Chester See - When She Walks Into A Room Lyrics

She walks into the room
and I can't help but notice
when she walks into a room

She speaks to me, and I don't know what to do with my hands so I
I put them in my pocket and I try my best to understand the words she speaks to me
the language of her eyes but I just can't believe, there's an angel by my side when she walks into the room

Intriguing with her eyes
is there something that she hides
cause I can see it in her style
captivated by her smile [x4]

yeah she walks into a room
and you can't help but notice.

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Chester See When She Walks Into A Room Comments
  1. Fern Sweeney

    Figures when I'm searching for cute wedding songs one of the best is one of the oldest. 😍 I wonder if Myspace is even up anymore...

  2. Ανναβελλε Ωαλσ


  3. TheDauntlessGirlonFire

    I would everything by him tbh

  4. AdeleiTeillana

    I wish you'd rerecord this with better quality and release it on iTunes/Amazon. :)

  5. Chelsea Araujo

    Ohh damn MySpace 😂

  6. Hamburjer

    This was 7 years ago O.O

  7. Kelly Varner

    In love with this song.......................................................

  8. AwesomePossums100

    Piano Sheet Music PLEASE

  9. hallo

    oh my god you play the piano gorgeously! <3

  10. Watermelonnommer

    awesome :D

  11. Mai

    Please re sing it Ches? Please?

  12. Jess C.

    Chester! That was beautiful!

  13. astro_z0mbie

    Chester- when she walks into a room
    Me- when I walk into a room, I drop my shit everywhere.

  14. BeccaSockPotato

    I didnt know he went to chico state.

  15. KelseyMcGween

    Please, remake this song and put it on iTunes :3 It's far too beautiful to only stay with those 67 046 views. It deserves the million views.

  16. Ashley T.

    No..I know he'd win but he belongs here. on youtube..I KNOW ;)

  17. Kara Inez

    you have to re upload this with that amazeballz camera you have now! this song is jaw droppingly good!

  18. musicequalslove941

    honestly u should have been the better/hotter/more talented/ all around more awesome justin bieber....without the weird hairdo lol

  19. tansklf

    hahaha look in the description. MYSPACE

  20. Emilie Mortensen

    @drpandaful I think he has!!!! universal distibution!!! :)

  21. Spencer Weaver

    you my friend, have mad piano skills.

  22. Jem

    2:10-2:33 was EPIC!!!

  23. MysteryGirlI

    You Have Truly Improved. I Guess It's True When They Say, 'Practice Makes Perfect'.

  24. Sara Hosseini

    @xxSelenaGomez95xx sorry ur already dating Justin bieber LOL jk (since ur username... Ya)

  25. Destini Fultz

    Every single one of your originals give me chills...

  26. LediaPimmk


  27. Miss O'Hara

    A cross between Elton John and Billy Joel, Live the Dream sweetheart!

  28. Crazy Kalmo

    IDOL 2011 NEXT OR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Harpsx

    Oh wow... Wiil you marry me?

  30. doctoritabook517

    shittt the piano solo <33

  31. aly_lauren

    BEAUTIFUL piano solo :)

  32. Mimi Ventura

    thats really beautiful!!!

  33. Jonas Nielsen

    That song has so much potential, Chester. I think it's a bit sad that the amazingultragalacticepic piano solo was in that song. It lifted the song several miles, but I think it could've been a lot better if you spent some more time on the rest of the song here.

    Not to be mean at all, but I just love that solo so much. And I want the world to hear it.

  34. kwengkynator

    A good song topped by a wonderfully played piano solo... Keep it up dude!!

  35. abconvo

    gooseybumps :) I <3 you and your ahmazing music!!!!

  36. amandajade23

    goosebumps again :) thankyou

  37. amandajade23

    this is one of my favourite songs of yours. as well as god damn. i just love your voice. i seriously would give up any opportunity to meet you. it would just be amazing. :) how do you write such heartfelt songs? i try so bad but they are never as amazing as yours :( good work though. :) your so great.

  38. waaaaaaaaaassap

    sweet...little tacky on the lyrics, but very well done...amazing solo

  39. Calum McGinnis

    well in pal (y)

  40. Alixevette Solstice

    People! Seriously could we tone it down a bit on twilight? I'm starting to get tired of hearing Edward Cullen everywhere. but I will agree that he is hott so don't kill me plz.

  41. Alixevette Solstice

    Oh my...the piano solo gave me chills. I love it! ^^

  42. Ani Ka

    you are amazing. love your music!

  43. Emma Gage

    far out the piano solo at 2mins 8 is amazing
    makes me happy :-)

  44. sidra Ilahi

    LMFAO <3

  45. Rachel Mikofsky

    Hot....Plays Piano....Smexy Voice....Obsessed with a girl.....


  46. Eman Cue

    this and god damn you're beautiful are my favorite songs from him

  47. bfflasb

    i love your voice.

  48. njoyinqbus3

    You have true talent! Never ever everrrr give up on this. :)

  49. MusiCismYlaFj


  50. I am KhaiSyamal

    Man you are great with the piano

  51. Rachel Intrater

    ahhhhhhhhhhh u r so incredible! I wish I had a guy like u. u r amazing the piano was beautiful and this is one of my fav. songs of urs

  52. Lj Ferrer


    you should do a remake of this vid with better sound quality. not that it's bad. it's just too soft.

  53. first doctor

    dude .. make a cd ... now :)

  54. kokoqui


  55. Michelle Mody

    i cant believe ur not signed! ur so good!!

  56. cecilia tott

    GIVE ME A FUCKIN CD MAN! Seriously. -.-

  57. Jonas Nielsen

    Chester, your piano solo was amazing.
    I can't even dream about having your talent, man.
    But I'm about to post some videos soon, so tell me what you think :)

  58. Screen Huddle

    how long have you been studying the piano?

  59. Jiselle Roman

    you definitely need to make an mp3 of this song and post it. ;o)

  60. Megan Dillon

    make a cd chester... I know at least 7,373 of us would buy it... and those are just the sure bets... lol

  61. Jessica Quah

    what can I say, the piano solo blew my mind. it always does ;)

  62. Anny91

    No words to say, you awesome singer and men...

  63. KarmaPayment

    You are amazing.

  64. jcbenny

    one of the most beautiful piano solo's i've heard. great job!

  65. ForgottEn21

    jeez ur crazy, i like ur songs a lot :) ur well gd

  66. SCgirl73

    beautiful piano solo...really great video

  67. Jonas Nielsen

    oh my god..
    this video is top 5 here on YouTube..
    and the piano solo is just incredible...

  68. jackieechan111

    the solo was wicked!!
    how do you come up with that ?!?

  69. Daniela Rechberger

    write a second voice for this pretty girl and u can rule the world ^^

  70. mismindles

    you are amazing! I love your voice and your piano and the lyrics are wonderful.

  71. Jay Dizzle

    A piano tutorial would be the awsomest!!

  72. PinoyProductionz

    this would be cool to learn on piano 2! hahaha

    piano tutorial??

  73. kiramon

    The piano starting at like 2:08 is awesome

  74. beefiee

    this is awesome... but can you either tone down the piano or put a mike? thnx = D your my hero!!!

  75. CherTenbush

    very lovely cute pie!

  76. sginsh

    you + david = musicgasm.

  77. iiperplexedii

    very nice. watching all these artists on youtube makes me wish I could sing without covering my own ears ;D

    good job

  78. senyorajie

    omg.i love you.<3