Chesnutt, Mark - A Hard Secret To Keep Lyrics

I stay up late and read a lot at night
Lately she's begun to wonder why
She don't know I'm scared that I'll start talking in my sleep
You're a hard secret to keep

And every time she asks me where I've been
A cheater's paranoia begins
Scrambling for an answer
Anything she might believe
You're a hard secret to keep

One slip of the tongue is all it would take
Just one little note, that I forgot to throw away
The slightest trace of make-up on a shirt that won't come clean
You're a hard secret to keep

I never meant for you to touch my heart
Never meant to take one night this far
How much longer can I live this double life I lead
You're a hard secret to keep

I wonder if she feels you every time she touches me
You're a hard secret to keep

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Chesnutt, Mark A Hard Secret To Keep Comments
  1. Lili Sol

    I can’t find this song on Apple Music ANYWHERE 😓😓

  2. David Linkous

    is he still touring.

  3. Colin Dyer

    This is the song I listen to after a bottle of wine....

  4. enrique flores

    like this song

  5. Dianna Meade

    Well, Here I am again leaving a comment. The last one I left. I was the hard secret to keep. Now, I am no longer a secret. I wish I still was!!!! Because now I don't get to see my man as much as I did before.

  6. Dianna Meade

    I had never heard this song before u-tube. I was a preacher when it came out. I didn't listen to country music.I love this song! It fits my life well right now. I am the hard secret to keep.

  7. Laura Cobb

    Did U know that Mark put out a DVD with this song on it.
    I got it on Amazon titled "Your Room"

  8. cgar3507

    I love Mark Chesnutt!!! <3

  9. trei3000

    Where are the comments? Surely, I am not the first. I am not familiar with Mark Chesnutt. I am pleased to be led here for this video and now you will be A HARD SECRET TO KEEP for sharing great song, especially with lyrics. I cannot condone "cheating" but the other woman could secure herself by finding a way to be a "secret" with the wife; then, the wife would be busy thinking about her infidelity rather than possibility of her husband cheating. Let him sweat, eh gals?