Chesnutt, Mark - Apartment #9 Lyrics

Just follow the stairway
To this lonely world of mine
You'll find me waitin' here
In Apartment # 9

Not so very long ago
You walked away from me
And after the all the plans we made
You decided to be free

Loneliness surrounds me
Without your arms around me
And the sun will never shine
In Apartment # 9

I keep waiting in this lonely room
Just in case you change your mind
You'll find me waiting here
In Apartment # 9

Loneliness surrounds me
Without your arms around me
And the sun will never shine
In Apartment # 9

No the sun will never shine in Apartment # 9

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Chesnutt, Mark Apartment #9 Comments
  1. linda mosley

    Best version of this song that I've heard. Awesome voice!

  2. linda mosley

    Best version of this song that I've heard. Awesome voice.

  3. mosrite60

    Perhaps one of the best country ballads ever recorded. Many artists including Tammy and Paycheck. All superstars. mos60

  4. leslie hiatt

    About time somebody took a beautiful song and brought it back to life with great backround music too.

  5. Molly Hatchet

    Apartment number nine in my opinion is the Ultimate REAL country song....Great version by a great REAL country artist...who has kept it real and true.

  6. Jennifer Dijames

    I heard that song from Tammy the other day.R I p Tammy.

  7. Ras Ton

    this song is how i remember my moms apt number lol. how horrible am i lol?

  8. Ruth Boykin

    Love it! I want to be in Apt#9

  9. Milton Moore

    Perhaps the most
    appealing "twang"
    in the history of country music,
    along with Wayne

  10. Milton Moore

    His voice from
    this 2006 recording sounds
    better than ever!
    Nice to hear the
    great "old school"
    sounding pedal steel guitar!
    Right up with the
    other great versions by Claude Gray, Tammy,
    Paycheck, Johnny
    Bush, and Bobby

    Milton Moore

    Now THIS is what
    a MAN sounds like! If I were a gal
    it would be mighty fine to have a guy
    hanging around the house who could sing like this!😆

    Ruth Boykin

    Milton Moore It would just be nice to have a man in the house who would listen to and appreciate this song!

    Ruth Boykin

    Milton Moore what no response to my comment on your other comment on this page! 😂

    Milton Moore

    I'm glad your concerns came up
    in this regard. I
    only have a small
    smart phone, and it doesn't have the
    capability to have some type of notification given
    to me that someone has left
    me a reply, as I
    assume people do
    who have sophisticated computers.
    So I have to rely
    on periodically checking videos
    to see who may have responded, all off the top my
    head as I try to
    recall what I am
    doing, along with
    just the ordinary re-listening to videos. Ergo, I am
    going to miss some replies and
    eventually hopefully get to
    everything in this
    helter-skelter fashion. I neglect
    doing stuff I should tend to because I spend so much time
    on this video/comment addiction. Hope this explains it all.
    (I keep checking to see if you have
    listened to Anita Carter's AS THE SPARROW GOES
    video, because it is so fabulous that it is uppermost in my mind that
    it does not fall
    between the cracks with so
    many videos being
    recommended by
    me. Now, on to
    more of this FUN!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    Milton Moore

    feel the same way.
    All of my life, none
    of my family and
    most of my friends and acquaintances have never cared for country music!

  11. Clarence Davis

    Had been giving consideration as to whether this classic could be done with any justice by a male vocalist in today's market place. Question Answered ! Mark Chesnutt has done it with the style & dignity the first hit of the First Lady of Country Music deserves. As always, Mark is The Real Deal ! Thanks Mark

    Neil John

    Good , but not the Possum.

  12. ponceclovis

    I'd like to dedicate this song to my friend. He passed away and this was his favorite song. R.I.P. Andrew.

    Duncan Ferguson

    Sorry to hear of your loss :( This was also a favourite of a close aunt of mine who passed not so long ago

  13. martin sellick

    Wow Mark covers a Tammy Wynette classic and does it in style, love it well done Mark.