Chester See - Shed A Tear Lyrics

Here it comes, can't you see, that were tough guys and we have feelings.

Take my hands, close your eyes, with you right here I'mma shed a tear and cry. Don't be afraid to cry(cry). You could still be a manly guy(guy). Just cry. Don't be afraid to cry(cry), let it free fall from your eyes. Yeah lets go.

Wake up see a sunrise(rise). Let it free fall from your eyes. Start my day and I read a sonnet. Got,got a soft cheek with a tear on it. (Awe) Step out and the skies are clear (clear). I'm a man and I have no fear (no fear).
Take a step and I land in crap (awe crap). I let it out, no holding back.

Here it comes, can't you see, that were tough guys and we have feelings. Take my hands, close your eyes, with you right here I'mma shed a tear and cry.Don't be afraid to cry(cry). You could still be a manly guy(guy). Just cry. Don't be afraid to cry(cry), let it free fall from your eyes.

Baby we can go out on a first date. But you come and pick me up half and hour late. Girl I'm not gonna lie, that you almost made me cry, but I'm a masculine guy I'll be okay. Yeah, your place, Toy Story 3, the greatest all time kids movie. But I forgot, Andy leaves Woody, and now the tears are coming right back over me.

Here it comes, can't you see, that were tough guys and we have feelings.Take my hands, close your eyes, with you right here I'mma shed a tear and cry. Don't be afraid to cry(cry). You could still be a manly guy(guy). Just cry. Don't be afraid to cry(cry), let it free fall from your eyes.

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Chester See Shed A Tear Comments
  1. Anas Mustaqim

    wew~ 10 years huh...

  2. David Gradilla

    Anyone else notice Chester singing "no homo" at 1:30? He's all "don't be afraid no homo"

  3. William The Killer

    Do they release different versions of their song for each artist?

  4. Sdoob

    It’s almost been 10 years since this video has been released and now I actually want to cry...

  5. TheRealShrek

    Ryan should do more songs with Chester sadly no more kevjumba

  6. TheRealShrek

    These songs honestly slapped

  7. DCR

    This video is now a Decade old 😔

  8. fwizel

    9 years later, I found out this is a parody of the song Rocketeer 😂

  9. Andy AVU

    Ironically this song made me stop crying.

  10. xStepK

    who’s also still shedding tears with them end of 2019?

  11. JLC Bico.mp3

    I hate that I'm only 5 yrs old when this came out....

  12. Adnane ROCHDI

    Chi was Ryan's gf since 2010 secretly all this long! 😁

  13. Crystal_Cobalt

    9 years ago, and im playing the Original and this at the same time


    Damn i love this song even though it's like a parody hahahhaha

    The grand tour season 0

    It's not a parody. They made this all by themselves.

  15. Px Treme

    Memories are gonna make me cry

  16. Brenda Bass

    Omg ryan was so hot back then and even now

  17. holho taloi

    ааааааааааааааааа это моя любимая песняяяяяяя аооаоаоааоаоао с 2019 :)

  18. FormalPlayer

    im still jammin to this

  19. Francisco Perez

    Who else randomly remembered this masterpiece in 2019?

  20. TheIsaac246

    my goodness the memories

  21. Sebastian Castro

    Bro I miss this, this was the peak of my childhood

  22. Da Boi Jigga

    Bruhhh I was 15 when this dropped, I’m now 24 and hearing this again just makes me cry tears of joy that I found this after forgetting this, now it’s on replay once again.

  23. rah rah


  24. Thic Mints

    Don’t know how i ended up here again but i’m so happy

  25. LFA Supra

    This was such a good time, 2019 is shit and full of gayness

  26. Alex Hernandez

    Toy story 3 came out nine years ago!!! Wtf

  27. The grand tour season 0

    Everyone I know: why do you cry so much?

  28. trinity sims

    I was 9 when this came out, WTF!?

  29. FEDORABOY [FLow]

    I aint ryan.... im cryin

  30. Rajeev Patel


  31. Kuzeno 66

    How could you have 4/8k camera in 2010?

  32. Sofea Erni

    Still listening. Thank you cheering up my childhood😂

  33. Young Dou

    I havent heard this song in years and I recently woke up singing it, banger

  34. Jack The Good GOAT

    Niceeee ;)))))

  35. Sandy 12

    I love ray the old youtubers will always be the best.... bunch of shitty ass youtubers that only want to make money and make shitty videos

  36. Braiden Patrick

    When times were good 😢 makes me wanna Shed a tear

  37. Joe & Arvid Skrewdriver

    Why is he no longer doing collabs with these guys like the old times?

  38. Jorge Piedra

    2019 still here😁😂

  39. Vedant Thapar

    I was 6 when this came out. I'm gonna turn 15 tomorrow. And I'm spending the night before my birthday listening to every Ryan Higa song ever made.

