Cherry, Neneh - Eyes On The Prize Lyrics

Run run, run run, run run yeah here come
Run run, run run, run run yeah here come here come.

In the agony of the feet and the thrills of victory
(come on, come on)
You know I won't stop trying
Got my eyes on the prize
And I'm coming ready to compete
(come on, come on)
You know you need to bring it on

In the agony of the feet and the thrills of victory
(come on, come on)
You know I won't stop trying
Got my eyes on the prize
And I'm coming ready to compete

I know you can do it
With your heart into it
If you wanna break great hearts
You've got to move it
No time to fall back (fall back)
When you're on the right track (on the track)
Want you to keep on pushing
Got no time to relax

Put the word out tell the streets
I'm determined with self-belief
Delving deep inside my core
Steel my toes no time to pause
I am the prize getting my rewards
I'm representing a higher cause
Move on up we ain't going back
Keep on pushing don't relax
Achieving goals ain't easy though
I share the load with a team of pros
You can do it putting crazy work
It's like the race that we came in first

You can do it keep on moving
You can do it keep improving
You can do it you won't stop
You can do it reach the top

I know you can do it
With your heart into it
If you wanna break great hearts
You've got to move it
No time to fall back (fall back)
When you're on the right track (on the track)
Want you to keep on pushing
Got no time to relax

So I ain't gonna waste no time (waste no time)
Opportunity comes once in a while (once in a while)

No rest for the wicked if you wanna be a winner
And if you're gonna run around
Don't lose cause that's dry
A habit you can't kick it
And everyone's a sinner
And if you're gonna run around
We'll lose and I'll cry

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Cherry, Neneh Eyes On The Prize Comments
  1. noizyme

    Recording this song must've been a party!

  2. Rebecca Froehlich

    Despite the dated visual effects, her hair and makeup looks perfectly fresh and contemporary :D

  3. Shawn Michaels

    This song reminds me of going to roller skating parties in 6th grade. Great times!

  4. Jack Dallwitz

    I've been drinking beer through straws for years. Not a single person has ever guessed why.

  5. saint r

    I remember my sister playing this song with her friends at the house
    Funny how we would not like the song but in reality we did like it :)

  6. dee

    Year: 2020
    Time: 6:51 am
    Country: Australia

  7. brobno9

    Mabel was never going to be ugly.... was she?

  8. Kevin Connor

    Classic 80’s goodness

  9. Adrian C

    geez im feeling old this album was my first cd when it came out i miss that album, so attractive

  10. Charlene Abbott

    I was referring to Melanie Thornton here.About her fashion,her hairstyles,her styles of shoes that she was wearing here.Please do edit this column here for me.Thanks!

  11. TheAstrius

    Sexy ass girl mm mmm.

  12. Charlene Abbott

    &hey here also i do dig here her style fashion,those high heel,up to the knee high boots that she be wearing.Please do edit this column here for me!Thanks!Please do edit this column here for me

  13. Charlene Abbott

    Hey there Lane McCray!She is omg hot!godess!Just today here i had a dream that i was on stage here at one of you all's outdoor concerts,i was up on stage here,i had got the chance here that was to meet the two of you here at one of your outdoor concerts,you should have seen that look that was on my face here to begin with.I was oh my god,then i had asked Melanie here for a hug,then she had said yes!&i gave her a quick hug, had asked the two of you here that if i can get my picture taken with the two of you,then you had said yes that was to me.Please do edit this column here for me!Thanks!

  14. Jimmy Lee

    classic banger...jamie oliver's 15 minute meals brought me back here =))

  15. Grabasandwich

    0:39 that build-up into "whooooooooo.... who's lookinc good today" ❤️

  16. Shabnam Ahsan

    Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals brought me here.

  17. claire bigelow

    My secret guilty pleasure this song

  18. Matt Pannell

    All those that think they know music, ok, this was the song that bridged that future gap. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or not. It was always going to happen. This is cult

  19. Jason Marcel

    Mabel's mom has got it going on.

  20. Eric Valentin

    Yes meeeee 2020 I love this music

  21. CStarz

    that unique sounding beat and how it switches during the chorus is just genius.

  22. Patrick Pmd

    The flight jacket

  23. YSN Blessed bxy

    Incase nobody knew this is British singer Mabels mom

  24. welshhibby

    I hated this in 1989....and I still do 😒💩

    Grabbed You By The Pussy

    You probably listen to Justin Bieber shit.

  25. Ana G

    Dis ma shish riteee here!!❤🎶🎵 huh sucka!!

  26. edinei augusto santos

    O saudade que eu tenho viu

  27. jamie baxter

    Used to simply love this song!!

  28. A C

    Yup! Love.

  29. Ian Knowles

    Watching now, reminds me of working for H Samuel Hockley Birmingham in the late 80s,rushing out in our one hour lunch break, with all my colleagues /friends, having a few pints, watching this on the video jukebox, one hell of a lunch time party, then back to work half pissed, great times, great people, where are you all now x

  30. krister karlehem

    Swedish Music...again...

  31. Stacey Williams

    Man I miss being a kid/teen!

  32. Greg Wooldridge

    She is the greatest .just so good.

  33. mobus1603

    Neneh Cherry looks like that trans dude from _The Crying Game_ , "You know I mean?" @2:51


    @Gentlemick Impartiallogic: do you play Angry Birds?

    Gentlemick Impartiallogic

    @mobus1603 Hell no.


    @Gentlemick Impartiallogic: she does look like that trans dude, tho 😏

  34. Juan Rodriguez

    Uuugh i hated this song so much in the 90s and still do

  35. Luis Carlos

    1978....2020 still jamming

  36. chris wood

    Now you know why Mable so good .

