Cherub - Love You Right Lyrics

Roll that shit up proper, love
And let's smoke
Foot up on the gas, 55 don't know
After we're finished babe
Breath it in slow
Pull the car over off to the side
Of the road

Yeah so I can oh oh
So I can oh oh
So I can
So I can love you right
So I can, yes I will
Oh so I can love you right
So I can, yes I will oh oh oh

High as hell back on the road
With all the windows down
Let in all the smoke and heat
Clear out
I was once lost, but now I'm
Finally found
Take us back home I want another round

So I can love you right
So I can, yes I will
Oh so I can love you right
So I can love you right
So I can, yes I will oh
So I can love you right

First love's always the deepest
Always the deepest
Always the deepest (yes I will)
Oh so I can love you right
First love's always the deepest
Always the deepest
Always the deepest
Yes I will, oh oh oh

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Cherub Love You Right Comments
  1. djb 333

    Playing this at half speed is gold

  2. Penny Lane

    I can hear Ween influences. I love Ween!

  3. Johnwayne Wireman

    *Roll that shit proper love an let's smokeee*

  4. lily li

    I like the girl of this video.She is so beauty

  5. GingerGurl

    wtf. I randomly wrote "love you right", because I was searching for some good romantic song.. and then this shit appeared. I'm horrified.

  6. Lena Mckenzie

    I love this 2 man band & all their friend's two thumb's way up

  7. Rebeckanaz Love


  8. Timothy Christopher

    This is theyre Best SoNg

  9. sasha

    This song is really underrated

  10. Ryan Morin

    omg so it wasn't just doses and mimosas this is just an amazing band!!!!

    fernando medel

    I actually heard this song first then, man of the hour, oxxo, d&m

    Ryan Morin

    @fernando medel i currently like the song 'chocolate strawberries' it has awesome hidden guitar riffs and the end of the song turns into something different and awesome!

    fernando medel

    I'll listen to it rn. this is actually a really good song. doesn't have as much recognition as it has to have but that makes it even better

    fernando medel

    Ohh shit. This is a very good song ( chocolate strawberries) it has a nice riff guitar and the end makes you just want to walk around town dancing like an idiot on drugs

    Ryan Morin

    @fernando medel ya ya ya nice!

  11. Nine Inch Rails

    Went to church Saturday. As in I saw them for the third time at summerset. Their shows are always the best time!

  12. The Biggest-hater

    I like these guys man and I'm a hip hop fan but these guys are dope keep it up dudes

  13. carla Hallum

    The song was great but why the hell did they have to be so compassionate with the base ball bats in the ending beating them up? it's understandable to get even but violence isnt an option to watch especially for our kids to view.

    Jef Headley

    Wussification station


    You're whats wrong with America. Raise kids with the ability to think and you won't have to worry about this.

  14. Roger Rabbit

    "the first loves always the deepest." true as fuck. sheesh

  15. Papa Doc

    Love kickin it with these guys! #Cherub

  16. Sebastian Alquanzo

    I love how she almost gets a bottle of Faygo at the store. like Nope can't have any of that haha

  17. THE EDJ'S

    Why, but why this song is not on iTunes????????
    This sooooooo a good hit:)

  18. THE EDJ'S

    cool, relaxing pop music:)

  19. SmellTheRainb0w

    This is honestly my favourite song with Heartbreaker - so fuking good

  20. Merely

    That escalated quickly

  21. rikschmitz

    I haven't heard worse music since I heard Ghostland Observatory 


    Wait wait wait, whattttt?!?! Are you saying Ghostland isn't a good band?!?

    KE AU

    @staylifted they're saying they have shit taste in music.

  22. ew Cash

    Why do you want to make me cry at ~4:35 cherub?

  23. Arctic Iver


    Avion Mae

    Arctic Iver how is it from 2014 when the video was uploaded in 2011...?