  40. FUT thePOLiCE

    all time classic. hahahaha

  41. Kiwiking 08

    Who els thinks this song is to good to not be on any music apps

  42. West Lee


  43. Kad Tubo

    And now Ryan and Arden are dating 😊😊

  44. Amelia0dacutiegirl

    Someone made a tiktok that reminded me of this. I'm glad they did. I missed listing to this

  45. J Connor

    i miss 2010 omg

  46. Alper Cihan

    Man this man's videos en kevjumbas videos were my childhood man..

  47. Chatt Chua

    I didn't know that 2010 has 1080p camera quality

  48. Gilbert Matillano

    Here I am Visiting what I've been watching when I was 14 years old 😂 time flies

  49. Omar Clan

    Nigahiga: (Cries)

    Dog: (eats crap)

    Nigahiga: (Cries on roof)

    Dog: (Runs around the pool)

  50. davidcktang

    I didn’t realise it was Arden when I watched it in 2010.

  51. Kayla Chamberlain

    Wow glad I’m binging these videos again. They will always be legendary

  52. MightyGedoman YK

    2:32 salamander man?

  53. Chin Long

    What happened with ryan and chester?

  54. Sp3ncerPlays - Gaming Videos

    I was seven when this was released. Still slaps

  55. MHK087

    9 years ago... I was 7 when this was out, I remembered watching this all the time


    U forget how many bangers ryan has dropped sometimes

  57. Tanishq Kumar


  58. Brooks Malonzo

    Good thing I shipped *RyDen* back in the days. My boat's still rowiiiiiiing! :D

  59. J.H.N. Productions

    Props to them. It's hard to make a song parody that is just as good as the original and doesn't insult the artist.

  60. RottenChickpeas

    almost 10 years and this is still a bop

    nigahiga fighting toxic masculinity before it was recognised

    M Rana

    Seems much more like they’re mocking the idea doesn’t it

  61. Yunna Yoeut

    Ryan and Kev r the best partners singing

  62. itSuna

    2019 anyone?

  63. tortuga paradise

    seriously guys I listening to this song for the 25th time today..

  64. tortuga paradise

    someone, please suggest me some other song like this ... I am so addicted to this song ...that I shed tears almost every single time I listen to this song !!!!!!

  65. Danya Montiel

    It worries me how after all these years, I still know the whole song by heart

    Adil Ahmed

    haha nice to see someone here even now...WOW💪

  66. Gia Neely

    What the FRIGG I was four when this came out.

  67. xo min

    I cried to this lol, bc it reminded me of when I use to be obsessed w him

  68. Onion Man

    I heard rocketeer on the radio and I immediately came here, this guy was my childhood

  69. Fatima Batul Shaikh

    I will when you cry

  70. Student Nevaeh Littlefield

    Tîn nu byûllee châminn qwe hu shû. Lu mîn hînggînghunu fænv evvëe shœêkkëe???😳 rehusüchi chuï jí kol mo ritsû

  71. Ahh George

    holy crap i was 4 when this came out HOW

  72. J HD

    masterpiece <3

  73. Sierra Wolynsky

    Ok ik hes a comedian and all but his songs highkey are a bop

  74. rotann

    I love this song so much, so much nostalgia...

  75. Ryaizu Insert Last Name

    This song has 12.8 million views I have contributed my share to that number.

  76. Night Fury

    Andy leaves woody... That really can make anyone cry

  77. Hello !

    I was three when this video came out..

  78. yoyo

    This is still so so good! :')

  79. Rave Kookie Jar

    Best thing I've seen all year

  80. Carol Dec


  81. Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan


  82. Immortal__ Ones


  83. samalyy

    I miss them together in a music video. Pls make another one just for the fans...

  84. Xinrui Li

    my fav 2 youtubers all the days...

  85. Noob gamer

    Can we appreciate the amazing quality for a 2010 video?

  86. PeachHazel7

    Why do I still know all the lyrics to this 😂😂😂😂💕

  87. Mathis

    This brings back memories. I’ve seen every single nighiga video...

  88. A Fresh Hot Bun

    Wow this was 9 years ago....

  89. Jeremiah Angus

    This was 9 freakin years ago damn, and now they’re together (ryan and arden)

  90. Adrishya Guru

    1:10 someone plz take ryan s hand 😂

  91. Katie Tran

    I’ve never seen this before and I’ve been watching Ryan for years now

  92. Mike Hardy

    2019 and this hits right in the feels damn

  93. HootOwl Justin

    shit i miss kevin so much

  94. Isa S

    This music video is so important

  95. KiNG Helix

    fuck im crying

  96. MisterTGT

    RIP Etika