Chester See - Say It's Just A Dream Lyrics

Why do I try to be
what society, keeps telling me
Why do I even care
How to comb my hair, or the clothes I wear
I try to be myself
that feels fake too, How bout you?
Or am I all alone
I feel so wrong, I don't belong.

Say it's just a dream
cause that's just how it seems
something better there must be
say it's just a dream

Why do I try so hard
to make people laugh, when it makes me mad
Cause when is it my turn
to sit and observe, content to learn
But I feel like I'm on a stage
and people paid, to see my rage
but it's not what they came to see
I can't succeed, at being me


Life's over much too soon
God wrote the words, but you make the tune
I keep playing yours
Scared to create, I'll make mistakes
They say that men don't cry
but my eyes aren't dry, is that alright
told not to let it show
so nobody knows, the pain that grows


I can open my eyes
I can open my eyes

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Chester See Say It's Just A Dream Comments
  1. Ανναβελλε Ωαλσ


  2. Mellaine Burns

    Tell me about you,who are you really,love ya,babe,me

  3. Mellaine Burns

    Having or maybe cancer and really by your self

  4. Mellaine Burns

    Do you know Brett young

  5. Sky De La Rosa

    I observed Chester you are a lover and a dreamer. You easily fall and you thought it will be reciprocated that's why at the end of the day you broke. Love begets love and please stop.

  6. Make It Happen

    This is one of your best! Wow!

  7. Nikki Jaxen

    Relatable 🎶🥂

  8. Hannah Kiianna

    this is splendid! you're really's a sad song yet so nice..I'm touched by's my first time watching your video n I'm so amazed

  9. cam cam

    Pilmaya cola for sharing!

  10. Angelica Rodriguez

    great song love it and such an awsome voice

  11. Juno Midori

    i watched it

  12. M R

    Strange that this song fits my life -WORD- but I'm female, IIm by CC N Bridge staring at it off my veranda watching it's lights to music and this song popped up.

  13. kevin waag

    it took me half of the song to realize that it was chester xD

  14. kevin waag

    you really good :)

  15. Josue Gonzalez

    You neeeeeeeeeeed to make a studio version of this song Chester!

  16. Patty Rowan

    Thank you for keeping me company your original songs. Piano, guitar, and harp, wow!!! Keep doing your crazy awkward video intros cuz they show your soul!!!

  17. FerVidMade

    this was the first video i ever saw of chester's and i've been in love with him and his music ever since :)

  18. Ariana Howland

    I just want to reach in and hug 2008 Chester. This song is so sad.

  19. Insa Eggebrecht

    I didn't now that he plays the guitar!
    This song is soo beautiful, such a unique voice... Just wow!!!

  20. Barbara Guimaraes

    Just so happy to find this song again <3
    I used to listen to this all the time!
    Congratulations :)

  21. kaitlyn holcomb

    You should definitely redo this song.

  22. Palm Trees

    Are you on world tours?
    I mean I've been talking with a lot of friends and we all agree that you are better than bruno mars. But you don't seem to get as much credit. You're voice is amazing. I love it so much! Hope I don't come off as a creep. :)

  23. galaxy

    I love how you are just the way you are your awesome and funny and talented so talented dont aver forget it chester ;* always your fan

  24. Robert McNeil

    Do this song in better quality now! It would be so good!

  25. michael phillips

    This is a really nice but sad song it's so good!

  26. AwesomeHila

    Again like most of your songs, this is one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard in my entire life :))


    I second that. I come back to this video every so often, cuz yeah, it's one amazing song. It never gets old. I hope more people discover it.
    You know what?! I'm totally gonna facebook share this lol. People need to hear this song.


    @darksoulsdude Yaa! Go do it :) It deserves it ^^

  27. lexi mills

    I bet the chick that cheated on him is super disappointed now that he's even more gorgeous and has tons of cash.


    i hope she is!


    Yeah because that is what is important in a relationship isn't it, tons of cash and good looks

  28. Siobhan Henry

    I just want one of theses songs to be about me one day arrhh

    Austin Campbell

    If you knew what this song was about you wouldn't haha

  29. Depressed Otaku, Vic

    You are just so amazing, damn my feels!!

  30. Lindsey Grego

    I would gladly watch 7:30 more.

  31. Sleeping Panda

    This is so old >.< but its still so nice lol

  32. Megan Miller

    he should totally play the harmonica again

  33. Lynnae Forstner

    wonderful just discovering you. saw you on rhett and link and then on Toby.....great talent in you...

  34. Jami Crain

    i love you and san francisco.

  35. ernst voigt

    ich mag diesen Song.

  36. TheOneShortGnome

    I'm doing the same thing! How could I have not known of him sooner.

  37. Stephanie Thompson

    :( how did I not know who you were!!! I missed out on so much lol. at least they are all on here and I can catch up :) Love you CHESTER!!!

  38. Randomvideos247

    Chester should play the guitar in one of his new videos, hes good, but we only see him mostly on piano now :3 not complaining though, hes awesome with the piano too lol X)

  39. Dylan

    omg love the harmonica ♥ P.S. Don't try hard for people who don't try back, you need to be worth it just as much as they are to you :D

  40. manda5757

    Thus was not a waste of time :D I love watching all your videos before I go to bed ^_^ love you

  41. Wren Garrison

    Laying in bed, listening to this song and sobbing.... Its a hard time for me right now. You help me get thru it. <3

  42. Melly Bortolai

    Awwwww omg your hair :3 you were so cute <3

  43. guitarandmusiclover7

    Did he say Burklee?