    Arctic Iver

    girl.. if this video is from 2011 and i commented in 2014...that would mean i commented how many years years after it was posted? isn't math just darling

    Avion Mae

    You commented "this is from 2014" what's from 2014 kid? Your comment? I don't think so cause it says 1 year ago which means you commented from 2016. It's now 2017 and this video was posted 6 years ago. So what's from 2014? Nothing. Not your comment, not my comment, and not the original comment these replies are on. So please, enlighten me, what's from 2014? Isn't logic and using your eyes just darling?

    Bryce Kayski

    Avion Mae haha got emm

    KE AU

    Chiming in from 2018 here. The original comment by Arctic Iver says it was from 4 years ago. 2018-4=2014. So I assume Arctic Iver was saying the "IS CHERUB A PARODY BAND IM SO CONFUSED" comment was from 2014.

  24. Kevin Wistehuff

    shitty video, good song, filmed in Nashville 

  25. Al b

    gheez, they suck at running away.

  26. Spawn and Batman

    Very good rhythm and I've never heard this kinda music before but it puts you in a mood to wanna have fun. Especially the song doses and mimosas. Keep these sick beats going Cherub!

  27. ARTV

    I just reviewed CHERUB's new album "Year of the Caprese" on my channel! Would love to hear what everyone else is thinking of it, check out the review!


    Epic album!  

  28. ConArdist

    Cherub never fails to suck shit.

  29. jes iba

    Nice lil jazzy guitar riffs ya dig


    This shit sucks I wouldn't even know about it except for Skype spamming me about it.

  31. jemdog79jm

    Guess you gotta use you imagination on what the video is about. For all you just asking I say they played their last game. Now.... was that so hard?

  32. Julia Valencia

    My gooodd :))

  33. st wreck

    Wtf? What does the video have to do with the song? Promoting violence is ""loving you right?" Does anyone else find this offensive?

    Fabian Flores

    Go make a sandwich

    st wreck

    @Fabian Flores No more f-in sandwiches. 

    st wreck

    @KINGDOM of DIE +1 thank you for an inciteful response. i think you are right about that, the first one. thank you also for not attacking, which seems to be the fashion these days.  xoxo s

    Purple Alien

    I feel like when the girls put them in the trunk and beat them up it was suppose to be symbolical to the beginning of a rocky relationship, just because they were more of possessions. Then when the girl let them out I feel like that was symbolizing the break up. When they ran towards the car that was the make up that should never of happened, and when they realized it was time to run it's too late. When the girls go back to beat them with bats at the end it was showing them tear the guys apart.
    Idk just my high perspective


    st wreck Me. But I listen and don't watch.

  34. Phlynn Stone

    R.I.P. cherub.


    what happened?

  35. RickK RocKStar

    Very dark..

  36. Benz Boii

    That's the car I'm getting tomorrow!

  37. mason countiss

    Sick jam

  38. Bradford Says

    This reminds me so much of Gregg Alexander from New Radicals. Great artist who's wrote a lot of great songs. This band is on the level. Cheers.

  39. Matt Vazquez

    Cherub, come to kona Hawaii!!

  40. SmellTheRainb0w

    You guys are the best
    Ottawa, Montreal, come here omg please!!!!

  41. offBeat Earthtrotter

    obsessed with this song but wtf is that video....??

    Scott Noon Creley

    It's awesome.

  42. Josh Poznanski

    the second guitar drop gives e a huge boner every fucking time

  43. Kyle Hill

    waka waka waka summer camp!

  44. Jonny Slabs

    Fucking love this song!

  45. Charlie Gordon

    homophobic twat

  46. Mickael

    nice one ;-)

  47. Quinton Berger

    This is so gay I think it gave me AIDS

  48. Wz RlyGd

    Well.. that escalated quickly

  49. Matthew Hrushka

    After listening to this song without the video , I always thought it was fairly up lifting. Those were some bad bitches.

  50. The Amateur Astronomer

    This video sure escalated quickly.

  51. Domenick A

    i did the same thing with yo momz

  52. Pablo Medina Salonia

    Nice song...!!!!

  53. whareweruin92

    I believe it originated with a "little" band named the "Bee Gees".

    Thusly born: MGMT

  54. zeplova87

    it's kind of fucked up putting a band in another band's shadow.

