CHIC - Sober Lyrics

[Stefflon Don:]
Tell 'em
Stefflon is a bad chick
Tell 'em, tell 'em
A bad chick

[Craig David:]
Said it's Friday night
Yeah, the weekend's here
And I know you know my routine, baby
You ain't got no fear
But it's okay 'cause you're living so good
Yeah, it feels so right

But when that liquors in our system
Baby, we on a different rhythm all day
And when you dancing to the music
I know that you're gonna lose it
Oh baby

She only loves me when she's sober
She only loves me when she's sober

Tryna get a little closer but you're pushing me away
I hate to stand to look at you as you go on your way
But it's okay, baby, it's all good
'Cause the weekend's over, you'll be back just like you should

But when that liquors in our system
Baby, we on a different rhythm all day
And when you dancing to the music
I know that you're gonna lose it
Oh baby

She only loves me when she's sober
She only loves me when she's sober

[Stefflon Don:]
I'm rolling through the jungle, it's a madness to London
Step up, Stefflon is a bad chick
Who want it? You don't really want it
'Cause I keep 'em humming, keep 'em coming, keep 'em runnin'
And I run up, step up
Stefflon wet up the place, get mad
Get wicked and wile out
Every time I come, runner run up

[Craig David:]
She only loves me when she's sober
She only loves me when she's sober
She only loves me when she's sober
She only loves me when she's sober

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CHIC Sober Comments
  1. m. ohkubo


  2. Francis Frederick

    Yes i agree traits of late 80s early 90s New Jack Swing vibe Nile Rodgers is a brilliant legendary producer he does not live in the past.

  3. calo pobí

    This sounds like Michael Jackson wtf

  4. Sheila Barron

    Love being Sober even on the funky days The Beautiful Women of Beauty ✌️♥️

  5. Kattywampus

    Did you just NEW New Jack Swing?!
    <3 <3 <3

  6. Véronique PAILLARDON

    J'adoooooore !!! Le grand retour de CHIC

  7. Ayesha Sha Sha!

    I listen to this on repeat EVERY TIME I drive... SUCH A TUUUUNNNNEE

  8. claudette jacobs

    an eclectic mix that does work the more you listening to it

  9. 深澤隆

    newjackswing 4eva!!!!!!

  10. Modicus

    Sounds like MJ - Scream

  11. Johnny Sinner

    i had no idea how much i needed this song in my life!!! ITS FUCKING FIRE!!!

  12. pika txu

    gros retour de chic, propulsé par nile rodgers au top !

  13. ocelot salarian

    craig david and nile rodgers - two legends = musical gold!

  14. Paul Waring

    Pure class - Craig David & Nile Rogers are superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Tyrone Epps

    This song is on 🔥!

  16. Walter Johnson

    Early 90s New Jack Swing and very MJ 'Dangerouus'esqe song here. MJ could of totally had this on 'Dangerous'.

  17. stephen4673

    wow,nile Rodgers again what a genius,craig david sounds fantastic,i can hear cardie b style raps in there too,fabulous track,bruno marrs 80s vibe,

  18. craig davidson

    Reminds me of drizabone type tune from the 90s. Love this tune.

  19. romy idehen

    super music klasse werd ich mir kaufen

  20. Masaya Ohazama


  21. S. Axel

    master of funk guitar is back , nice tune

  22. Aleko Markov

    Great music - love it.

  23. Giuseppe Lembo

    Nile Rodgers sempre il migliore . Bellissima !!!!


    Every Little Step I Take

  25. MrSteff63

    200 days on tour...and finally new Stuff! Nile is back with Chic...yeah!!!!!

  26. Ryan Dobson

    reminds me of finesse by bruno lol

  27. Sheila Barron

    Love the Cover Two Beautiful Woman Such a Fantastic song Sober it's hard sometimes,but worth everything 9/27/06 is my Sobriety date It's Awesome that Nile is out again Remember the Disco days couldn't get off that dance floor✌️♥️

  28. Bernhardt Siegfried

    i cant hear this " uhhhh yeaahh " from CD anymore ...😒

  29. Robert Corrall

    The teddy riley remix of this track is dropping tomorrow. Seriously dope remix!

