Cherry, Eagle-Eye - Twisted Games Lyrics

He was lost in a kerosene dream
Fuelled by the urge inside
Always been told not to play with fire
Never was one to abide

It all started way back when
When the neighbor's house burnt down
Hypnotized by the burning flame
And in that flame his love was found

Now time went on like it always does
No one knew about his love affair
Love it was it's a twisted game
Now he's gone with out a prayer

Today he learnt his lesson well
Today he burnt like you do in hell

I wish this tale could end another way
In twisted games we should never play

Now I'll tell you another tale
About a boy who loved his gun
His 45 was his one best friend
Twisted games that can't be won

Another day or so they thought
No one knew what was to come
This little town will never be the same
With a little boy who loved his gun

Today he learnt his lesson well
Today he burnt his one last shell

I wish this tale could end another way
Twisted games we should never play

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Cherry, Eagle-Eye Twisted Games Comments
  1. Juan Nadie

    ultraunderrated song

  2. Aras Hunt

    Bring us back!

  3. Crazy Blue Angel

    Ma préférée de cet artiste 😍😍.... yeah always havin' fun, c'est devenue ma Force 💪💪, c'est de loin le meilleur remède que de s'apitoyer sur son sort 😉😉, PEOPLE ENJOY YOURSELF YOU MUST !! 😉👊😍😍🍀🍀🍀

  4. zeze do bone

    I am loving this...

  5. persephanie k.

    Muito boa

  6. Aleksandar Grkovic

    pa ova gitara na 2:06 pokida sve u meni...

  7. Karin Bertato

    Stop a cHi fischia,cHi fa fischi con la bocca e a cHi fa AVANCES e cHi fa buh e stop piede Fuori da casa a maschi con barbetta e riga do Barbetta bionde e magrette magrissime

  8. Egor K

    Yeaahhh this is really ggggggggooooooooodddddddddd

  9. zeze do bone

    I am enjoying myself with all your delusions and paranoias....
    Just to see you crashing your Bugatti (all your mi5 resources) against my wall and see it going straight to the scrap yard!!! No recovery at all...

  10. Kenneth Kerr

    If this song does not make you happy you should seek medical attention

  11. vincenzo raspavolo

    he deserved way more success

  12. Kasia Lotnik

    so old times , still like this song

  13. eugen13life

    Cool song, cool music, cool sence, thank you Eagle Eye for the good music of 2000-s

  14. Israel de Oliveira

    The first time I listened to this song was about fifteen ago when I didn't understand absolutely nothing of English, and I didn't remember the title of this song neither the singer. Tonight I was remembering that beat and I tried to look for. I began:
    > There is...
    > There are...
    > There are steel (that shit doesn't make any sense)
    > Are they
    > Are you
    > Are you still
    > Are still fun
    Then, Google understood me.

  15. Scheidia Lemos

    Linda ❤

  16. alfonso Esposito

    Grande sound anni 90

  17. Leon Beckwith

    This is making my night 👌✌👏 #2019

  18. Daniel Melo

    Great song! One of my all time favourites!

  19. Simone and Isabella Rudov

    name dripper paul out in the dallas area... call up your cop daughter and ask her about acquired brain injury... and I will pay off her boss and no wonder your son the football player SON not talking... go cry to jesus christ... she lives at a place near saint Mary's and she got saved... and ITS NOT ME...

  20. assaflevassaf

    first time i got drunk was listen to this shit ! Great Song !!!!
    sadly - iam 37 years old tomorrow

  21. Simone Rudov

    Unless a woman is 6 foot tall and a model then she is just a useless waste of space for another woman to degradate...

  22. Dorella Maglio

    Canzone fantastica!

  23. COCO

    MY 🦅. 👁. 🍒

  24. starlight

    actually none in here

  25. A Little Lady

    2018 💗

  26. Rizo Metallica

    2018!!! lets go!

  27. Craig Davies

    First time i heard this was while watching F1 races, Mercedes ads used it years ago, great song.

  28. Paulo Alessio

    Today the new Eagle Eye Cherry album has been released !!!!!!!!!!!
    Istangram page of Eagle Eye Cherry:

  29. Nora Barkai

    Still relevant and still genius. Love it.

  30. Jaypee Peralta

    Still listening to this song in 2018. Like if you agree.

