Cherub - Chocolate Strawberries Lyrics

Chocolate strawberries with a, vanilla smoothies
We watched, some dirty movies, made love
Yeah it was groovy, baby it was groovy
Had her singing ooh wee, ah ah ah whoo!

You like fast cars and, I like fast broads yeah
nomadic track form girl, the world could be our's
and, you know it. it's up to you!

You sip on your wine, while I smoke my cigar yeah
I'm too drunk to drive so, I powdered my nose and depart
Now I'm invincible....

Chocolate strawberries with a, vanilla smoothies and
We watched, some dirty movies and made love,
yeah it was groovy!

Had her singing ooh wee, ooh wee, yeah, yeah

You won't use my 5 and this 20 won't do cuz,
you say it's bad luck but, I get the clue
You're too bougie.. Ah ah.. So this hundred will do.. Oh uhh oh..

Enjoy this night girl... It won't last forever..
Yeah life treats you good but, my life treats you better
and you know it, yeah yeah, so cherish the view..
cause it's all Beautiful....

Chocolate strawberries with a, vanilla smoothies and
We watched, some dirty movie and made love
yeah it was groovy.. Had her singing ooh wee, yeah
ooh wee, had her singing ooh wee yeah ooh wee uh uh

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Cherub Chocolate Strawberries Comments
  1. Pure Hell

    What does he say after the “I like fast broads line”?

  2. Giovanny Godinez

    I love this fucking song. Road trip vibes

  3. George Shonia

    Looking to girl, want to sing for her

  4. The Fear Channel

    Why this doesn't have several million views I will never know.

  5. sarah

    Who else is hear cuz of chantel jeffries

  6. Karla Rivera

    Love the song :amo esta canción

  7. Burryto

    I've come to the conclusion that this track is good, for the fact, that it's GOOD!

  8. Pedro Suarez

    😍love cherub

  9. Mitzy Alfaro

    Que cancion mas cool💞

  10. Priscila Flores

    enjoy this night it wont last forever.

  11. NYC Restaurant

    most underrated band ever


    good song but why white people like coke so much

  13. Brittany Gilpin

    I feel like I drift away when I hear their shit

  14. Rebeckanaz Love

    Omg 😲 ❤️❤️😍😍😍

  15. Nicolas Calderon


  16. unowen7591

    "Your life treats you good but my life treats you better and you know it." Smooth af.

  17. Candace Pero


  18. Naomi Apatano

    everyone keeps asking who the girl is but no one is mentioning that its not a chocolate strawberry... i guess you cant tell if youre color blind to white


    Because no one cares lolz.

    Megan Sutton

    Yeah and the picture isn't really that important, you are just watching this for a song

  19. Jonny Slabs

    someone give me a line.

  20. Totalkrash

    This song makes me want to shoot myself, with chocolate strawberries, vanilla smoothie and watch dirty movies !

  21. Hannah Herman

    Cherub 😍👍🏾

  22. the good music bro!!

    me to....

  23. Julius Brown

    i like this song sooooooo super mutch

  24. Grant Labarge

    I think im in love with the girl in the picture...and this song of course ;)

  25. Christian H

    Who's the girl in the picture??

    James Darmody

    wanna stalk her?

    Tucker C .Frey

    +James Darmody uhhhh yeah i wanna do anything to her shes a quintessential 10


    +James Darmody Anybody with a dick and half a brain would

  26. Mathew Bannister

    That guitar doe... FAV!

    Laura Barenca

    Maldita perra solo son mios

  27. paradiseaflame

    This song automatically puts me in a good mood. Yum Chocolate Strawberries.

    Laura Barenca

    Alejate de ellos zorra

  28. morgan wolff

    fucking ear orgy! mad respect..

  29. Ronnie Wong

    These guy are music Wizards!!

  30. George V

    One of the best songs on the album!!

    Travis Nastvold

    Smooth operator that's for dAAmn sure yall..

  31. Jenevieve Francis

    Cherub I love you.

    Laura Barenca

    I love you mis huevos es solo mio oiste y si no te parto tu madre

  32. Lim Sam

    Iol nice

  33. Ivan Brito

    Gets me on a Fuck Yea Mood lol

  34. Joshua

    That girl is holding a strawberry with whipped cream...

    Matt Noke

    Nice observaton.

  35. Ева Гашененко

    Суперская песня


    Man I can't stand cherub there freakin awesome lol

  37. Kelly Ebbert