Chester See - Safe Lyrics

Been trying so hard to find something new
and just when I think that the something is you

I fall down again and I don't want to be picked up
I think I'll stay, right here where it's safe

I didn't look back when I started to run
And when I arrived I wished I never begun


Been down this road before and I can't ignore the ways out for sure but I

I think I'll stay this time, content am I with laying down right here

Just give me a pen and a photo of you
and I'll sing you lines about the dreams I pursue
But don't be deceived by the things that aren't true
I'm only as much as I actually do


And so my story goes
I'll use this smile so nobody knows

[Chorus x2]

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Chester See Safe Comments
  1. Myrna Johns

    I just love your music your song the piano playing

  2. Ok Ay

    Only 162 comments

  3. Carol Lindley

    Chester who is the lucky lady your in love with? You just can't hide the fact that you write and sing your songs straight from the heart.......

  4. Amber Settle

    wow that's very inspiring and true! 😢

  5. lisanne santon

    I just found your music. I'm in love....

  6. Dean Gallentine

    you need to sing this song now I love it

  7. Shannon L-Prioletti

    Chester see you are amazing and one day I hope I can see you preform live..

  8. Official Sandy Sego YouTube Music Channel

    Good song

  9. Julius Cezar

    Boi watching in 2015

  10. Allison Blackwood

    I totally get what this song is saying :-). Catchy as hell the "right here where it's safe" part where it quiets down. You're amazing, Chester. *thumbs up*

  11. cynthia olson

    I Love your long intros.

  12. Magnolia-Moon

    Why did I not know about this earlier? I can definitely relate to this right now xD

  13. berry557

    I still love this

  14. Snack girl

    interesting, i like your older videos

  15. StefanieMalicious

    I'm digging the awkwardness, it's what makes you a loveable dork we can all relate too :)

  16. gracel11

    He's soooooooo young here! Haha I love youuuuuuuu!

  17. abby gilbert

    awe, I like your long intros! lmfao take as much time as you need ;)

  18. Abby Crace

    I cant decide which was better the intro and the ending or the song itself

  19. Sam McAdams

    guarantee you he wont drink a Dr. Pepper these days haha

  20. Mei Gah

    I know someone who loves Dr. Pepper..:D

  21. Justin Calvert

    Love the long intro's so people can STFU. lmfao

  22. Dylan

    haha love ya intro's such a dork

  23. HannahGDYB

    he was never with the girls though he liked them but they just didn't like him back so how could he have stayed with them?

  24. Jason-JATG HammerHawk

    hahaha at the end... "akward"

  25. Doushica

    he's so young here, gosh :D

  26. ChocolatTherapy

    the song And the intro! haha

  27. ChocolatTherapy

    i love this!

  28. Boucetta Mayouf

    i always hear people talking about Dr pepper on the net is it an american drink, i dont think we have it in australia.

  29. HannahGDYB

    i love the rings he wears on his fingers because they look cute on him and they symbolize two important things to Chester.

  30. Wren Garrison

    oh yeah maybe!! good observation(:

  31. HannahGDYB

    its probably cause he hasn't got his rings to wear yet so they look different

  32. Islandgirl1234

    His awkwardness is just too cute ^•^

  33. Sonia Iyer

    *reads your comment* *scrolls up to check the date* *realizes that may 19 is my birthday too* WOO BIRTHDAY TWINS!

  34. Sonia Iyer

    Haha, now you have the opposite problem Chester!!
    And I think it's spelled wallabies, not wallabees. As in one wallaby singular, two wallabies plural. Whatever.

  35. deathdan99

    Dr. Pepper :D

  36. frejaskov

    aww i loved those long intro's, :')<3

  37. Wren Garrison

    His hands look different now.... Idk why!

  38. Doushica

    I just used the skip the intro button, but I replayed it. I miss the long intros :(

  39. k8lynok

    He's still the same.

  40. Farah

    I miss the old Chester.

  41. ElizaAnne

    i love wallabees! but im subscibed already anyway

  42. Rebecca Thomas

    Those 3 people have no lives.

  43. TheChessDuDe9

    And now he likes Lana...

  44. Morgan Cunneen

    You should do more intros, it helps me understand your motivation/ meaning behind the song. :)

  45. David Nguyen

    Dr Pepper ftw for a breakfast

  46. indie_cloud

    I genuinely thought I was the only one, so I'm glad it's really common :)

  47. GeorginaKat

    ahh i love you chester :)

  48. Jordan G

    You distract me from my school work!! Not even by listening to you...ur voice is in my head...ahh mahal kita :)

  49. Fernanda Bañuelos Cruz

    I feel exactly the same way, i'm glad i'm not the only person feeling this way! :) thumbs up if you've ever felt like this!

  50. Daan Jansen

    I like the fact how u have trouble explaining what you mean in the intro, but the lyrics of your song explains everything so clearly!


  51. FaraLaBelle

    This vid was posted on my birthday! Yay!!! I'm sooo happy u can't even imagine..! :D

  52. koellekind

    You know, it would have been way less complicated (and more on the point) if you had just used "fall in love" or "love" instead of "like". lol. Great song anyway, in spite of the bad quality of the microphone. I'm a bit surprised though that you actually at some point considered giving up on love as a concept.

  53. TheCornelioClan


  54. Angie Jones

    You are so nice to listen too & look at!

