls down
We can go on and on and on
Until the world falls down

We keep dancing till' the world falls
Go on and on till' the world falls down
And we can make the world fall down

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CHIC Till The World Falls Comments
  1. Carla Monsalve

    Disco Lives forever!!!!

  2. MrDegsy69

    God this is so awesomely stylish! Bring disco back to the mainstream please!

  3. way gill

    wow ( chic ) baby the best of disco<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  4. david hill

    Subtract the males rap lyric and it is terrific.

    luquezjm luquez

    U r right

  5. Terry Bradley

    the short-haired women is that GaGa?

  6. D W

    I'm sorry but this NEW LOOK of CHIC isn't working for me. Nile Rodgers needs to get back the REAL SEASONED FIRST LADIES of CHIC which are Norma Jean Wright Alfa Anderson and Luci Martin. The REAL CHIC fans know who these ladies are. This new CHIC will never get the millennials attention.
    I read the reviews on Amazon from the people that purchased the CD and it averaged

  7. Gilles Guillon

    merci Nile pour vos beaux accords qui ont bercé nos enfances!

    Gilles Guillon

    et aussi pour votre "savoir faire"

  8. jerome Jackson

    I'll always love Chic. However, the new members don't exude the same class & elegance that Alpha Anderson & Luci Martin brought to the scene. And, in my humble opinion, Without Tony & the maestro Bernard Edwards its just not "chic''. Alpha & Luci rocked their own hair & natural beauty. These girls look like all the other wanna be, divas. Alpha, Bernard, Luci & Tony are irreplaceable. I want the original Chic. Bernard & Tony ....R.I.P Love & miss you both.

  9. Shaneice Jackson

    Who are those 2 ladies on the album cover ?

  10. captainjaneway3000

    Nile Rodgers !


    Great Nile Rodgers! Eternally dance of the best quality!

  12. M. H.

    Such a great sound. Best Music forever!!!!
    I'll never miss this sound. Please more....
    Thanks so much.

  13. alfonso bradshaw

    This track is sick the young people need to listen to after cancer battle NILE RODGERS IS STILL ROOCKIN GO GIMME C H I C !!!!

  14. ihatesnaku_

    I went to the concert at the O2 Last night!!! It was amazing!!!

  15. Max-Antoine Meisters

    Just recognized the voice of Anderson Paak sneaking under the main vocals of the song, composed with his signature phrase "YES LORD" from 2:59 to 3:02 What a cool song!!!

  16. Ramiz Saei

    The sound of Chic? Just shut up and enjoy. 2018, Chic sounds this way, times have changed. Yes there will never be a Bernard, but life goes on and so does CHIC... I actually think CHIC sounds better now

  17. Beautiful Portland

    Just purchased the CD . . . I like it . . . but I do miss the "CLASSIC" CHIC STRINGS . . .They Took THE CHIC sound to a whole other LEVEL . . .

  18. bryen keyth

    love this song just heard it on the x factor uk

  19. 2019 DE

    Love the mans flares, they better come back big time, let it hang loose. :) Actually if he's wearing them they must be back.

  20. Loue afrigue

    wheres the funk niles, this is commercialised music for whites.

  21. RackwitzG

    Who‘s that gorgeous black girl?

    jerome Jackson

    She is gorgeous isn't she? Thats the only positive thing, I can say about this "New" Chic sound .

  22. Curragao Mattson

    Nile! Youre the MAN!

  23. Anto77 Chiarelli

    Pezzo meraviglioso prodotto da un grande artista

  24. Sandraparis

    Nile Rodgers le top du top l'album est magnifique Merci ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  25. Wendy Tully

    Is definately what the world is missing today; some good dance beats! Brilliant!

  26. Bretx H

    The ebano girl is gorgeous!

  27. jacques heath

    Incredibly funky tunes!!

  28. Cyprito

    Get that good funk Nile

  29. fsol13

    10 minutes of crap vocal recordings packed into 4 min. Weak bassline. Ouch.

  30. sascha Gerlach

    Nile you are a contemporary
    witness of music history:
    From CHIC in the 70's till
    DAFT PUNK in the 2000's
    is your music escorting
    my life. We love your dance
    music still in 2018 and want you for concert in Europe.

  31. Day Six

    This video just makes me feel sad.

  32. terry cardozo

    I wish I could make disco music become mainstream

  33. Lionel Monfort

    Un nouvel album au top, 9 titres absolument déments, la patte du génial Nile Rodgers a encore frappé et le résultat est magnifique. J'espère juste qu'on ne va pas encore attendre 26 ans pour la suite. 26 my baby is 26....

  34. Bass Man

    HQ satanism!




  37. Michael Wilson

    I could just listen to Nile all by himself. Guitar World! Put him on the cover!!!


    Quelle facilité à créer ...

  39. Макс Меленчук

    With waiting for new works! Mr. Rogers what you are doing makes i dance and enjoy life!