  37. mat mells

    She served 8 months in prison in swedan for drugs in 1984

  38. Joel Liddle

    She pisses all over cardi b

    Max Murphy

    Cardi who
    Forever 80's bro

  39. Michael Hysick

    30 years ago I had a fake I'd so I could go dance at the clubs. This and c&c sound factory were at top of the charts and brought me to my love of dance music.

  40. Kwintessential2

    Excellent shade song.

  41. ProFound Talent

    My go to...

  42. Michelle Widjaja

    Goddamn girl can you be more New York oh my god

  43. Carlos

    Bomb The Bass! Rock this place!!


    I knew this song from "Jamie's 15 Minute Meals."

  45. Michelle Torez

    Neneh your beautiful 😍

  46. Aviva Kollangi

    All day in 2020

  47. yes3443

    This song is pure crap.

  48. Sacrosby103

    It's 2020 and I'm still wondering what a buffalo stance is

  49. Mina Spiegler

    Is she Mabel's Mom?🎶

  50. Rick Oneill

    The most 1989 video ever

  51. joshua hill

    Gta 4 brought me here

  52. Richard Lovelace

    I'm here because of a Tommy Sotomayor reference. 😆


    🐂 What a great song! 🐂

  54. First Lady Queen

    soooo pretty and really clean rapping! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂❤❤😍😍😊😊

    why does she remind me of peppa or one of those ladies? 🤔

  55. Catrina Daimon Lee

    Don Cherry's blessed one!

  56. jboyce1976

    Good god I forgot how gorgeous this woman is.

    Create Your Best Version

    jboyce1976 yassss🙌🏼

  57. Adam

    Knew the tune from that Jamie Oliver tv show from years ago long before I listened to the full song

    Dexter Christian

    I'm watching now. It bought me here.

  58. asher feldman

    I may be old but I fucking love this shit!

  59. Ramon Meijer

    Tim Simenon was the bomb !

  60. Matt Bortlik

    who else would rather listen to awesome classics like this, rather then utter crap music of today. artists of today, take note. This is PROPER music

  61. Richard Lahan

    I've been wondering since the 80s what exactly a "buffalo stance" is.

    Druski McBurr

    I was just about to post this....if you find out, let me know lol

  62. Vivioniglitters

    You nawt I mean?? 💜

  63. Giuseppe Mulas

    When was wrote "Buffalo stance" ?

  64. Nicholas Hylton

    Even if you removed her *_awesome_* vocals, it would still be an amazing song! Damn, I love the beat!!

  65. precessive

    Freshman year in high school right there. That really was a thing.

  66. lacessamino

    Anyone ever figure out what a "Buffalo Stance" is??? LMFAO

  67. Michael Hutchison

    She was so smokin hot grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  68. Truthseeker1515

    16 when it came out, killed it on the dance-floor.

  69. wdavidwebb

    5.9K had their love won by money men

  70. Ranseler

    That keyboard riff, though. GOOD god, y'all.

  71. Sherrell James

    Jan 2020

  72. donna hookem

    That's for my BSF!

  73. Katherine Kass

    Buffalo Stance! Love it! Happy Trails to all the thugs! N.C. sings it best!

  74. Darren Roy

    I miss the 90s

  75. Daniella Pawl

    I know that's right......

  76. derek banks

    still fresh

  77. ghostdtx

    I still don't know what the buffalo stance is

  78. ghostdtx

    Beautiful. And love them curls

    Create Your Best Version

    ghostdtx yassss🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  79. Señor Cortez

    blijft killer griet met killer plaat

  80. Silver Phoenix

    Who's looking good today? Who's looking good in every way? No Style Rookie... You better watch don't mess with 2020.

  81. isacha ley

    🔥🔥🔥Iconic video🔥🔥🔥

  82. 76footballlover

    I wonder how she's doing now?, she went through a lot

  83. hoibsh

    I love her smile!

  84. vordman

    This feels American but is actually British in origin, which surprised me. I suppose the "what is he like" in a cockney accent gives it away.

    Nicholas Hylton

    That factoid blew me away when I heard it the first time too!

  85. Day Nyte

    2020 who else still banging this classic?

    Matt Bortlik

    still better than todays utter shite music


    Another date bollocks post

    Day Nyte

    phantomsvideos I was a teen when I was watching this on Yo MTV Raps and here it is 2020 and still pay homage to this song and other good music. You must be a millennial and can't relate. Don't hate, appreciate clown!!!


    Those were the days.

  86. Michellinda Hoka

    Mabel and neneh cherry are beautiful!!!!

  87. Kim Vereen

    Zazie favors her!

  88. Sy. Lo.

    Mabel, singer of Don't call me up, is Nenah's daughter 🤯

  89. Ari Oliveira

    Algum brasileiro ouvindo essa musica linda em 2020

    Roberto Gomes

    Eu!!! Dancei muito isso!!! RJ

  90. Lincoln Scanapieco

    I miss the time where the female singers looked like normal beautiful people, not like plastic barbie dolls wearing vulgar clothes.

  91. Funny Munny

    Summer of ‘89 I graduated High School, Spent that summer working in Montauk this song was jammin. Didn’t get much better.

  92. kiely 456

    She was such a good looking chick back in the day

  93. matt culver


  94. Niels Gammelgard

    Vilken enorm röst och energi denna låt fortfarande utstrålar.

  95. Imre Jóni

    Hát néhány egykori SAW sztár is megérdemelné ezt az 1080 pixelt!!! Például Sinitta - Cross my broken heart dala

  96. banksidematt

    Luscious lips! Wish I had a time machine music today sucks!

  97. D K

    Tune, production, looks...awesome

  98. Amanda B.

    2020 no money man can win my love the sweetness that I'm thinking of...

    Create Your Best Version

    Amanda B. Yassss🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