Cherub - Jazzercise '95 Lyrics

I know your dirty secrets
I knew you couldn't keep them
Your ass is hard believing in
And then I know
You put that all aside and baby girl
You're so damn fine
That I for get all of the lies you have told
I know this won't last
And I'll forget your dirty past
So for now I want to put those thoughts on hold
Cause I'm living for the moment
And all I want to do is
Touch you one more time before I go

Cause you feel so good
Cause you feel so good

Your eyes are so deceiving
That you got me here believing
All the silly lies that you have told
The future is a present
And you pretend like it's a blessing
But it only seems to make our problems grow

From the shoulders to the waist up
You know I want to take control
With our bodies in full motion
Then one more touch before I go


Your mind is so misleading
You've got me here just thinking
How your ass would look up on that pole
When really I should wonder
How the fuck you keep me crawling
And get me to bend over and fold

From the shoulders to the waist up
You know I am in control-ol
With our bodies in full motion
Then one more touch before I go




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Cherub Jazzercise '95 Comments
  1. Silky Gee

    This video is good why the fat guy in it tho is the only thing that kills it re due it leave out the fat fuck who looks like a complainer loool dope video tho chicks are smoking hot

  2. Isaac Cloward

    Stil the one of the greatest jams of all time

  3. ew Cash

    Why was this shot in Atlanta again?

  4. Jacob

    Gangster version of Chris Farley

  5. Harrison Powell

    Alright, ready to join some jazzersize club now that I know what goes on in there!!!

  6. Tory

    monday night parties?? odd

  7. RALD Spliff

    2:42 😍😍😍😍😍

  8. KolonaRulez

    Say whatever you want about that guy but he's surrounded by beautiful women and you're not.

  9. Rose Alaia

    So addictive !!! Obsessed with this 😍😍😍😍😍 I have it on repeat like everyday lol

  10. The Biggest-hater

    Why is that fat guy in there any who makes the video creepy

  11. John

    This is the greatest song/video combo I've ever seen!

  12. Karla Madden

    I have been listening...constantly, that fat man makes me laugh and the girls make me drool

  13. Benjamin Rathe

    my roommate saw me watching this, not realizing its a music video. he now things a have a weird yoga fetish......

  14. Benjamin Rathe

    man how have I never heard this song? I'm going to cherub tonight and tomorrow, and have probably listened to it 15 times just pregaming for the show! doooooope shit

  15. Roberto Eduardo Flores


  16. Alatakshi Gosain

    The gloves or whatever he is wearing... What are they called? I haven't seen one like this, that goes around the back...

    Forgot My Lighter

    Pretty sure he's just wearing leg warmers on his arms because they're big enough

  17. Meena

    Eric Prydz- Call on Me

  18. The Biggest-hater

    Wtf is that fat guy in the video for kills it I wanted to see girls dancing ffs good song tho and I like hip hop

    Forgot My Lighter

    because it's ironic

  19. SuuzieQ

    I'm listing to Freaky me, Freaky you and seriously the lyrics to that song fits perfectly to this video lol

    Organic Goatmeal

    Lol I tried it, that's pretty great.

  20. silver soulja

    thank god for white woman

  21. mar1o_bross

    change 95 to 85 and this make it accurate....


    its pretty early 90s actually

  22. Mike Bradshaw

    Who likes this music? This is god awful. Who pays so see this shit?

    Michael Frevert

    I watch it for all those sexies. The music isn't bad either. Don't you have anything better to do, besides trolling YouTube, that is?

    Mike Bradshaw

    I love trolling youtube. And since I first found Cherub I like them a little bit more. I'm just a 90's kid. Totally different scene. 

  23. Fabian Bautista

    uuyyy ce veooi

  24. Alfonzo Florence

    Oh man that slight ass jiggle at 3:15 though


    ohh damn !

    pimpnlove pimpn

    brrooooo.i feel you.

    Silky Gee

    Alfonzo Florence ya man she’s hot as fuck what’s her IG or FB ima go stalk Ahahahah

  25. blvck_poltergvst

    Holy fuck id impregnate that instructor in a heartbeat....with her permission of course *tips*

    Nicole Smith

    nice cover


    @Nicole Smith wat

    Nicole Smith

    saying "..with her permission of course", easing up the tension of your dirty mind ;D


    @Nicole Smith ayyyyyyyyy im not trying to sound rapey here thats why lol 

  26. Gregory Burcz

    video's pretty dope
    minus chris farley

  27. MrMudNugget

    its 2 girls 1 cup bad/  good

  28. Ronnie Wong

    Cherub are music Wizards and always Good Vibes 🙌


    vibes so good, you'll look at life differently

  29. Leex 95

    Hey, my home-state,Georgia! Just kidding, we have bi-polar weather, ridiculous suburban sprawl, and, unfortunately, Paula Deen.

    Bill Pence

    +Leex 95 yeah Paula Deen..

    KNG 88

    Leex 95 Paula Deen did nothing wrong nor has she said anything you haven't in privacy you hypocrite.

    Nick L

    Leex 95

    Aww, Georgia's not that bad. We've got some nice spots.

  30. SoundsOfSushi

    eww gross!~

  31. KefkaJr

    Just replayed this four times.


    Cherub is the shit. Doses and Mimosas put me on to them. Where have I been?


    thats it?

    Rose Alaia

    Same !!

    East Slide

    Same! Would have hit five but I came.

  32. ew Cash

    Truly creepy reality women experience then now forever. Yoga classes anyone? Hope your spot didn't have Windows accessible for peepage.

