Cherub - Strip To This Lyrics

I like when you work it, and shake it slow
Yeah you work hard for the money
And that I know, oh yeah you're the star
Of the show
Kick your ass up high and you hip down low
Yeah the twerk twerk twerk like a god damn pro
Cause you're a star from head to toe

Watch my money go up & down, pick it up
Is this LOVE? Or I am drunk?
It's the only night I'm in town, then I'm gone
This is lust, I wanna f-

Find out that you were new in town
Yeah you need a little money to get alright
I'll drop your clothes on the floor, yea
Throw your ass in the air like you don't care
Pop that pussy two times, make my cash disappear
On the floor, I'll invest in you
Show me what that pussy do!

Watch my money go up & down, pick it up
Is this LOVE? Or I am drunk?
It's the only night I'm in town, then I'm gone
This is lust, I wanna f-

Find out if that pussy pay your bills
She twerking for a meal
She twerking for a meal tonight
That body gon' change your life
Let me find out if pussy pay your bills
She twerking for a meal
She twerking for a meal tonight
That gon' change your life

Watch my money go up & down, pick it up
Is this LOVE? Or I am drunk?
It's the only night I'm in town, then I'm gone
This is lust, I wanna f-

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Cherub Strip To This Comments
  1. Miley Keyton

    i fucking love this song

  2. Hayana Mirelly

    Brazil aqui porra

  3. hi mucho

    <3 you guys

  4. pimpnlove pimpn


  5. vinnyzan1

    FortBowie Sounds similar to cudi

  6. Lena Mckenzie

    I wish I could hang out with these guys. they always look like their having so much fun. & that's how u make the best memories. peace be with u all

  7. victer lim

    This boy is from Ipanemamamamammama

  8. Ron Scrollins

    omg this is great XD

  9. Brenda Alvarado


  10. David Chase

    Nebraska frat party music!! let's get fucked up!!!

    Benjamin Rathe

    hell yeah! going to go see cherub tonight and tomorrow at the bourbon!

    David Chase

    Benjamin Rathe fuck yah man! That shits bout to be a blast!

    Benjamin Rathe

    fuck yeah it is! they were dope last time they were here!

  11. Organic Goatmeal

    I wish Forte would join their group haha. This has gotta be the best collab ever.

  12. Angel Valdez

    next time i go to a strip club this is the song i request for a lap dance hahaha

  13. 1nd1anen

    Chxxrub <3

  14. Alejandro Gil

    they're so underrated

  15. Tyler Obregon

    is that James harden haha


    Tyler Obregon that’s a neck

  16. Mark Cima

    guys, anybody have chords/tabs to this??

  17. M P

    Literally the same fucking lyrics as musicians today and people bitching about how this is "real"music..just has a different sound approach! Lol what the fuck XD

    M P

    Why thank you, my point is the people in the comments bitching about fake music and acting like Cherub is some new age messiah for music...obviously...


    alot of their songs have a deeper meaning, just cause fuck boys don't understand doesn't mean. you need to care

    M P

    +Twurkkk Calm down keyboard warrior, entitlement to opinions is a valuable thing. I am fully aware music tends to hold deeper meanings. Again..what I am saying is their lyrics in this particular song match other songs but people keep calling this "real" music...and it's asinine to try and differentiate music from real to "fake".


    +Maggot Prince ???? who said I was angry or a keyboard warrior? xD

    M P

    +Twurkkk xD well my apologies then..assumed it was an attack

  18. Jupert Remollo

    Is this james harden?

  19. gooters89

    If I were a stripper this would be my song

  20. Jonathon Rockwell

    Check out SummerTown these guys are so good. The live songs are good but the studio recorded ones sound much better.

  21. Kevin Fry

    this makes me sad for you guys that haven't witnessed real music made with love for you. like seriously see cherub for the simplistic piece of shit that it is. 2 dudes who just wanna get fucked up. Lotus, String Cheese, STS9, Disco Biscuits, WIDESPREAD PANIC, Phish. Bands that are 100 percent dedicated to their jobs as performing artists. Not video whores...rant over i still love you all, just come to the real light, not whatever this is...

    michael sauer

    +Kevin Fry lmao generic jam band central

    Sebastian Alquanzo

    +Kevin Fry What is even the point of this comment lmao. As if it's hard to look at the related videos to this genre and listen to the other bands.... Jackass

    Brad Haynes

    if it vibes, just vibe with it. I love music but more importantly I love the way it makes everything feel

  22. Vincent Vinh Nguyen

    Song sounds good but the music video not so much

  23. Lyndsey Taylor

    What is this 😂😂

  24. Nick Sousa

    what are the chords?

  25. Ethan Hoburg

    You should perform in the benton county fair in Kennewick Washington thousands of people come to it every year!!

  26. Elee Reiche

    This song always get stuck in my damn good.

  27. Dope

    Huge, giant, unbelievable Cherub fan here. This video is fucking dope as hell.

  28. Hi Ho

    Such a great band! They need more recognition! I hope they one day reach greater success. Can't wait for the day I hear one of their songs on the radio.

  29. Bryan Palmerín

    En verdad amo a estos locos! :'D
    Vengan a México
    Amo su música y sobre todo letras :B

    Alexis Vazquez

    ahuevooooo creo que era el unico

    Ricardo Sanchez


    Frionel Messi

    Excelente ritmo y Letras malas, THE BEST

  30. Button Buds

    Come to Oregon pllleeaaassseeee!!

    Lauren Mapes

    they were just here with Capital Cities

    Button Buds

    @Lauren Mapes What?! When?!!?

    Lauren Mapes

    I believe it was November 17th, also with Night Terrors of 1927. At the Crystal Ballroom.

    Button Buds

    @Lauren Mapes I'm going to cry that I missed that. I really want to see them and Mystery Skulls but they are on the East coast.

  31. joe ciampa

    #dope! #monumentalsalute!

  32. ralfimale1

    I blast this so loud in the car. Amazing song

  33. Chase Futrell

    What the shit. That was awesome.

  34. V1NDICT1V

    Just saw these dudes in Vegas, they came off stage to meet us all after the show. Hella sick show, and hella chill guys. Next time, drinks are in me ha


    can confirm, their show in vegas was the best, gibbz killed it too.

    Marcus DV

    I saw them here in Vegas too! Was October of 2014 was absolutely awesome show and I met them too when they came down after the show. Got pictures with them and a guitar pick they through into the crowd!

  35. yummymopey


  36. Rosalinda1312

    This is amazing

  37. Iesha vann

    shit like this helps restore my faith in the music industry! hats off to you CHERUB! 

  38. Alan Lusk

    Tether ball is good.

  39. Ezgi Coban

    dope dope dope, absolutely love it

  40. raphael delmue

    100% Cherub -
    Me Gusta!

  41. Robsie

    This is quite possibly the most amazing thing I have seen in a while. Keep this good stuff coming.