CHIC - City Lights Lyrics

Let's go light the lights
Groovin' city lights
Lights, lights

Feels so good to me

Let's go light the lights, groovin' city lights
Lights, lights

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CHIC City Lights Comments
  1. Marcos Navarro

    virtuosismo puro

  2. HierarchyM

    Lol wasn't expecting to hear that Cryda Luv sample here, love that song

  3. john leggatt

    awesome magic in this track proper chic!!!!!!!!!

  4. Keith mellor

    Great bass...

  5. OperationEndGame

    Bernard is wheelin' and dealin' on here.

    Lee Griffin

    He sure is!!

  6. Mario Jackson

    I bought this album "back-n-the-day", I STILL love every tune. At that time CHIC was/is one of my favorite groups. Made sure I bought every album they put out. Only the group "Mtume" even comes close to Chic.

  7. crosbonit

    Nice uptown, urban groove. I don't remember this (as far as I can remember), but I'm enjoying it now.