Cher - Chastity Sun Lyrics

Chastity Sun, you are the one
That can make me smile
When I'm feeling sad
You come close to me
And my heart goes running free
You are the proof God lives
You are his gift to me
Sweet baby girl
You make my world
Bright and shinning new
When I look at you
In your eyes I see
The world that God meant to be
There's no hate or angry
Just love for humanity
We'll have children of the kingdom
They won't be torn by war, torn by hate
Nor will they hesitate to love
Chastity Sun, we are as one
You have come from me
You're the fruit, I'm the tree
I am trying so
But I've got so far to go
I've got so much to teach you
And so much myself to know
Sweet baby one
You bring the sun in a simple way
With the things you say
In my smile or tears
Such innocents in your heart
You make up God's great circle
Cause I am the end and you're the start
We'll have children of the kingdom
They won't be torn by war
Nor will they kill or hate
Or hesitate to love

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Cher Chastity Sun Comments
  1. Christie Miller

    So beautiful and such sweet memories!

  2. MsJinkerson

    I am a transgender and if Cher is all for Chasity to become Chaz I am all for it a person has to have happiness in his life go for it God knows happiness is all we really want

  3. green leaf

    so beautiful and emotional.. wow life

  4. Deb Mauritson

    Love Cher's version of Seals and Crofts Ruby Jean and Billy Lee. I think I like her lyrics to the music better than theirs even.

  5. marie lynne

    I used to sit in my room when I was a teen and play this over and over on my stereo. I thought is was the most beautiful song in the world. Something prompted me to look for it today, 50 years after I last played it. Beautiful.

  6. Michael Collantes

    Cher You were at your most beautiful In that decade!! And you still are in mortality beautiful!!

  7. Sharon Donovan

    Loved there tv show....chastity so this song.....💝💖💝💖💝

  8. Harriet Little

    This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. 😓❤️

  9. Margaret

    Cher looks so beautiful at the end.

  10. Margaret

    This is a beautiful video. The pics are wonderful.

  11. Marilyn Wolf

    I wonder why I never heard this song? Its beautiful!!

  12. Jennifer Justen-Sanchez

    Omg..I never saw this until now.
    Love ya CHAZ.

  13. Pretty Rainbows

    All I have to say is that was one loved little girl.

  14. Nancy Marrone

    Omg, can't stop the tears...

  15. Chet youbetya

    There was always a weird sadness in her eyes

  16. Crystal Depp

    I feel bad for Cher.. I know she misses chastity. But she is so supportive of Chaz it is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. youtuber 97

    This is absolutely beautiful! I shed plenty of tears.. firstly you can see the connection Cher and Sonny have but also the one they all are as a family! Cher is such a wonderful mother to this day her love and support for Chaz is outstanding! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  18. Mitzi73

    I have seen many videos with Cher and little Chastity. They have such great chemistry. They are like two friends on that stage. Chastity wasn’t precocious. She was like a regular kid.

  19. A L

    bridget jones

  20. Lifebee LifeBee

    This child looks like none of her parents...Mother Nature is funny sometimes

  21. Cindy Wallace

    Ok, love for a child...sad and .....chaz god bless.😇

  22. carolina girl

    It must've broke cher's heart when chasity made her choice! Being gay is one thing, but to change her whole appearance. :-(

  23. Sisi Barlow

    Beautiful <3

  24. Luci nln

    Beautiful song and precious intimate family photos.

  25. Gary

    Who could possibly post anything rude on a video that is so beautiful and wholesome!??

  26. M M

    Such a beautiful song and video. What a gift she was to her Mom and Dad. Precious thoughts.

  27. Grace Foley

    This is so beautiful...I cried when Chastity came running into her mommy's arms 😂😂😂


    ...and how Cher picked Chas up, and it looked like she mouthed the words: "Can I have a kiss?" <3

  28. Toula O. Filos

    the best part of the show , I remember was the family endings, sooooo cute

  29. Lolita clo

    How sweet Chaz and Cher

  30. Brenda Geertsema

    This breaks my heart for Cher, how can anyone not have compassion for a parent having to experience this, it has nothing to do with what side of the fence you're in, simply heartbreaking.

    marie lynne

    It is not heartbreaking. When you see your child suffer, that is heartbreaking. All you want to do is help them, see them find their way to who they are. There is only joy when they do find it. I never planned out my child's life so there was no loss, I never "lost" my child. My adult child is happy now, and healthy, all is right with the world. Take heart, you do not have to "feel" for her experience, she never lost sight of who she was loving and supporting. She is a great mom.