  30. Nawapun Wisal

    I heard Rhythm Nation

  31. Adriana Lopez

    This song sounds like Finesse - Bruno Mars


    The R&B sub-genre is called "New Jack Swing". Bruno Mars borrowed from that too.

  32. jackson2step

    New Jack Swing in 2018.Love this !!!

  33. Royal Rap 21

    I love it....Pretty P....very fun...I like Craig David always....However as usual My love Nile...Really Picking a Great lady to stand up...She Bad🤩🤩🤩🤩🙊🙈🙉 Rasta..Go Don....let she chat....She's up S.F....she has many great tunes....🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🙉🙈🙈🙊

  34. TheBennychin

    Chic having Craig David is AWESOME!

  35. September Tommy

    Really love this jack swing!

  36. Carole M Prince

    Excellent 🎹🎶👍💜

  37. reggaeone

    Got This Song on REPEAT, just love this track...Nile Rodgers...looking to tour in 2019

  38. Keeng

    So 1988... reminiscence of the group Troop...luv it!!!?

  39. Maria Smith

    Make a vid for this ♥️

  40. lu io

    A me piace ...è carina ...

  41. Modicus

    MJ style!


    LOL...MJ didn't invent this style!

  42. Jamel Rajah

    A great album ' hitmaker' nile rodgers happy man 2018

  43. Mike Sharpe

    New Jack Sober, what an incredible song, it has the classic Teddy Riley production on it which isn't what you'd normally expect from CHIC and they do it really well.

  44. 64214Jose

    Can’t wait for the new album!!!

  45. j Jpr

    Def new jack city sound. !!! Bobby brown. ..

  46. Deep Dance Radio

    you can hear Nile Rodgers & CHIC - Sober on and many more songs like this!!!!!

  47. scottmasonmusic

    And just like that, I started doing the running man.

  48. Stef Leck

    2018's Uptown last...

  49. Nazim Lamine Hadj hammou

    Craig David please sing only this style....we love you so much when you sing on real music ;)

  50. Nazim Lamine Hadj hammou

    Very similar to Finesse from Bruno Mars......same producer ?

    Mike Sharpe

    Teddy Riley

    Nazim Lamine Hadj hammou

    Ahhhh that's why thank youuu :)

  51. Steven Kerry

    I love it but it does sound influenced by a record from the past with a male vocalist ( maybe something by Kool +the Gang?) that had the lyrical hook"Get up everybody" which also had the line 'It's the weekend,"... makes no difference; I still can't wait for the new Chic album and this single sounds like an out-of-the box hit.

  52. Austin Caufield

    Love the Vibes and the cover kicks ass. More feel great music...…………….. Austin

  53. Martin Humphreys

    What’s the music in the track, it’s bugging me. It sounds like a track from the early nineties

    R Smith

    It's got definate traces of 'Nasty Boys' by Janet Jackson...

    Martin Humphreys

    It’s not the song I was thinking of. But it does sound similar though 👍

    j Jpr

    Bobby brown // Johnny gill


    None of the above are correct - it's channeling "Groove Me" by GUY.


    No-one's getting sued here, because nothing has been sampled. Plus, the inventor of New Jack Swing himself, Teddy Riley, was involved in this release. Knowledge is key!

  54. シーナタカ


  55. James williams

    I've already posted that I love this song but I can't stop listening to it! Its very addicting. If radio stations will give this decent air play (especially on dance music stations) it should be a SMASH!! This song is FIRE!!!

  56. AirEdHd

    New Jack is back! 😘😘🙌🏻

  57. Rych3rInLyf3

    sounds like late 80s new jack swing. Love it.

  58. Ozan Kalelioglu

    Love this one „too“ !!!! Like every other song !

  59. Maria Smith

    Stefflondon my queen 👑💞

  60. E. Laz

    Fabulous song!! Loving the 90s vibes on this one and craig KILLS it as per usual!!! Hoping for a video as well!!!

  61. James williams

    Love this!!!! Nile Rodgers and Craig David are a great combination!! Two LEGENDS and Stefflon Don is coming up strong as well. Craig's VOCALS are Great in this!! I hope there is a music video for this.