  55. anthony hardin

    Hell Cherub play here in Cookeville , Tn so I can jam out with band love this song

  56. anthony hardin

    I'm so glad my sister introduce me too y'all from Murfreesboro and heck are y'all ever home like a Autograph and my favorite song too:)

  57. Cam Sich

    absolutely! best part of the song 1:55 - 2:14

  58. luna byron

    i love how they always pick regular looking people for their videos, makes us stop thinking that you gotta be a supermodel to be be a cool trashbag :)

  59. Rey Skywalker

    1904 Music Hall, Downtown Jacksonville..11/3/12....such an epic show

  60. Cody

    Saw them for the first time in Flagstaff, at Kaleidoscope, and will see them there again for the End of the World Party!!! I love you guys!!! Cherub FUCKING ROCKS!!!!

  61. RobLC

    im so damn glad i stumbled upon cherub!!

  62. Andrew Jenkins

    Saw these guys in KC at the Czar Bar the other night. Never heard of them before, but now I am a definite fan. Couple dudes you could see yourself kicking it with

  63. Ilisha Franklin

    Me too!!! Yes very amazing and good vibes :)

  64. ZeroPoint44

    Just saw u guys live last night. Awesome show! Everyone was movin and dancin all night!

  65. Jarrett Kavsko Roster

    2:36 tops it off

  66. Quorra Granger

    Love when they do the guitar solo at the end, too ! Cause, one of the guys takes a breath and it just sounds sooo sexxyyy with the beeeat ! X))))))

  67. Quorra Granger

    That would be something my ears'll have an orgasm to . . . BIG TIME! X)))

  68. Quorra Granger

    What is steez . . ? : )

  69. RichZaddy9

    does Cherub have an EP or an album?

  70. Justin Simmons

    Imagine a collabo with MSTRKRFT

    Justin Simmons

    If only

  71. Matthew Gibson

    I'm sure it was a very hot and sweaty fuck

  72. Leonardo Oliva

    comment from 9 months ago? so, when you were writing this, people were fucking. Now, maybe today, one of those people just nad a baby?

  73. FstartYrFace

    Good shit at the hangout fest VIP stage.

  74. Tony Scarbrough

    DeMarini bats: The best choice for knocking the ball out the park and his chest out of his heart.

  75. andrew ohman

    guitar solo has so much steez

  76. Nick Alexander

    I effing love the guitar solo

  77. MC Robinson

    hell yea they are dope as fuck

  78. 77pmoney

    this is the next group, I love these guys

  79. Andrew Gill

    I can't wait to see these guys tonight! CHERUB = AMAZING

  80. Jeremy Alvarado

    the bass in this song is amazing

  81. begglesworth21

    you guys are the shit!

  82. meowcatland

    Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics to this?

  83. Justin Gerard

    fuck yeah i like that

  84. willFNsmith4Ever

    I WANNA KNOW WHAT THEY DID! I dont make the same mistake to any gorgeous super models, that I come across

  85. Samuel Hinkle

    @promethazineplz kinda like a combination of ghostland and mgmt

  86. Gabriel George

    If you guys like cherub, check out my channel for the rest of the album! :)

  87. Matthew Landers

    This is the shit!

  88. Gabriel George

    if you guys like this song i have the rest of the album, check out my channel!

  89. Jakub Babol

    its like a new MGMT, love it

  90. Keith Marange

    wtf i accidently went on this but im absolotely loving this

  91. GraniteStatements 603

    Like K-Woody on facebook

  92. 051289Alyssa

    Saw them live in Colorado and they KILLLED IT live. Killed it. Energy & Passion was incredible.. and I'm with the above comment, they are gonna blow up.

  93. Gabriel George

    thank god these guys finally have some recognition! I'm currently uploading a few of their other tunes on my channel

  94. Joshward22

    poor narrative, poor video work, even worse rip off of iglu & hartly.

  95. James Rim

    these guys opened for pretty lights on halloween......wasnt really feeln it. but after listening to them outside of a concert setting i like it more

  96. eglindquist

    @tiicket xoxxo