  44. guitarandmusiclover7

    He's so AWESOME no matter what!

  45. fernanda alves

    I watched it till the end more than once ^^ S2

  46. Danilo Obligado

    And I'm in luv again and again...

  47. Kai-Lyn Chin

    and they say men can't multitask

  48. Dragonscalez

    I watched it till the end :)

  49. Hosanna B.

    Harmonica, guitar, singing! I am majorly impressed with you playing two instruments at once :P

  50. Heather Bree

    By far my favorite video <3

  51. frejaskov

    Multi talent :)

  52. Grace Woloshyn

    He's such and amazing singer(: I love you Chester!(: <3

  53. Samantha S

    Like if you are watching this in 2012!

  54. PoisonedAppleCompany

    <3 symetry

  55. Sarah Trinx

    as chester describes where he wrote the song, i was thinking to myself "i am going to sit exactly where he sat"

  56. Sarah Trinx

    i love the long intros... especially when he talks abt his inspiration, its like you get to know him better <3 u chester!

  57. Doushica

    he's hatless!!

  58. GinCookie12

    I watched it all the way! :) Always be yourself Chester! Never change!! <3 xoxo!

  59. Rachel Willis

    aww i watched all the way thru :) bless his little harmonica. loving the straight hair x

  60. Ravyn Waters

    I don't think I wasted it :) I loved the song<3

  61. SilenceArising

    actually its 7 minutes, and 27 seconds....

  62. Sam McAdams

    he has come so far.. wow.

  63. doctordinateur

    I didn't waste my time watching this video. :)

  64. Brunhilda Syril

    This is an amazing and beautiful song! P.S. I watched all the way through :)

  65. Oliver Lorenzen

    The lyrics are in the description..

  66. lAURENiCOLE6

    Aww, so totally worth watching. I'm NEVER wasting time when I watch a video of Chester's <3 You're so inspiring! (:

  67. Niki Rayray

    That's a sick harmonica

  68. TheChessDuDe9

    12 people think this was too long

  69. jmanbgg

    that sucks, my girlfriend broke up with me a few days hurts.

  70. LieutenantYram

    fuck he's so sexy *u*

  71. Heyfriendz1

    I started bawling my eyes out. Of course I just had to turn on this video right when I found out my bf has been cheating on me for 2 years. He asked me to marry him... :(

  72. Raymond Basa

    How old were you when you wrote this? :D Make a new version now!! Yeah!!

  73. Araceli Vargas

    Pfft I am just watching your videos to help me fall asleep. I love them all! You are so amazing, Also you look cute in every video I watch. lol

  74. Harley R

    I watched the whole thing and never once got bored! I less than three you!

  75. raphodraws

    i just came here from the 200 video special :)

  76. wildtacos

    cutieh :) x

  77. BookAddict73

    Time well wasted <3

  78. Basil Tan


  79. YoMeAng

    Posted one day after my birthday!!! I love the song and watched the whole video! :)

  80. koellekind

    In my eyes, this is a masterpiece. Wonderful music and amazingly honest lyrics. Absolutely great. I would download this song if I could.

  81. Jessica Harwood

    I'm the girl of your dreams.
    Someone said you were looking for me?
    <3 xo

  82. Kristina C

    You are amazing now...but I miss these more personal days, too.

  83. Spencer Weaver

    Chester, I'll say's just a dream.
    zzzzzzz...but if your in it, I never wanna wake up <3

  84. ness_leanne

    Chester, your voice is amazing, you are amazing!! I love all your videos, old and new! <3

  85. Chelsey de Nijs

    You´re not alone Chester, We´re here <3

  86. Lilonda1995

    yur so talented chester!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. TheGfields

    Aw :(
    I miss your long intro's.

  88. jenroy1000

    This actually had me in tears I was able to feel your pain through the song :'(

  89. Kendra Hawkins

    i didn't mind waitin till the song started. an i can totally relate

  90. Gabriela Rodriguez

    these are the lyrics they are kinda messed up sorry

  91. whitetigerfan2000

    SOME1 ASSASINATE JUSTIN BEIBER AND PUT CHESTER IN HIS PLACE!!!!! Gawd u r the best at everything if I could I would freaking get a record copany to listin to ALL of your songs and punch them all out if they dont sighn u. Continue with what your doing and I know you'll b famous 1 day like justin beiber who was found on youtube. Im an alltime subscriber

  92. Allie Eynon

    are you like an instrument master?!?!?!

  93. Shelby Davies-Jones

    Not wasted time at all!!! I love this song! I think it's onw of my favorites!

  94. Karen J

    It's sad to hear that.. Chester is such a sweet person... He'll find someone whos worth it someday:) nice cozy room btw..

  95. wonderwoman0718

    lmao i watched tthe whole video jst for you ;) lol

  96. Fabiola L

    So what if I did waste my life? I have no problem with that. :)

  97. Mojo

    why couldnt i find someone to sing to me???,,,guys only want bad girls,,,,,right,,,,lol