  33. Reuben Alejandro

    seeing these guys tomorrow night!!!


    Im jealous af

  34. Harry Blomberg

    God the ladies in this video are sexy as hell. Even in the 80's workout gear. Yummy.

  35. Rahul Das

    hell yea athens ga baby!! go dawns and go glads!!

  36. Nick McMurray 7

    Cauthrien Carhart

    thank you so much

    Alexandra Hildred

    No press 8 😍

  37. Papa Chewbacca E

    Like another version of Benny benassi satisfaction

  38. ARTV

    I just reviewed CHERUB's new album "Year of the Caprese" on my channel! Would love to hear what everyone else is thinking of it, check out the review!


    ARTV are you really trying to promote you content on a music video?

  39. DMT

    Come to Syracuse New York!!

  40. Michael Taylor

    Georgia Theater Athens, GA represent

    Michael Taylor

    Nah they are from Tennessee but the love the theater, saw em there a few weeks ago actually. GO DAWGS

  41. XSlevenxXx

    whats the name of the dance instructor ?

    Jesse Dale

    Thats n8ball. Hes the director.

    John P

    @Jesse Dale not sure who xslevenxXx was speaking of. But I'm curious who the girl is that's leading the dance. Black and white pants

    Sam Bowman

    her name's sara. she's a bartender here in Athens

    Alex Scavo

    sara who? last name? instagram? you gotta give me something.....

  42. mlmcguire87

    If you remixed the chorus this song would be AMAZING. The hook isn't strong enough though and "Cause it feel so good" is just WAY too damn high and sudden. So much potential here.... other than that I absolutely love this song.

    Maya Bizinitch

    @Brandon Dunn LOL


    @Brandon Dunn Love that movie- lol but your comment is completely pointless bro.

    Caleb O'Shea

    @mlmcguire87 I think he was implying he disagrees with you. I do as well. I like it how it is.

    Silky Gee

    mlmcguire87 re due it and post it let’s see wtf you talking about

  43. Ronald Jenkees

    I'm gonna start jizzercise now

  44. Ryan Barnes

    Wow... gonna start jazzercising now.

  45. Live Nation Clubs and Theaters


  46. Sam Bradley

    hey im making a music project heavily influenced by chance the rapper childish gambino and cherub. Its almost done. So watch out for the shitty rantings by me on PRINCE. It was professionally recorded.


    O god that sounds rad actually

  47. n3rdbear

    The makeup on those girls are ewwy.

  48. Gage Pike

    Straight up HOOKED. Cherub stole the soul.

  49. Chelsea Tan

    Same here! Saw them first time at North Coast and we were standing in the front row! Will def see them live again!

  50. sorrygtfo


  51. Oliver Bear Don't Walk

    Come here often?

  52. sorrygtfo

    fuck yeah

  53. Chris Hall

    Saw them for the first time at a North Coast afterparty. Great music, and they looked like they were having so much fun on stage, if you get the chance, see them live!

  54. Jose Pablo Maldonado

    2:24 favourite girl

    Alex Scavo

    I wonder who she is......🤔

  55. Lucie Battin

    You're amazing, please come in France again !

  56. PeterCerato

    This. Is perfect.

  57. Sarah Jane

    This at waka was perfection

  58. Alex Jensen

    come do a show in seattle

  59. Todis51

    i have a sudden urge to jazzercise

  60. Marcus Moore


  61. Elizabeth Babb

    oh hey sara!

  62. joonataan ayola

    3:13 :3

  63. Kat D

    I know, right? It's going to be awesome. Seeing them tonight with Gramatik, too. Can't wait.

  64. SploopBaDoop

    christ I want to be in that video

  65. FYUTCH

    seen the bts pics on instagram of the video shoot, seeing it for the first time now and hearing the song for the 1st time. CRAZY im over here jamming. the breakdown at the end where the chords switch up is stooooopid dope

  66. Chelsea Daugard

    At least he's doing what he loves! :D

  67. Chris Patton

    Athens, a nutshell

  68. pcarruth2


  69. PureVolume707

    that ass just isn't fair.

  70. SqualorVictoriam

    I had tickets to see Sleep tomorrow night, but I found out these dudes were coming. Looks like I'll hang up my metal gear to go dance my ass off.

  71. Ryan Marvel

    Seen these guys 3 times over the past two years. Blew my mind every time. I love 'em. Cant wait to see them again at Wakarusa.

  72. Alex Jensen

    sooooo 90s party at mi casa

  73. J_Pasch

    3:09 where dat booty cap at Shoushy

  74. BruhManVids

    3:14 O.o but 3:38 -.- keeping it real evening the combo

  75. OneEyedKingVintage


  76. Hugo Barbosa

    lady giving the class... if i ever saw you in person, ill probably ask you to marry me.

  77. eily

    cause it feelz siew good

  78. Adam

    This is all sorts of Positive Dog

  79. Alex Clinton

    Perfect. You guys are the shit.


    Dat jiggle 3:11

  81. Megan Santiago

    Excuse me while I pick my panties up from the floor...

  82. episey

    best fucking band, come to sac!

  83. BuickRick

    Fickin right!

  84. willFNsmith4Ever

    Fucking. Dope.
    Lemme know when ya'll make it up to CT

  85. ksutdilla

    I love you guys! Come to Sacramento!!

  86. mvermeern

    Love it!! Thinking about see you guys tomorrow in Denver

  87. SarahLeigh82

    whaaa? I need to Jazzercise '95 baby!

  88. Zoe Rochman

    Next Cherub show I go to I'm totally gonna dress like that.