Cherub - Sucker For Love Lyrics

You have a way with your words
Yeah you know how I like it
You tease so much it hurts
Cause you know how I like it

Baby please
You've got me on my knees
Begging mercy
You know just what I need
Don't deny it
You know just what I want
Don't fight it
You know I'll always be your sucker for love

I'm at a loss for words
And I don't even mind it
I bet you taste just like dessert
I can't wait to try it


Baby please you've got me on my knees


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Cherub Sucker For Love Comments
  1. bahalaughsheep

    .75x sexy ass slow jam

  2. Bobby lee

    Best Song my ass Doses and Mimosas! your welcome

  3. shuckyJ8888

    dat bottom half tho 02:57

  4. Saeed

    First time hearing this, great song
    Reminds me of 80's

  5. God dios

    love your music cherub please come back to LA soon

  6. Justin McConnell

    Holy shit. That talk-boxing guitar jam from 2:57 onward is pure sex.

  7. Reynaldo Bautista

    this is so good!!!

  8. Jesse Dale

    44k LOL ..... People are slacking.  This and "Into the sun" can easily be radio hits.

  9. Luta Young

    This one will be so good live can't wait for Feb.

  10. Andy T

    New favorite by cherub. Shiett, erection worthy

  11. Michael Taylor

    mite be cherubs best song

    Andy T

    I'd have to agree

    Walter Antonio Alba An

    doses and mimosas?

    Abe Linky

    @Michael Taylor I love them all, but play lifesaver and work the middle the most

    Walter Antonio Alba An

    hey i got 8 upvotes >:D lol i personally like "tonight" the most. doses and mimosas is my second favorite

  12. Brilliant Derrickdotcom

    boner. for sure. big time.

  13. aihady

    02:57 ♥

  14. Noe Romo

    Bruh... Dayum XD

  15. Dustin Kochanski