  40. Houston Blue

    Finally the Chic mystic, it really is about time damn

  41. Tim Abbott


  42. Karla Eyzaguirre

    I prefer Dísco Músic style!!!

  43. Barrett Logan

    C'est magnifique!!

  44. RicoVilsy

    back !!!

  45. rondmc44

    Why they can't have an original Chic reunion, with Norma Jean, Luci Martin and Alfa Anderson with Nile (We know Bernard Edwards and Tony Thompson went on to glory)? Is it personality, business disagreement or both???

    John Benjamin

    Because of there contracts or lack thereof. jb

    John Benjamin

    artists are signed to different labels and record companies..etc
    in their contracts clauses stipulate what they can and cannot do...
    Usually they have to get permission sometimes compensate...If on the same label little easy to do...I remember the original ladies of Chic...regrouped
    to tour and formed the group Former Ladies of Chic...and toured
    using the Chic songs...Well Nile Rodgers sued them because he owned the publishing rights to those songs....He won ended the original Ladies of Chic...You must get permission and clearance
    to do that....Ahhhh! the music business can get ugly.....Always ask yourself what is in their contracts.....Public wants one thing
    the artist record label industry wants another..comes down to
    $$$$ and sense or is it cents...
    jb...Bernard Edwards RIP Bass Player of Chic...
    I use to party at his estate up in
    Ct every Hollyween real down to earth kat...
    jb former college concert promoter EWF Mandrill Roy Ayers
    Stanley Turrentine. Patti Labelle etc etc...


    Had the whole thing we were used to just stayed the same likely theyda been in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by now. Should be in there anyways, though.

  46. francoloforte

    Ok, I can't stop listening to "It's About Time".. Go Nile!!!!!!!!!

  47. SoundUniversal64

    Sorry doesnt work. Big drop off from the standard Nile Rodgers fare.

  48. shakasour

    Chic (Nile Rodgers), and their music are just perfect, anytime, and anywhere!

  49. Dj Tennessee

    Id rather have Nile and the band doing instrumentals and minimal vocals to be honest..

  50. Steve F

    The return of disco?!

  51. rueganer70

    Really good, fat Girls will hate the video

  52. Stella Ercolani

    Love these tunes!

  53. Stella Ercolani

    It's only a gas with cold hard cash. Only the best, no less!

  54. 311 Jazzy

    It’s ok I prefer the classics

  55. Music By KanD

    Nile Please
    Have someone call 518-732-5729
    I am leaving the east coast soon
    Touring Texas Florida,Atlanta, Memphis, and Cali
    I would love to connect and experience the magic of music with you. #KanD

  56. Dee Palmer

    Hmmm...not sure about this. And what’s with this video??

  57. Mario Avalos

    -We want "disco music",,, back in 2019....special "chic"....some others bands from 1975...

    Isabelle ISABELLE

    Absolutely. ...

    way gill

    Disco forever

    Ricardo Siqueira Marques

    YES !!!! YES !!!

  58. Daniel Sawaya

    Chic, Banda que faz jus ao nome

  59. Spyros Giovanof

    Great LP!

  60. Roger Mehta

    Love CHIC with all my heart but though better than 95% of what's out there, what made CHIC special was their organic groove. This is too polished & vocally detached from the otherwise excellent lyrics.

  61. Marcus Allison

    It sounds too frenetic. There isn't enough space between the musical notes to appreciate it. And the video is antithetical to everything I hold dear. I wanted to appreciate this, I don't.

  62. Ken W

    “CHIC” does not mean their old pieces.
    this is also “CHIC”!

  63. Marcio Chiafareli

    The best Nile...

  64. BreatheMusicOfficial

    🔥🔥[NEW MASHUP] Marshmello & Anne Marie - FRIENDS VS. Carly Simon - WHY🔥🔥 on my page :)

  65. Terry Kendell

    Love It - thumbs up Nile

  66. j Jpr

    Sorry but “Le fric “ is not Chic on that tune :-(.

  67. Kay Carsley

    good song crap video.

  68. James williams

    Nile Rodgers new song "sober" with Craig David is Awesome!! Check it out

  69. R MCK

    The models look horrifically anorexic, very ugly boyish bodies and very-unhealthy. Songs O.K. but not great.

  70. Johnny Smith

    Not bad of a song but there could have been more effort in making this video!

    Freaky Vids

    Not much effort has gone into the Vid as its just a lyric vid the official improved vid will prob b out soon. But i agree i love this song

  71. Fala Crow

    Nile's has done a lot of great music for those of his time, I'm glad he is able to do the electronic sounding music he tried to do in the 90s but it didn't seem to pick up. He's finally getting recognition for his part in pioneering modern Pop. Love it. This track is fun, excited to hear what else he's doing.