  31. ndog2005

    Saw this on a Sonny & Cher, show, OMG, Absolutely Awesome..

  32. Kathryn Creekmore

    I finally found this song! Been looking for it for years, since hearing it on their show. Thanks for posting!!

  33. Deeply Scarred

    Chaz must had one heck of a recessive gene. His hair was dark at birth, then blonde, and now it's dark again 😊 His baby pics look so much like Cher's.


    Cher's mom & sister are blonde. Sonny's mom was blonde.

  34. nesemarie

    this is so was a great time to live different now

  35. Tami Brueggemann

    What a sweet video of pure mother's love for her child

  36. gina carlson

    omg what a beautiful video. have always loved you cher !

  37. Southern Belle

    I remember sitting in front of the family TV back then and being mesmerized by her, her hair, her clothes, her make up, her performances....

  38. Suey

    This is beautiful. Very emotional. Very special.

  39. Donna Ciccone

    Beautiful song

  40. Diane Flood

    love thi ong. he wrote for her daughter. it bring tear to my eyes. love you cher

    Barbara H

    Diane Flood Cher wrote this song not sonny.

  41. Kell ll

    Cher had an admiration and respect for Sonny she was not in love with him.Sonny started her career without him she wouldn't have been Cher... but as far as being in love with that man I didn't see it...

  42. Ramon Soares

    The irony.

  43. miss_midge_6515

    Wow, is that 5 generations at @:06??

  44. Truly Mad

    tot not toy

  45. jett woodward

    Sorry. I meant to type TIME,not TJME.

  46. Ben Milligan

    Cher really was in love with Sonny... 💖

  47. Don Poland

    Is it me.. or is the a different version of Seals & Crofts "Ruby Jean and Billy Lee"?


    *sweetly* You're's the same tune and similar refrain...but Cher rewrite the verses herself in dedication to Chas <3

    She seems like such a loving mother. And love how at the end, Chas comes out and Cher picks her up as if: "My baby"...:)

  48. Athalia Madariaga

    Hermosa. Ahora representa a la comunidad Gay. Super!

  49. Publications ABCDA

    Thanks for posting this. How tender. I didn''t remember this from the show.

  50. don decruz

    she's  really beautiful. :)

  51. sam t


  52. Mark Pollock

    Cher IS a true living legend! Her current work and presentation equals the Best of The BEST! When "Believe" broke every world record in 99',Cher herself was the "Most Mature Female Artist in History" to reach this exceptional acclaim!! Thank God CHER never quits! Maybe that is why Forbes claims CHER"S net worth to be greater than 300 million dollars , The world pays for her continued work! We ALL Win!

  53. Mike Adams

    Regarding this outstanding song and video these were the days when Cher was in her prime and at her very best. Sonny & Cher's variety show (and various short-lived spin offs) were unarguably amongst the very best and most entertaining of all time. Only the Carol Burnett show comes anywhere close in quality and caliber with the possible exception of the Glen Campbell show relative to musical variety shows of the era.

    In all honesty, I was never particularly crazy nor fond of Sonny though I admittedly shed some tears along with everyone the day he died. His singing and performing talent was extremely mediocre at best in my estimation. I didn't care for his conservative politics but acknowledge he did a thoroughly outstanding job while serving in the US Congress. One thing's for certain. He genuinely loved and promoted Cher to the hilt until his dying day.

    Most notably after Cher left Sonny and began performing solely on her own she went progressively bonkers. Admittedly, she was stunningly successful and talented as ever. But Sonny was unquestionably the anchor which kept her reasonably grounded and balanced though wild as she's always been.

    Cher was one of my most favorite singers and performers as a teen all the way up until Sonny died. Since then she's become wildly narcissistic to the point of absurdity. Not to say she didn't always have that trait to some degree or other but she's since gone completely off the deep end. Cher needs to accept and act her age with same grace, dignity and class as set by her own mother Georgia Holt's outstanding example.


