Chester See - Should I Kneel Or Should I Stand? Lyrics

Friday morning, got a big game tonight
He's the high school quarterback of his football team
But he's been up late with some things on his mind
So he call his grandpa and share what he's been wondering

"Grandpa, I don't wanna make you mad
But tonight during the anthem, I don't know if I'll stand
I'd still think of those who've died and served
But if I don't take a knee, I know my team will be hurt"
(I don't know)
Should I kneel or should I stand?
And he said

Just as long as you're holding somebody's hand
Cause after all the noise we'll still be, all in this together
And yes, that flag mean's a lont of things, but will you mean to make it better?

Some yegarts have passed, he's found the love of his life
Thinkin' that it's time to ask her: You will marry with me?
He's so nervous wondering how she'll reply
So he hops on the phone and gives his grandpa a ring

Grandpa, I just don't know waht I should do
Will I say the right things?
Will I make the right moves?
I just wanna be the best for her life
She's perfect for mine I've gotta make her my wife

Should I kneel or should I stand?
And he said

Just as long as you take her by the hand
'Cause after all the crying you two will be, all in this together
And yes, that ring mean's a lont of things, make it mean those things forever

White picket fence, two boys, a dog and a home
But grandpa getting sick was never part of the plan
Sleeps next to grandpa so he won't be alone
Grandpa call his over, he keels down and takes his hands

Hey look at you, this time you didn't even ask
You normally never know, if you should kneel or should stand
With his hands in his and tears in his eyes
Says: Look at this here moment, you've done everthing rigth

Then he squeezed his grandson's hands and said

Make sure those boys of yours, they always understand
After all the nonsense life may bring, we're all in this together
And I'll leave this world as happy as can be
Knowing those boys will learn a thing from me
Every time you teach them love

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Chester See Should I Kneel Or Should I Stand? Comments
  1. Michele Walburn

    I love this song. Just beautiful

  2. James Lamon

    I'm a vet we fought to give u the right to do either

    Michele Walburn

    I wish more vets would say that more often. Please, please let people know that kneeling isn't offensive to vets and has nothing to do with respect for our service members. Thank you for your honesty.

  3. Brandy DIY Crafter, Upcycler, & Artist

    OMG beautifully worded

  4. William Stanley Koster


  5. Ruby dragon 456

    I was really hoping this would be a parody of should I stay or should I go

  6. April Downs

    Chester.. I am getting married soon and it would mean the world to me if you would come sing at my Yes I am serious..

  7. sara been

    Chester see u r amazing perfect , hope u the best ,, u r my favourite l am from Iraq 😍💝💖👍👍👍

  8. Rebecca Highfill Pickard


  9. Jamie Smith

    People r so disrespectful to those who died for all of us to have the freedoms we take foe granted.

  10. A Standard Commenter

    fuck you chester! You made me have feelings. Damn it! I keep welling up! Too emotional man, sing about sex or something. I can't deal with all this sentimentality...

    Jokes aside, thank you for this beautiful song, this makes me cry every time I listen to it. It should be mandatory playing every time this issue comes up in the news. We're all in this together. Thanks :)

    a random bloke called Christopher (UK)

  11. Find Yourself Well

    You are sooo Brilliant 🦋😍🦋

  12. Pamela Gonzales

    Great lyrics!

  13. s ooo

    Chester is so handsome 😆

  14. Celine Charles

    Chester you're one heck of a singer I love all of your songs

  15. Martin Witbooi

    😢😢😢i dont know if i should cry or smile (i dont know)

  16. Robella Mullet


  17. George Brannon

    Absolutely LOVED this song and it's message. Sir, you are simply AMAZING!!

  18. Darlene Holt

    Your songs are so heart touching and I love to hear them. I have only been listening to your music and nothing else. You make me feel like you are singing about my life. Especially the song A Life of Regrets. Thank you so much for your music.