  72. skierpage

    "We might be safer on the dance floor," that's a great line. It's growing on me. Good Times!
    (and sure, I miss Tony Thomson's heavyweight drumming and a Bernard Edwards bass thundercloud, RIP guys)

  73. iwa 67


  74. 김동현

    The rhythm guitar god nile rodgers

  75. MrLightPower

    Welcome as always !! I love your music!!!

  76. JOUA1400

    That rhythm guitar; is timeless!! absolutely luvit!!!!

  77. Michael Caz

    Nile "aka" The Hitmaker - Does Not Stop. Keep doing your thing. My brother from NYC. You are one-of-a-kind.

  78. Tonya Richellé

    Love CHIC but this poppy song and video didn't have to be! 😂😂😂😂 Couldn't keep watching

  79. R Smith

    It's a grower although I'm not a lover of all the featured artists which might put me off listening to the album over and over. Be good if they did a side album without the featured artists for us old school. Saw them live a couple of times in London in the late 70's and they were just pure class. All original members and people forget actually how huge they were at the time. My feet kept dancing that's for sure!!

    Gustavo Sanders

    I agree👌

  80. Neil Saunders

    Giving me potential day time show opening credit vibe

    Issac Mizrahi and some one else hosting

    That would happen in the nineties

    What happened to the world? It's so beige

  81. pa3fat

    Sorry miss the sound of CHIC....

  82. Andye P.

    She sounds kind of like Ariana Grande

  83. Toney Clark

    I'm sorry but without ( Alfa - lucy + sylva Logan Sharpe, Bernard Edwards, Tony Thompson this doesn't sound like chic


    Don't be so harsh. It does sound like Nile playing a CHIC song. The glass is more than half full.

    Redd Blitz

    Toney Clark

    R.I.P to Bernard and Tony✊✊ What a band!! It's ridiculous that their influence and legacy keeps getting ignored by the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. It's no question that CHIC should be inducted.

  84. Andreas Wolske

    Welcome back Chic! Awesome ...

  85. Ronald Scott

    Good mix Nile Rogers Amen Ron Ron

  86. 삼촌의 LP레코드 Vinyl Uncle

    It reminds me of chic's first album cover. haha

    sandra sanders

    That's what I was thinking too I went that looks awfully familiar

  87. Iván Nerio

    I personally prefer the live version of this song but I ❤❤❤ it!!

  88. Voodoo Chile



    Word. I miss Tony Thompson too. His heavy drum sound, the opening of Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out", his touch on "You Can't Do It Alone," ... RIP.
    Chic were layer upon layer of great talent. Nile and 'Nard of course, then Tony Thompson, then the singers including Fonzi Thornton, scintillating keyboards from Ray Jones and Rob Sabino, the Chic strings, Danny Figueroa's percussion in "Thinking if You," .... So much damn talent in the service of great songs! I'm thankful Nile's guitar is still going strong.

    Toney Clark

    Without [email protected] Tony there is no chic

    Gus Sanders

    +Toney Clark Totally agree.Unfortunately they left us too early.

    Ben cates

    Voodoo Chile 70s out of my mind..."i wana be free"

  89. Voodoo Chile

    It looks like he was recreating the C'est CHIC album cover. .... slick !🎸☝🎼

  90. Fritz Müller

    Drop that new album, Nile!

  91. Freizeit Gamer

    Best guitar player of all times is back. Wonderful!!!!


    Let's not get carried away. One of the best RHYTHM guitarist of all time perhaps. Listen to "Nile Rodgers' Guitar Style" on YouTube, so many signature riffs!

  92. Tigerex966

    Great Song and guitar by Nile Rodgers responsible for $3 billion dollars in music sales.
    He has worked with almost every one.

  93. Frenchiic

    So CHIC !!!

  94. Julie Benford

    I’m lucky enough to remember Nile and Chic in the late 70s/early 80s when I was in my early 20s. He is truly talented and still making great music! May he continue for many years to come

    Himanshu Verma

    Julie Benford aap aap, ko ye jo attendence is vertical intelligent zss


    Yes! I'm 44 and i remember too :) Chic, all the albums produced by Nile in the 80's, cooperation with Duft Punk and many more. I'm happy that Nile still make music. I love this guy. He's a titan!

    Gary Davies

    I was younger and loved Chic forever

    Valeska Réon

    I'm 56 and was lucky enough to enjoy them in the legendary Studio 54 - so amaaaazing!!!

  95. Zackary Naas

    so good!!!!!! Welcome Back CHIC!

    markeith k

    Its not Chic without Bernard Edwards. Just like it wouldn't be Chic without Nile Rodgers

    Gustavo Sanders

    +markeith k Without Bernard cannot be any aproach to classic Chic.He was the mastermind,a supertalented musician.

    Michael Klausen

    Not the same as “old CHIC”. Not bad..
    Just not as good. Sorry. I want to hear Alfa and Luci.

  96. Zackary Naas