    Why should she ACT the way YOU want her to? You said Cher was WILD ,,she never drank did drugs or smoked,And yes She did love Sonny till he died,,she left him because he was UNFAITHFUL...It must be nice to be perfect like yourself

  54. 1goldbaby

    Cher was sooo beautiful then...

  55. Thatsswell2012

    She was born back in the days of cloth diapers, 5 day hospital stays and babies spending most of their time there in the newborn nursery.     Boy the maternity ward must have had a TON of dirty diapers to wash.    Soon afterward Pampers make the gold standard at hospitals and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why.

    Mc Hobbit

    I would have been thrilled to raise children in those days, when they could roam free and were not as pressured at school etc.... if I could have gotten through the ordeal of having them in a smoke infested hospital where I saw them three times a day based on when someone else allows me to though they are MY children. I don't get how, back then, they often even thought putting a child in school before Kindergarten was cruel because they were considered too young to be "given away" but almost never seeing your newborn at the hospital and basically giving them away to the nurses wasn't.

  56. Danel

    I wonder if seeing this has ever made her daughter regret her sex change decision

    cynthia reynolds

    Actually seeing these old videos is hurtful to Chaz. When a transgender makes the change it is like dying & creating a new person & it is traumatic to deal with the 'dead person'. Of course, they always have to deal with that person and more so if they're public figures like Chaz or Caitlyn Jenner. It's also harder the later in life you change. So I think it's great that parents are listening to their kids these days who might be transgender.

    Kris Sanders

    russrjn well, if you knew anything about grans ppl, you wouldn't have any wonder. Trans ppl don't just decide their gender, they know it from very early in their childhood. They can choose to get the medical transition though. That's really the only choice they can make throughout the whole grans condition.

    Manifesting My Dreams

    Probably not..... I feel bad for Cher

    Mel Smacks

    I miss Chastity Bono she would’ve looked so beautiful I cried watching this

    Atomic 1960

    Beautiful child and mother

  57. Jan Mizeski

    Thanks for this.

  58. bluesugar58

    Aww sweet Chastity, this is so beautiful!

  59. AlexHerzberg1989

    какая прелесть))) в конце особенно


    +AngelinaHerzberg1989 однозначно!

  60. Susan Giammarino

    I think I'm gonna cry!

  61. Heather Lovatt

    So you know who wrote the song? I'm sure guessing it was Sonny Bono but I don't know, do you?

    Beautiful melody and lyrics. Cher is eternal!


    Mike Adams

    Nice meeting you Heather and excellent question. One would instinctively expect the answer to be Sonny & Cher. But according to Wikipedia and the official record Seals & Crofts wrote the original song which had an entirely different title and lyrics. For anyone who remembers Seals & Crofts it unquestionably has their unique style of songwriting "written all over it" as the expression goes.

    Mike Adams

    @Mark Pollock
    Check this out Mark. Cher indeed DID do the rewrite for "Chastity Sun" according to Wiki--not Sonny. Which means she didn't distort or embellish the story on Oprah. Following is an excerpt from the Wiki page for "Half-Breed"

    Cher's Half-Breed album

    David Paich contributed for the "David's Song" and for the arrangements in the album. The last song of the album "Chastity Sun" was re-written by Cher. Originally entitled "Ruby Jean & Billy Lee" was a song by soft rock band Seals & Crofts released in their 1973 album Diamond Girl. The re-written version by Cher was a dedication to her first child Chastity Bono.

    Source URL:

    Mark Pollock

    I SO appreciate your most thoughtful intervention in this simple yet important FACT!
    The story all adds up!
    I find it silly when some folks..
    Take a unauthentic fact,and actually justify why it is true?
    Why not simply research,find truth!
    SUPER COOL=YOU my new friend!

    Mike Adams

    Thanks Mark. As mentioned in a recent reply to BJ herein made earlier today I have an undying respect and passion for the pursuit of extreme detail, accuracy and precision.

    Mark Pollock

     Brilliant work per usual Mike Style! Thanks Again!

