Cher - I Saw A Man And He Danced With His Wife Lyrics

I was by myself drinkin'
Chilled lonely wine
Then he walked in with some woman
Who's place was once mine
And she wore his ring on her finger
And the band began a song
I heard before

I saw a man and he danced with his wife
How I wished he was dancin' with me
'Cause I remember before
When we danced on this floor
His eyes were only on me
Where did I go wrong?
They were playin' our song
While I was cryin' all night long

I kept watchin' as they danced slowly by
I kept hopin', kept on lookin'
But I couldn't catch his eye
Oh, then he got up, and he saw me
But he just walked right on by
And danced with her


Two weeks later, I heard a knock on my door
He was back
Just like all those good times before
Aw, then he kissed me
And he told me
I left her 'cause I love you
So much more than I knew

I saw a man and he danced with his wife
But now he's dancin' with me
I remember before, when we danced on this floor
His eyes were only on me
[repeat to fade]

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Cher I Saw A Man And He Danced With His Wife Comments
  1. Jimbe' Carroll

    This song has brought out tears before

  2. Robb K

    My favorite all time Cher song!

  3. birdsfan57

    Another rarely played or heard gem from Cher's early/mid 1970's years. Hope the new generation can be exposed to some of these early songs. Her songbook encompasses more than the disco-oriented anthems for which she is more widely recognized.

  4. Danny Lara

    I love this album and song

  5. Doog Boy

    A great song !

  6. bill k

    I was in the Navy in Naples Italy when I heard this song, so touching and such a beautiful song to this day..

  7. chloemae727

    I was 16 when the "Dark Lady" album was released and I bought it right away. I loved all the songs on it. I now have the album on CD, I am 59 years old, and still listen to it. Dark Lady is still my favorite song by Cher. She had great music back then and still has now. And this song, " I saw a man..." was also released as a 45 rpm single which I still have to this day.

    Richard DeLeon

    Lol. Im your twin. Did the same thing.

    Danny Lara


  8. Sally Lou

    Story reminds me of Nancy Wilson’s GUESS WHO I SAW TODAY. listen to that song, too, and enjoy 😉

  9. Bill Makemson

    This song Rocks,,,,as the album does  ,,,,the songs on dark lady lp ,,,all were so great ,,, i play it still to this day ,,,, love when she rocks out   Train of thought ,,,,wowwwwwwwwwww      what pipes she had on that song     :)

  10. kennedy mcclary

    Love this song. I can still remember my mom playing this tape at night to put me to sleep as a child! <3

  11. A S

    Love this song, too bad it's not better of her great ones, IMHO.  Very sad too.

  12. Raymond Maurer

    Lovely, thank you for posting. Seriously, this song is fierce as is the picture but, is this the only picture you have to work with? 

  13. SWLinPHX

    I had the Dark Lady album when I was just 6 years old and wore it out playing the record over and over.  I had memorized every song, including this one.  When you think about it though, the "happy ending" is breaking up a marriage.

  14. MrManorAvenue

    I have to agree that Cher might not have been the "best" [relative term, of course] vocalist in the world.  But, this song gets my vote for my favorite Cher song.  

    A S

    Couldn't agree more.


    Not only the message in the song's lyrics and the melody, but the fact that it was done in the big band style.  I was fascinated by the music of my parents' generation from the time I was in junior high school and, consequently, I was mocked a lot by the other kids, but I just felt that they didn't know what they were missing.  

  15. Tony Bella

    Love this song and Cher sings it beautifully.

  16. Lance Murray

    Cher really can't sing very well. But we loved her.


    She couldn't till 1987


    Excuse me?!! REALLY? Hmmmm.....

    Djosci Coêlho Jr.

    *roll eyes*

    Mark Burkett

    I love her music from the 1970s the best. She always sang beautifully.


    Lance Murray Are you joking?

  17. Momma Lou

    ...I was 14...and I Loved this song...had the "tape"...I listened to it for years...sang it to My Children as Babies...along with the rest of Her Beautiful songs! 

  18. Victoria W

    Yes...he end up marrying--> Me after she passed away~

  19. Tyler Hartman

    I Love This Song <3

  20. Baires Man

    My Cher all time favorite song !!!!

  21. mrob75

    Just shy of making the Top 40...Wonder why it stalled? It's a good song...Guess the lyric is kinda' controversial

  22. Sharon Bullock

    The first time I heard this song I was 13 years old, today I'm 53! and still love it!

    Xavier Xavier

    Sharon Bullock I must have been the same age when I heard it and back then I thought the person that wrote this song it must of happened to her/him and now that I’m 57 I still love this song another good one is My Melody gotta love them. 💯👍🏼😊

  23. Kevin Clepps

    She has a great voice!


    Kevin Clepps 💜💛💚