  31. Cyril #312

    My teenage !

  32. MillerCrosses

    That couch used to be regular in music videos, now it only gets work in porn.

  33. RockNPunkBands

    Wonderful song ever!!!

  34. Paulo Alessio

    Neeeew song of Eagle Eye Cherry, Streeet of youuu!!!

  35. Oh Waker

    He looks like a half-black Bill Wurtz.

  36. Patrick P

    Are you still having fun ? 😏

  37. Kazim Shah

    Heard this song after 17 years feeling awsome

  38. Aleksandar Grkovic

    Sluša se i slušaće se i dalje...

  39. Anthony Sclafani

    *Why am I just discovering this song now?*


    Anthony Sclafani glad you found it man it's an amazing song.

  40. hey hey ningen sucker

    Im here like 8 years later from the mercedes fascination video,,,

  41. Mr Richard parker

    Boring and weak vocals.. very weak vocals! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. He did never let go.

    Athreya Guru

    Fuck you it's awesome


    I'm just wondering where I can find your video/work Richard? I look forward to watching it.

    Athreya Guru

    @clazza65 chuck it. He is a moron


    You obviously know him more than Joe Public. I guess that they all burn someone on the way to 15 minutes of fame.

  42. Hugo Oliveira

    18 years already... Hell! How the hell it passed so fast!??? Still an aswome song by the way, waty better than much of what we listen on tv, radio, spotiffy, etc on these days...

  43. Jessica Bessa

    2018 .. curtindo essa vibe

  44. Michael Capellini

    Molto bravo!!

  45. El Retorno de la Diosa

    You are on your own
    You do as you please
    Having so much fun
    Gone and lost your reason
    After all is said and done
    But are you still having fun?
    How were you to know when you've gone astray?
    That happiness would go like a lost emotion
    You have always gone your way
    Are you happy today?

    Well you know when you've been defeated
    You don't care and you thank no one
    Feeling low you will always need it
    But are you're having fun

    You don't know what is it you've done
    You don't know that...

    This was your mistake with the master plan
    With all the drugs you take, you can hardly stand
    After all is said and done
    Are you still having fun?

    Well, you know when you've been defeated
    You don't care and you thank no one
    Feeling low you will always need it

    Are you're having fun...
    Are you still having fun?

    You don't know what it is you've done
    Just to show that you're having fun

    You don't know what it is you've done
    Just to show that...

    I can set you straight if you let me stay
    I hope i'm not too late
    No you won't regret it
    I can show you the way
    And make you happy today

    Yes, you know when you've been defeated
    You don't care and you thank no one
    Feeling low you will always need it

    Well, you know when you're being cheated
    Yes, you know when you've been defeated
    Feeling low you will always need it
    Now you*re having fun...

    And are you still having fun?
    Are you still having fun?
    Are you still having

  46. Paolo Verdini

    Vox Ac 30 commercial!
    Great song though, takes me back to high school years.

  47. daniel pivatto

    Muito boa essa música uma das melhores dele.

  48. luciano ronnie

    top demais essa musica

  49. Eric Martin NGIAMBA

    The best of is generation...

  50. IglooDweller

    Late 90's/Early 00's music will always be the best.

  51. Francesca fr

    great song....

  52. Cyberslicy

    thank you 90's for this fuckin good music

  53. samantha fox

    Always loved eagle eye cherry. Ever since I can remember as a kid.

  54. Pedro Henrique

    Tv União!!! Ô saudade!

    Funky Dead Cat

    pode crer. bons tempos

  55. gianpaolo dellarme

    This song means so very much to me LOL

  56. Gabriele d'annibale

    one of my favourite songs of ALL times.

    Gabi S

    Yeah, and not even 200,000 views :( ... What's the world coming to ?


    Idem fratello!

    Tommy Brisbane

    mine too.

  57. Tommy Brisbane

    Still one of my all-time favorites.


    craizen unira older version

  59. Jorge Jiménez

    culos recuerdos con esa rolita


    Sí...Definitivamente trae Diversión esta gran canción!!!

  61. Mill3rtime2010

    always loved eagle eye cherry

  62. AlbaxBM

    I've just discovered the song and I've already replayed it 4 times in a row. And counting.

  63. V3CZ

    "Obama, too late."

  64. Alisvolare