Chesnutt, Mark - A Day In The Life Of A Fool Lyrics

Off to work with no kiss of goodbye
Wear a smile on my face but I lie
Cup of coffee at the corner cafe
Catch the bus read the news on my way

Go through motions the whole morning through
Start a day in the life of a fool
Sometimes I dial our number and hope she'll return
But there's never an answer
Guess I'll never learn

Hurry home after my work is through
Check the mailbox no letter from you
Then I rush up the stairs to my memories of you
That's a day in the life of a fool

Yes. I rush up the stairs to my memory of you
That's a day in a life of a fool

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Chesnutt, Mark A Day In The Life Of A Fool Comments
  1. MrMusicguyma

    Great hurtin' song. Mark does a nice job here, George Jones original was masterful, too. This song is too short for my tastes, so I add instrumental sections and repeat the bridge when I perform it.


    Are we talking about George Jones? I like Mark Chesnutt. But I find Luke Bryan's and Jason Aldean's only mastery is smarmy "faux-bro" 70s soft rock with a drawl, with a dearth of real songs. But if you prefer it, more power to you. Millions of people would agree with you, but I would not.


    I will grant you that the definition of of what is thought of as "country" music has changed radically, beginning in the 1970s and it continues today. Lots of the newer artists can sing, play, look cute, and move well, but the songs are tripe. Pickup/river/beer/cutoffs seems to be the extent of the emotional universe they tread. Country radio does not play good songs, only the most commercial crap. If you want well-written songs by contemporary musicians look up folks like John Fullbright, Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton.

    Actually, the only artist that you mentioned that I can stand (and not all the time) is Brad Paisley. So there you go ;)

    I fear we must agree to disagree, hopefully agreeably. :)

    When you are over 30 or over 40, check out George Jones again, you may surprise yourself at that point. Or maybe not. Ciao

  2. Kenneth Denny Jr

    Great Old Bocephus song!

  3. ponceclovis

    Old School! I love it! I brush my teeth to this shit!