  19. Areeba Yousaf

    YA'LL CAN'T EVEN GET CLOSE TO THINKING HOW MUCH I ADORE THIS GUY. HE DESERVES THE WORLD. I WANT TO FLY TO THE HIGHEST PLACE AND PUT HIM THERE SO EVERYBODY SEES AND APPRECIATES HIM MAN CMON NOW LOOK AT THIS 😭😭😭😭😭😭when I heard this the first time I was with my little sister and we were both holding and squeezing each others' hands cos it was sooo beautiful and when he got to the grandpa getting sick part we both were like HELL NAWHHHH but overall THIS IS SO AMAZING I WANT EVERYONE TI SEE THIS. I WANT TO PUT FLYERS UP THERE. I'M SO GLAD I KNOW CHESTERSEE HE SINGS JUST THE TYPE OF SONGS THAT MAKE WAY TO MY HEART. Favourite song will forever be "Who am I to stand in your way" because I relate to it on a whole new level. Thankyou for this Chester. Can't thank you enough. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤❤❤❤

  20. Angel Vazquez

    wow, I'm speechless. this song is so very beautiful. brought tears to my eyes. tears of joy and of sadness. God bless you chester.

  21. Austin West

    look at that freshly shaven face

  22. Crazy Friends

    Amazing lyrics

  23. Sagebrush Kub

    WOW!! This just showed up in my playlist and I was ready to just skip it, but decided to stop and listen, and wow! I absolutely love this song!!

  24. William Stanley Koster

    lief jou Billy Koster so a amazing rol model

  25. William Stanley Koster

    thank you chester for making memories so fresh and so amazing again you are by far the best of the best

  26. Karlo Padilla

    Stand up young man! We only kneel to our God.

  27. Kuthos Tsutso

    My favorite song. 😢👌👍

  28. Talon Sneddon

    This song made me cry when I first heard it. Such a touching song. I love it

  29. Heidi Burke

    Such a powerful and beautiful song! Thank you

  30. ImaginaryHeart

    It's just beautiful...

  31. TwoFace Gaming

    I cried

  32. Kristianto Laskar

    well you look 10 years younger without your beard , nice modification

  33. Leslie Olan

    So true...and a shot straight to what's really important. Love the storytelling way of the lyrics, another great song! Thank you!

  34. Sheri Ferber

    Okay, I went there. Thank you Darlin!

  35. Jenn stewart-garrett

    Talented artist, every song of his is a true masterpiece🎼

  36. TaZe Mystic0

    You are teaching LOVE also, beautiful song, Thank you for your song🙌

  37. Dam Jimin

    I love your voice chester ♡♡♡

    Dam Jimin

    It's so gentle and warm

  38. Robin Pike

    That is an awesome song Thank you PS I like the new look hope you and yours are doing good

  39. Emna Amri


  40. sophea som

    love it

  41. jesse bonifer

    Sad song

  42. Lovepreet Gill

    wow..beautiful song... connecting everything from Anthem Controversy to granpa's last time including life's most important decision (marriage) ... and yes life teach us when to kneel and when to stand (Hey look at you, you didn't even normally never know when to kneel or stand)... In love with your music... LOVE FROM INDIA.

  43. Alicia Gogue

    Wow i crying beautiful song yr voice i. Should kneel or i. Should stand. Love it

  44. Rakesh Moktan

    Why not brother.. I hereby declare that I am subscribing and turning on the notification of our beloved brother.. Chestersee. Love u always... And we will create a world a better place to live.cheeers to humanity... Love and peace.

  45. Rhonda Smith

    Lord, should I?

  46. Christine Sanders

    Amazingly stunning song.

  47. song Lina

    Or I Should Stand ???
    Standing with people's mood too hurt , Love The Way I hide .
    ohh I see I am decision now , I Give ya to be happy without any reason!
    I will even U too
    I STAND .

  48. Proud Military Brat

    Where did your facial hair go?!? Sad. Lol

  49. lisa massar

    I just loved your song..

  50. Mandy Mattan

    Omg Chester See you did it again. I love your music.... deep message here...

  51. บัญชีเพลง TRT

    I love this video.

  52. Andrea rose

    Seen you singing beautiful always with beard .... your so cute with it , miss them for this song

  53. Aung Tun

    ok good like you music calls 👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖🔊🔄🔃🎶

  54. Rachelle Randall

    I miss you

    Hillary Thai

    I miss you dearly...