  62. charlotte met

    So beautiful. Cher, you keep on going girl. You haven't lost it. Cher, is like the Energizer Bunny she keeps going and going.


    Fuck you!

    Sara Haynes

    charlotte met i

  63. Gray Stone

    Miss Sonny, he was a doting father. RIP Mr. Bono.

  64. bjcrochet

    My favorite song by Cher and my favorite album Half-Breed. In 1973 I wore the first album out and had to get a second. Still have both and still listen to this album, well now MP3. The original name for Chastity's Sun was (Ruby Jean and Billie Lee) which makes no sense. Glad they changed it.

    Mark Pollock

    Hey Mike,
    You sound super intelligent!
    We have a great shared appreciation of such similar connections to greatness
    I would enjoy sharing images and videos you shall enjoy and appreciate for sure!
    Major collector here!
    May you be so kind as to email me..
    [email protected]
    Thanks Again my Friend!

    Mike Adams

    Thanks Mark and likewise. That's very cool of you. I'll email you back straightaway.

    Mark Pollock

    Thanks EVER so very much Mike.
    I did in fact receive your kind email.
    As  I am placing together a package to email you back very so my kind friend!
    Regards Kind Sir,

    Mike Adams

    I agree BJ. Half-Breed's still my most favorite Cher album to this day. It's totally spectacular.

    Kathy Bennett

    bj crochet renamed for Chastity Sun Bono!💖

  65. bjcrochet

    "Chastity Sun"

    Chastity Sun, you are the one
    That can make me smile
    When I'm feeling sad
    You come close to me
    My heart goes running free
    You are the proof God lives
    You are his gift to me

    Sweet baby girl
    You make my world
    Bright and shinning new
    When I look at you
    In your eyes I see
    The world that God meant to be
    There's no hate or anger
    Just love for humanity

    We'll have children of the kingdom
    They won't be torn by war, torn by hate
    Nor will they hesitate to love


    (NOTE: This *verse is on the album Half-Breed)

    *Chastity Sun, we are as one
    You have come from me
    You're the fruit, I'm the tree
    I am trying so
    But I've got so far to go
    I've got so much to teach you
    So much myself to know*

    Sweet baby one
    You bring the sun in a simple way
    With the things you say
    In my smile or tears
    Such innocence in your heart
    You make up God's great circle
    Cause I am the end you're the start

    We'll have children of the kingdom
    They won't be torn by war
    Nor will they kill or hate
    Or hesitate to love

    Mike Adams

    @bj crochet
    Outstanding job on the lyrics BJ and thank you! I always keep them in front of me whenever singing and rehearsing. Reading the lyrics each time around greatly helps burn them into one's memory, get the phrasing and breathing patterns down-pat and remain focused. They're a critically essential part of any song and underlying component which makes them so profoundly meaningful to us. ---) please expand to read remainder

    Just a few oversights spotted I wanted to bring to your attention which need correction if so inclined when you have time.

    2nd verse: 7th line should read "there's no hate or angER"
    5th verse: 5th line should read "such innocenCE in your heart"
    5th verse: last line, remove the word "and"
    4th verse: not sung by Cher in this rendition of the song so should be removed entirely


    @Mike Adams Thank you so much. Never been good at spelling. Always had hard time, dyslexic. It was hard to read your post because Google has it all lined out and lighten saying it is reported as spam. Go figure. Again thank you so much for noticing and informing me. I did however keep the verse that Cher did not sing live, but noted it as the album version. Song cut short due to television time.

    Have a great day.



    Just saw that I could restore your comment. Now I can read it clearly.

    Mike Adams

    @bj crochet Very cool and well-done BJ. Thanks for having done so!

    Mike Adams

    @bj crochet
    You're most welcome BJ and no need to apologize for any oversights. It's nearly impossible getting something flawlessly accurate the first time around without the advantage of having at least another pair of eyes to help sift thru the content with a fine-toothed comb. That being the very reason editors and editorial departments exist.

    Regarding any extra song verses discovered when truly a keeper I leave them intact but preface them with a single line explaining for example to (skip this verse as sung by Cher) or something similar to that effect just as you wisely decided to do.