  55. Jordan G

    365 likes atm... Disney 365?!!:)

  56. clairglen1

    omg dont everrrr stop these intros or if you already did start again i love them and oh yeah im not the only one that drinks doctor pepper for breakfast :d

  57. Jenn Cormier

    sorry darlin, but love dont wrok that way, liking someone is not a choice although i wish itt was

  58. Spencer Weaver

    Dr. Pepper...BREAKFAST OF CHAMPS!!

  59. Ray

    I don't think anyone uses the skip the intro button
    the intros are awesome!

  60. Alexandra Cardona

    omqq. i <3 this song right now.

  61. TheGirlFromNorway

    i fucking love this song, and you're so talented!

  62. Lindsey Nystrom

    fail intro.....amazing song

  63. silkexkaname

    I Love your intro's and I love when i can hear your songs and see your video's :D you are SO cool Chester See :D

  64. X ST

    Tom Cruise wew dude!

  65. Nozomiichan

    How many times did he say 'girl' just then? Heheh.

  66. Knoapa

    I loooove your long intro's :)
    Can't ever get enough of listening to your songs <3

  67. wonderwoman0718

    lmfao i loveee your intros idc if u talk sooo much u make me laugh nd i love the ending wen u thought u turned it off lmao soo unny nd tooo cutee :3

  68. KrienSama

    This song is really amazing! Just perfect! Hearing your voice and your songs really soothe me :)

  69. julierosenvinge

    love you

  70. Savannah Rose

    i love how one of the suggestions is Elton John!(:

  71. Dee

    xD omg i love dr.pepper!

  72. brandiedapples

    hahaha i love your intros your too cute! XD lol

  73. berry557

    I seriously keep going back to this song. It's my favorite along with Waiting

  74. A Vain Affair

    I'm so sad this isn't on itunes!!!!! arghhh

  75. Farisha Amy Mohammed

    ahahhahaahhaha nice ending :P love the song

  76. anothersara

    I feel the exact same way as you!
    Love the song! :)

  77. mrslaura6615

    My son introduced me to your music and I'm so glad he did! You are nothing short of amazing! Your voice is so unique and amazing! I don't know how you have all these heartaches with girls, but it probably only means that God is saving a special girl out there for you. Someday you'll find her. I love listening to your music and watching your funny little intros. Keep doing what you do :)

  78. Irb

    Beyond Amazed....all your songs are simply amazing and your voice is beyond perfect. i absolutely love every one of your songs....

  79. HikariSangatsu

    Tears in my eyes =*)

  80. Michelle Clancy

    U are amazingly talented...Can I find u on facebook...leave me a message where 2 find u - this might just be your lucky day - if u haven't been snatched up! Been posting your stuff all over my page ...& I have nothing but VERY KNOWN MUSIC EXEC's ...U R as good as discovered now! :)

  81. wushujaa

    pleeeaaaseee record an album or two or 50 with your original songs, i would buy all of them!
    i just cant stop listening to your songs, your voice is just incredible, you are soooo talented!!!

  82. Yummily4

    i love your intros, i laughed out loud when you were meant to stop the video and it didn't work. "Awkward" :) haha. xx

  83. taniafn907

    i'm late too but i just found out about you and you have an amazing voice..
    and the song is so true and meaningful,i have felt the same way..

  84. C Lees

    I love your long intros.. the "this is so awkward and ridiculous right now" made me laugh out loud :)
    I love your music x

  85. brasswons

    this needs to be on he radio.....WOW YOU ARE GREATLY GIFTED...IM CAN HONESTLY SAY IM A FAN

  86. C Lees

    Thats what i was like, i know what you mean when you say tired of liking people. because you get so fed up with the same thing happening again and again, soo ridiculous.
    I can't describe how perfect this song is for how i feel right now. Love it.

  87. gothic xevion

    haha grate song but the ending was so funny haha "wait... i gottah stop..that is the second time.. im used to my laptop were you hit the spacebar... awkward" haha - can someone help me out what was the next song if you could reply and tell me the name it would be much apreciated =)

  88. ronja y

    so amazing =D

  89. LovelessCandy R.


  90. zPittsburger

    great song

  91. sofieswe3t

    I love it! you are amazing. älskar det =)

  92. Niekiii

    ahahahahahahahah! I love the end xD

  93. waaaaaaaaaassap

    i love yur long intro's, you deserve more subscribers

  94. murphy1050

    your intros are fantastic

  95. Marcus Andersson

    Chester is awsome, but DrPepper is the worst thing I've ever tasted!

  96. MeinKoeln

    Oh, good. Fist i thought it's James Morrison

  97. Kiara Mafnas

    how is it your not signed yet?thats such a crime.your music is beautiful.

  98. Alixevette Solstice

    I agree with you shadey. He is jsut so cute when he's awkward! :3 Even if I feel down or upset all I have to do is watch one of his videos and I instantly feel better. I feel like a little schoolgirl. But I lvoe his songs they are very expressive and beautiful.

  99. Marc Brandt

    OH MY FREAKIN GOODNESS YOU'RE TRUELY AMAZING! there will be times when i'll be goin crazy cuz i can't find the words to discribe whats goin through my mind and then i listen to your songs and its like you know what's got me all torn up.
    thanks for the words...i needed 'em lol =j

  100. blukittie

    yay for long intros!