  55. Laura Dunn

    yeah THANKS A LOT CHESTER ....there's something in my eyes too .....TEARS!!!

  56. J.A.E

    Every time I listen to this song i always get so happy

  57. Crazy Friends

    Flawless love you Chester. Muah²

  58. Dwayne Clark

    Best song ever. So much meaning.

  59. i hack all day

    Chester you is the best singer I've ever heard bruh I will tell people to watch your videos

  60. Secnarf the Great

    good job chester. love u r songs

  61. Gena McElhose

    love this story...

  62. kashy khan

    I love this song and the message in it. CHESTER LOVE YOU!!

  63. Stephanie Blonshine

    Sadly my grandfather passed away yesterday.. Ironically on my husband's birthday.. He will be very missed..


    very good to the point

  65. Pam's Corner

    What a beautiful song. From such a talented man.

  66. Kuthos Tsutso

    Amazing, awesome, heart touching!

  67. Heidi Richardy

    And again you sing so perfekt 💞

  68. Heidi Richardy

    Miss the beard💞💞💞
    But when that is sayid, wow you look to amazing💞💞💞💞

  69. Michael Dowdy

    so true & beautiful Chester!!!

  70. Nikki B

    Such a beautiful song. One of my favourites of your originals.

  71. fresh start

    There's something about every single one of your vids... kudos.

  72. lucy Kaufer

    I embrace all the hidden and straightforward messages in your songs. They've been a huge part of my life now. Thank you for your unique and artistic approach to your music & song writing.

  73. Lieschen Steffen

    I love this song! It made me cry..

  74. Channel One w/ Slowmovinman

    If it's important to understand what you stand for, it's twice as important to understand why you'd kneel.  Times move on and what was an issue yesterday morphs into those of today, and we all continue to build who we are, who we'll end up being, one day at a time.

  75. Antony Le

    That self promo was hilarious 😂

    Hillary Thai

    Agree. haha

  76. Elizabeth Syvanen

    I'm in t e a r s

  77. beverly schwarz

    Sometimes you can't stop watching a video.... Decent job Chester. Your originals have always been my favorite.

  78. Monotail

    I hope my future kids and grandkids will learn a thing about me how even life fall apart, we all have a light to carry to go through life. Life is a game made for everyone and our dreams are our prize.

  79. theantspants1

    Best song ever, Well done Chester it gave me goosebumps and a lump in the throat.

  80. Dillon F

    Don't ever stop singing. Please.

  81. maddie murray

    *listen to this song* *cries* *stuck in head for days!!!* GAH THIS SONG IS JUST PERFECTION IN EVERY WAY!!!

  82. Carey Lynn

    Love this song! Just marry me? lol I love your songs that you write.

  83. tanci94

    So much of life in this song😭💕

  84. Eudius Wanjama


  85. Dean Winchester

    i love this guy hes songs are beautiful

  86. elixirbeth watch

    Chester you are amazing,your songs took me through 2017, Gee it was an awful year but your music remained real and true and human and intune..,,please schedule a show in Zimbabwe? Or at least S.A!???

  87. Crystal TenHaken

    O Chester I wish I could meet you one day been watching you sence you had 50,000 subscribers. I love you so much you are awesome!

  88. karleigh .grace

    😍so beautiful Chester! Great job

  89. Tia Birch

    I love this song he is so awesome

  90. Jeremy Burleson

    This song hit me sooooo hard.....i love it

  91. Maprang Sundqvist

    I Love Love !!!!!

  92. Dermatillomaniac

    Thank you for sharing your unique perspective and message of hope!

  93. ObesePuppies

    Just plank

  94. Laurapooh20

    This had a "Don't take the Girl" by Tim McGraw feeling. I love it! :)

  95. Braxton Wosnjuk

    I've seen a lot of your music video's, and this one is by far one of the best one's that I've heard. You have a great voice! Make sure you continue singing!

  96. Jessica Marie Zayas

    que bello!!!

  97. Ylad Suyam

    love love love your music 😙

  98. _ iRana

    How did u put these words together. My eyes......

  99. Shannon Curley

    I’m not crying YOU’RE crying