    Thanks for making the corrections in such an impressively timely manner and informing me about my reply being marked as SPAM as I'd never have known otherwise. Given your Dyslexia I'm thoroughly impressed you were able to overcome it and successfully decipher what I'd written. Bravo and WTG dude!

    As you may have guessed by now I've spent countless hours transcribing lyrics and complete musical scores by ear from electronic recordings and similar media. Especially those from the 20th century being some of the very best ever composed relative to contemporary music in my estimation.

    Doing so can be exceedingly difficult and time consuming but is profoundly rewarding and well-worth the effort involved. As you may further have guessed I have an undying passion for tasks involving extreme detail, precision and accuracy. I suppose it's the Swiss and German ancestry in my blood making itself known.

  66. jarac1357

    She loves her child.

  67. Gaia Earth1

    I remember these days... 8 track player days...

  68. valerie heacock

    what a touching and wonderful song.

  69. terry z

    beautiful song. anyone who's ever had a baby knows the love she feels for her child...'you are the proof God lives, you are his gift to me." no stronger words of love.

  70. 3AM

    Oh this is so sweet and adorable. I remember that old tv show. Chastity was so little and cute.

  71. olivia wood

    nice to see cher with her babe looks like cher but with the blond hair

  72. Ruth Ann Welch

    Such a precious video..

  73. ytcarol

    Good for you, for screening out bad remarks. This is sweet and endearing and just a beautiful picture of parental love.

  74. your69girl

    Thank you soooo much for finding and posting this. Chastity Sun is my favorite Cher song from that time.


    Mine, too. Cher's motherly love really shows here. <3

    It took me years to pick up that this song is the same tune as Seals & Crofts "Ruby Jean And Billy Lee". Cher redid the verses but the refrain is the same! :-)

  75. Jdrummer596


  76. sweetlife031

    This song is proof what a wonderful mom Cher is!

  77. MrsCherBono

    It's from "Half-Breed" :)

  78. jim smith

    something about her not being a babe? she wanted to be a blonde.... clueless!

  79. Purdey .Child

    awwww LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!!!! this was soooo cute have to admit a tear did come to my eye (wonder why she didnt sing a song for Elijah Blue)

  80. harley quinn

    cher was and still is beautiful. Chasity was beautiful and thats all i got to say about that.


    I've ALWAYS loved Cher!!!!
    This is TRULY a VERY beautiful song!!!!!
    Thanks for posting it. I've been looking for a vid even though I have just about EVERY CHER RECORD there is!!!! HAIL TO CHER!!!! =T=

  82. David Michaels

    when Cher sings that woman can sing....great voice...but when she uses her voice properly....she sounds amazing....

  83. sweetlife031

    Does anyone know what album this song is from? I heard that it's the tune of another song, and Cher changed the lyrics?

  84. Karen Locey

    Who wrote the song?


    Cher did :)

  85. Karen Locey

    Was Chas premature the hospital pix looks like shes in a incubator?


    I'm not sure about premature...but she did suffer 4 miscarriages before conceiving Chas.

  86. Marlena Seyler

    I've cried to this song since I was little... It's so beautiful. Shows true love for a child.

  87. Graham Williams

    Oh my goodness....this song transports me back in time...i love it..

  88. Not gonna put my name here

    Cher looks so beautiful in the 70s :D

  89. tazie45

    "you are the proof God are His gift to me"... Beautiful tribute to the children you love.

  90. Dari

    Love this song.

  91. CherMadonnaBlondie

    So sweet :)

  92. FlairCher

    This is so beautiful!
    I love this song

    At 2:07 is Chastity, Cher, Georgia Holt, grandmother and great-grandmother of Cher, right?

  93. rob068

    It's Chastity Sun. Sun was her middle name. This clip is much more poignant now considering the events of the past couple years. Very moving. Thanks.

  94. 1americanidol11

    Omg I can't get over how much I LOVE this video! This is one of my favorite songs by Cher, it's so beautiful, especially when she hits those high notes! I loved seeing all the picture of little Chaz, so precious, and so adorable. He was such a beautiful child! Thanks for posting this video! :)

  95. Kate_xx

    oh my gosh!! i love this song and the pictures that go with it are so adorable :) thankyou for this!!!!